in the depths of my sincere wish to shower you with blessings my beloved newborn I must promise you a plethora of

previous degrees no power in the universe can hinder my Almighty volition

you can rest assured that I will undoubtedly fulfill my words regardless of the challenging

circumstances no matter how it seems know that I am always thinking about you from your perspective pay close

attention to what I have to say let the gentle tones of my voice hit you like a bombshell in the additional time you

spend with me I am carving my lessons intents and demands into your own being

therefore hold on to these times dearly in my assurances I am seeking not only

your attention but also the depth of your faith give me your undying devotion

and unfaltering belief you are a special Warrior on a special Mission just like

the trust and confidence I have in you remain on the path you have chosen never

waver in your resolve no matter what is going on around you what Whispers you may hear or what Temptations Loom ahead

nothing I have promised you will ever let you down my promises are indestructible the prophecy will

undoubtedly be fulfilled you will be able to see firsthand how seriously I took my promises those who have

unfaltering beliefs are the ones I bless the most they may falter for a second

but they will never abandon me for transient ch charms and false Smiles my blessings of prosperity and power will

swiftly dissipate turning any shame into thunderous Triumph pleasure and

satisfaction for those who are true to me for those who respectfully represent my reason and hold fast to my

teachings assume the role of champion for my principles all people deserve

love perseverance hope and salvation feel the warmth of Elegance enveloping

you as a radiant smile lights up your face I will bestow upon you the power to heal

and the wisdom of the world will shine forth as a beacon of light for many your

moral Endeavors will flourish instead of just surviving you will see the growth of every favor you earn an eternal life

of tranquil Joy Serenity and abundance is my reward for those who put their

unshakable faith in me and follow my ways protecting your house will be my

angel’s job go deeply into my lessons look for the Miracles and absorb their

wisdom but know that even more astounding and life-changing things will happen right in front of your own eyes I

can create Miracles with you that will outshine all the others these are novel instances and many people make up

miracles to trick the naive continue moving on with Resolute determination

unfazed by the presence of challenges is there a mountain that might block your path refrain from wasting time or energy

worrying about the attacks of your enemies instead stay firm in the knowledge that it will eventually pay

off in my presence you will reap tremendous benefits if you focus on the

experience I am about to reveal and fortify yourself you are unique and

while my love has no bounds I have chosen you to receive a special favor

have faith that you will be frugal with the gifts I provide you so that they may prepare you for the plenty and power

that are about to knock on your door no I have never picked you to amass riches

at the expense of others rather I have selected you to bask in your own affluence stay humble in spirit help

those closest to you feed the hungry lend a helping hand to the downtrodden

and never stop trying to provide Comfort to the needy make it clear that you will use my favor properly and demonstrate

that you will follow my rules I want to see your steadfast devotion and genuine

authenticity defend your words against pessimism refrain from letting the world’s ills pollute your thoughts

please Shield your eyes from this heinous content and refrain from saying anything that might hurt someone stay

away from harming people with your hands or movements speak ill of others refrain

from making unfounded allegations and don’t spread slander that may destroy

families your thoughts are a safe haven and I send my love there Proclaim

without reservation that I am the Divine author ruler and Lighthouse of your

lives light up the Deep changes happening within with the brilliant gift of the grin I gave you take in the

precious message today with all of your senses not just your ears incorporate it

into your daily lives let it reverberate in your spirit and don’t just acknowledge it embrace it these

Expressions convey great benefits as you surrender your whole being to me I will

accompany you on your path through life with the Magnificent tapestry of my Limitless love and I am carving these

words into the depths of your Beating Heart with your chin up and your hands full of Plenty I will lift you over the

Tempest of hardship those who are foolish enough to dare to attack and confront you will find themselves caught

in their own disasters as the last of your protectors I take up my sword and am ready to fight

anybody who dared to attack you may they also see the unwavering confidence

radiating from your Serene face your determined efforts will Amaze them with a brave spirit and unfaltering eyes

filled with trust they may yell mislead and attempt to instill fear but rest

assured my arms will embrace you ensuring you never falter or succumb to

their power my love will always surround you no matter the weather in spite of

everything I have felt the steadfast strength of your faith and it breaks my heart that you have persevered with poise and honor

