God Says: You Will Be Punished If You Ignore Me | Jesus Affirmations | God Message



dear loved one do you remember times

when you were hesitant and couldn’t do

something the times you hid your wants

because you were afraid to tell your

parents about them or when you had a lot

of questions but were afraid to ask your

teacher because you didn’t want to look

stupid what about when the fear of

failing made you less interested in

trying new things dear one please keep

these fears from getting in the way of

of your relationship with both your

heavenly father and me we want you to

feel better when you’re with us imagine

if your own children didn’t tell you

what they wanted or didn’t ask for

advice because they were afraid it would

hurt their pride imagine that they are

afraid to go into Uncharted Territory

for fear that they will fail and let you

down take a moment to think about this

your dad and I have always shown how

much we love you a lot of good things

are still waiting to happen in your life

because you haven’t been brave enough to

ask a lot of treasures are still hidden

because you haven’t started the journey

to find them yet chances that were full

of Promise have passed you by because

you were afraid of missing out on

something child let yourself break free

from these limits you’ve put on yourself

bring us your wants your dreams your

questions and everything

else sincerely and without delay look

for us we want a close and deep

connection with you just like you want

that with your own children you can find

it by hearing my voice taking in what I

say and letting it lead you to act

always keep in mind that the way to our

love is to ask seek and knock without

fear let go of the doubts that are

holding you back and open yourself up to

the possibilities of our relationship we

want to stay in touch with you just like

you want to stay in touch with your kids

Let My Words sink in and may they give

you the strength to live a life filled

with our Everlasting

Love after seeing the amazing things I

did for the world a loyal scribe once

came up to me and said teacher I’m ready

to walk with you no matter where your

path leads I told him the truth saying

that I didn’t even have a place to rest

my head he understood what I meant by

what I said and knew that for me to

truly embrace my journey I would have to

give up the famili your Comforts and the

false sense of safety to follow me you

had to be brave enough to give up

everything you valued including your

status your possessions and the comfort

you were used to he chose to leave which

was a bad thing he really wanted to come

with me but he had to follow rules he

made up

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