I am prepared to rise reaching my goal of fully realizing my advantages put

your sadness behind you let go of the pain you’ve experienced and rid your mind of any thoughts of melancholy or

despair just as I tell you my darling you should acknowledge your inherent worthiness reject the lies that say

you’re unworthy and ignore those who spread such lies break free from these

shackles and fully immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit I wish to rid you of your burdens I beg you to reach out to

the hurting to accept my love and forgiveness to embrace my Serenity and

to attract the love and peace I am growing for you you are aware of the depth of my affection for you your

unfaltering faith has been a safeguard for you even in the depths of Despair

you have spent many mornings contemplating and battling with innumerable thoughts but with each new

day you find renewal in the person of my Divine kindness I am your God your

father your friend and your fellow traveler thus even if others who do not

love you may attempt to attack you at a later time remain in my presence every day and Let My Words feed your soul with

Heavenly honey I want you to experience the confidence and serenity that come from

from knowing your immense love instead of ever feeling abandoned Justice should be met I’ve

been there through every single one of the hardships that defined your journey even though your enemies tried to take

advantage of you you reacted with calm strength you remained composed and did

not entertain any thoughts of retaliation your Poise was unfaltering when you receive this

message I will address those responsible for causing you harm and you will know that every everything is in my hands

picture it as a reassuring embodiment full of love and knowledge like the sunlight that lights the fields my

spirit will permeate your whole self your home and your artwork from now on

the Devourer will anchor your agreement totally in me and I will give you courage to make decisions without fear

and I will seal the door on false friendships come and incorporate this message that I Infuse into you every

morning with faith and careful attention if you give this inner Garden Grass some TLC you may expect to see

some beautiful plants Sprout up soon Supernatural and efficacious fruits will bloom in your life and the Lush

vegetation and healthy trees will bear testimony to it no one can manipulate your emotions or deceive you as I am

imparting my wisdom and spiritual discernment enabling you to concentrate pay attention and deliberate before

reacting hastily to any EX external influences we seek comfort in the

Tranquility that I provide this year the surrounding chaos will dissipate and

your enemies will withdraw I assure you that I will provide you with a season

filled with abundant Joy this is how Fitness and power are measured spend

time with me every day put your own family first by investing in quality time and interests and smile at them

when you wake up never raise your voice cast judgment or hold grudges against

anybody in the hours leading up to sleep if you need the strength to make important decisions calmly I can

provided for you avoid bringing job issues into your personal life and don’t

attempt to fix problems while you’re tired responding gently helps diffuse anger stay calm and do not lash out

violently I wish I could shower you with even more blessings but I beg you to reflect my Purity electric love

tenderness and energy in your daily Behavior even among the most upright individuals

I hope that no obnoxious words reverberate through your private Abode be careful what you say and let a sense

of spiritual Purity fill the room even though Perfection may be hard to achieve

I pray that my teachings will permeate your life and that you will cherish those who have a strong faith in me may

your home become a Haven of Peace and religious Harmony and may you be strong in the face of adversity knowing that my

active protection protector has been and will continue to be by your side this

protection Shields you from the enemies of your heart ensuring a triumphant Victory everything that has been

unfairly stolen from you will be returned to you and your gifts and abilities will be magnified dressed in

white clothes of Glory hold on to these words my little one and keep them close with a desire keep thinking about them

all the time as you find peace and quiet in the night my voice will lead the way

there is an undeniable congruence between my being and yours consider it a source of strength rest assured that

your steadfast Devotion to me will bring you peace and comfort this year Rich

blessings are about to envelop you be receptive and believe them for they will come to pass when the father Son and

Holy Spirit send you their invitation cast off any remaining uncertainty as

you walk steadily in faith and seek me with the f first light of morning my Majesty will shine light on your path as

the sun rises and bathes you in its light as the darkness dissipates my

truth will strengthen your soul and anchor your coronary heart there is no

safe haven for uncertainty inside your own mind in the midst of overwhelming

challenges and difficult circumstances I beg you to return to prayer and seek me

with all your heart asking that I would help you to put aside world worldly concerns and Surrender Your Will and

decisions to my will at times when doubt obscures your judgment I urge you to

continue walking in faith for those who believe in me recognize my presence and choose to trust me completely everything

is doable despite the constraints those who understand my unending love and hold

on to me no matter what ignoring the rumors that I’ve abandoned them because of their pain are aware that my love is

Everlasting and unbreakable oh my dear little ones I

have always protected them spiritually although I would rather Shadow you and follow your lead I must inquire as to

which of my qualities you really approve of in my presence you find meaning

purpose power and safety you may rely on the Unseen and miracles that are

invisible to the naked eye will materialize whatever your level of religious devotion may be know that it

is all I ask for and that it is more than enough to continue receiving many miraculous favors I take note of how you

view me and your journey your faith will endure something unexpected is about to

happen and you’re going to feel an overwhelming Rush of Joy despair may

have doomed your aspirations and dreams but it will reignite them even when you

feel like giving up when you’re out of breath and when you’re up against seemingly insurmountable odds your life

will be filled with faith today I present you with my likes which are

Gifts of immense delight and benefits gather your thoughts and emotions for I foresee that those you once considered

lost will reappear in your lives now that your faith has matured you should

help the broken prepare yourself for the moment when doors will open locks will

break and faith will destroy the shackles that have held you back everything is possible my love get ready

for an adventure that will test your metal and your limits your own family’s restoration is within your grasp you can

heal and forgive those who have harmed you Embrace those who have harmed you forgive them more and stop withholding

Your Love from them may a successful career and abundant Prosperity be your blessings may you surround yourself with

supportive people who recognize and value your talents may you remain faithful speaking truthfully and

avoiding harsh words may you be a beacon of kindness guiding others away from

Gossip and false rumors always remain Vigilant against those who seek to deceive you and steal the Abundant gifts

intended for you the time has come for me to finally guide you to reach the

peak of Greer Heights you must trust in me with unwavering faith and immerse

yourself even more deeply in my teachings never take your acceptance for granted and don’t let let a lack of

material Goods or a job dishearten you I have planned something far better for you give me your whole devotion and

abandon your heart entirely an exquisitely beautiful life is waiting for you to begin make your affection and

Faith in Me Clear see how I will change your life right now deepen your faith

and trust in me shift your focus away from Material gains to overcome the

disheartening effects of a lack of money or a job for you I have planned

something quite sophisticated Pledge Your undying devotion and let go of your emotions

entirely now is the perfect moment to start living a life filled with Excellence with all my love and

enthusiasm your family knows how much I value you and how much I want to enter your house to make a miraculous change

are you willing to let me enter your home and heart so that I can bring something beautiful powerful and

mystical into your lives I am standing at your door beckoning you I know firsthand the hardships you’ve endured

and I can assure you that poverty will never affect your family or house in

return for all the years of steadfast devotion shown through prayer fasting and tears I will shower your home with

an abundance of blessings in all of your actions and thoughts I have always been

first the time has come to enjoy the fruits of your labor and I can shower your land with plenty

I am fully committed to fulfilling all of my commitments to you which include providing you with pleasure

encouragement and Health Combined they bring about a significant change get out

of your funk and start living your best Life along with my advantages come the

Insight vitality and self-awareness to Choose Wisely please be careful with my

gifts this change will greatly enhance both your own life life and the lives of

those around you I am changing your life and setting you up for a future full of endless opportunities so be grateful and

trust me for a long time you planted religious seeds in your heart and

wherever you went I saw you suffer big issues and complicated trials but you

never questioned my strength or that I was by your side you were successful

because you put your faith in me and I have showered you with my grace and mercy Now by The Power of my hand I will

cause the seeds you have planted to Bear abundant fruit in your lives and the lives of those around you I’m about to

bring the climax of your unwavering commitment into your home and the time has come to do so you can’t expect it to

live up to your modern standards you are deserving of the best and there is much more waiting for you your faith is

really important and you will do great things because you are truly humble prepare yourselves because I’m about to

unleash fresh opportunities lead you into Uncharted Realms and bestow plenty

upon your little Abode you need not be concerned anymore my love surrounds you

and I am the one who will ensure your safety do not listen to depressing news

allow the insults you’ve received to leave your spirit dismiss the baseless rumors that have been spreading about

you the goal of your enemies is to make you afraid so that they may control your

life life your fate and your emotions this will keep you from following the

divine plan that has been carefully crafted for you and taking the advantages that are properly

yours anchor yourself in my love and my word when you confront insults and

malicious words hurled against you while slander seeks to tarnish your

recognition do you long to be in my company and make an effort to share your deepest feelings with me please please

please do not let your trust and love for me be diminished by these hardships the world around you is changing because

I am removing the stresses you’ve been under and the negative emotions that have taken up resonance in your heart

blocking your path you come out the other side reborn and revitalized and

you go on to live a life unencumbered by the darkness of depression isolation bitterness and jealousy your spirit and

mind are brimming with joy hope vit ality and A Renewed sense of Faith your

enemies will be baffled and unable to disturb or hurt you as a result of your change they will see how you held on to

my word how your trust in me triumphed over their baseless mockery how the

difficulties that hurt you have healed and how the problems that distorted your faith have faded welcome to a Serene and

joyful day filled with cleanliness take on this change and reflect on it

even though it may not be immediately apparent to the naked eye you can feel the transformation taking place inside

you have an internalized understanding of the difference you are embraced by my

ethereal Aura which bestows on you an abundance of my compassion and love you

are not delicate I see electricity makes you stronger do not feel like a failure

with the support of my strength you have become stronger and more optimistic as a Victor affirm your faltering belief in

me with all your heart rest assured I am always here for you my trials are

becoming my source of strength and resilience indeed cases did not propagate in the expected manner your

broken heart aches from the weight of the people you thought loved you betraying you and leaving you when you

needed them the most your tears have reached the skies my hallowed seat where

I determine your destiny cure all your ailments settle all your difficulties

and bring peace I understand this yet I still have to bear it even if you’re in

pain I won’t leave you to face this adventure alone even if the people you trusted the most have turned their backs

on you I have not abandoned you with your help I remain steadfast falling

more and more in love with each passing day you may be certain that I’m always ready to focus and you can approach my

Celestial seat straight in my organization by drawing power from my blood BL submit your

requests like a devoted friend I am prepared to listen with unfailing tolerance and affection no longer do I

make the call that makes you hold back your emotions so that I may likewise fill you with my calm it is better to

let them float freely freeing your spirit from all their pain a little Caution is nonetheless necessary you’ll

find immense pleasure and contentment above the tears now that it has arrived

you are ready for your bless blessing the treasures I’m giving you are now within your reach all the difficulties

you’ve overcome have led up to this moment you’ve been waiting for you are about to receive tremendous blessings

even in the Stillness My Serenity will surround you this matters right now

regardless of whether other people disappear I am here to embrace and pamper your spirit as you seek my face

and the words that I look into my eyes your understanding of me GR grows and with each passing day your resistance

becomes stronger as you shut your eyes and think about what I’ve said your

Brilliance devotion and expertise are on full display a healing Embrace of my

love envelops you you’re never really alone with me and you know it just being

in my company brings you a deep sense of Joy I’m ready to unblock the door to

incredible benefits for you Paving the way for your fulfillment the fight

you’ve waged have not been in vain uncertainty has no business interfering

your faith and patience will find their reward within I have seen your perseverance and understand your heart

embark on a heroic struggle driven only by the importance of lifting your family

and overcoming adversity your path is not about pursuing transient riches or

fame I have chosen to bestow benefits on you because of the depth of your compassion for the people people you

love my plan is to unlock the skies and bestow genuine blessings on you fill

your lives to the brim with all the Necessities freeing you from conflict and giving you Tranquility believe what

I already know to be true and act accordingly keep going up the ladder with grit and perseverance calm down

when you need to but go back up there with all your might with unfaltering enthusiasm and boundless Delight paint

every day be courageous be meticulous let us stay committed to our goal even on tough days even when we

encounter unexpected obstacles or when people try to make us feel bad charge

your enemies with electricity to turn their faces into Smiles do this intelligently protecting your lives and

weaknesses from exposure so they can’t lead you down the path of treachery and harm use perseverance and provide a

helping hand if they’re thirsty or in need love one another but don’t be shy about revealing your soulmate and the

wisdom you’ve gained from me show the world how resilient you are stay away

from the wicked hoard your ideas and don’t smear anyone once they realize

they can’t change your path these advertising Rivals will be devastated

they’re within my power to remove our strategy is not complete yet until I say

differently keep moving forward enthusiastically and with trust at that very moment a deep comprehension will

embrace you imagine standing in front of a massive gate and Beyond it you’ll find

First Rate advantages prove to me that you believe and commit to being in my presence daily I want you to start right

now my beloved child your bravery is Limitless it doesn’t cost anything to

part your lips and express your thanks in your own genuine words you’ve already done that today so keep pushing forward

with unshakable faith that success awaits you today if you’d like me to agree with you and let you relax for a

bit I’m well versed in your desires looking for a peaceful place to think about all the things you have to be

grateful for today your life your family your health the air you breathe the food

on your table your roof over your head the guardian angels encircling your property and their Readiness to fight

for your goals are you ready to do just that you should feel thankful for very

serious reasons you have many lovely reasons to adopt Lifestyles and it is important to think about them every day

so that your mind is full of wonderful things and your eyes are open to see my goodness as you go living in the

security of knowing that I am holding your future in my hands I’m grateful for the fact that your Faith and Hope are

unfaltering and I’m aware of the tremendous advantages that come from this it is normal for you to be anxious

about the future every now and then now is not the time to be worried you are entrusted with the duties you want

everything to be well spread your house well provided for your family healthy

and serenity and balance restored yet there will be dark periods when you forget to be grateful the enemy’s

Whispers infiltrate the air sowing seeds of impurity as my worries become fears my

falsehoods encircle you and my anxiety becomes panic and despair I watch you

hoping that you will raise your hands in defiance so that you may utter the words that will drive the enemy away take

pleasure in your life your loved ones your health and all else that you possess your faith and thankfulness will

shield you like armor enabling you to persevere through all challenges I hope you know that I am

thinking about you and look forward to hearing your voice when you wake up I want to hear the words that come out of

your mouth first thing in the morning words that flow flow from a heart that is full of appreciation for all that it

has your call inscribes benefits with each new day in the sky place your whole

faith in me because events on Earth and in heaven are conspiring for your benefit I have clearly decreed that

enough provision be received getting out of debt is only the beginning Your Divine Heritage along with Supernatural

knowledge and benefits carefully planned for you and your family is not a chance

creation even before you were born my love for you was fierce I have planned

many beautiful things for you but the most Exquisite gift is my everlasting love my love for you never wavered

regardless of whether you were distant or return to me never assume that I will avert my wroth if you make a mistake

your mistakes do not make me anxious despite your transgressions I may not

reject you your affection for me me is palpable when you apologize and tell me the truth when you are hurt your

occasional mistakes no longer discourage me your intentions and your emotions are clear to me you are not like the

Hypocrites who put on an act of Holiness and denounce the unusual or have opposing views instead you refrain from

passing judgment on such matters you have a kind Spirit a kind personality

and pure thinking your honesty is priceless no one can escape judgment in

this world as long as your religion remains strong so even when you fall you push yourself forward with confidence

and Trust as long as you come to me every day in humility ready to listen and

eager to learn from me I will richly reward your efforts you are famously unconcerned with material Goods your

true heart’s goal is to provide security and prosperity for your family take

heart I am preparing to seize opportunities so that they can hopefully proliferate before you if you’re paying

attention amazing things are happening in the Supernatural world right now with faith and perseverance you can transform

the challenges you face into blessings my unwavering love has already

been placed on you and with it comes the possibility of peace and sustenance you

can trust me find solace in your faith and stay true to it I am your life’s

embodiment and I control it maybe you you don’t have to be scared I am always

watching out for you as your guardian when you open your eyes every morning feel my touch come and lose yourselves

in my message do not let diversions influence you in its place allow my soul

to reassure you that everything is under control you should have faith in me the

anxious times have passed when I’m by your side you’ll be safe from danger

your current concerns might receive attention sooner than you anticipate as

you empty out your heart in prayer the answers you need will appear before you I am writing your tale and your course

with great care especially for you my knowledge and divine will cover every

possible angle the benefits you have ardently prayed for are about to come knocking on your door in front of your

own eyes I am strengthening your faith I am here to lift you up and guide you to

a fresh start a life where everything will unfold differently using the opinions of others should not

concern you keep your chin up and carry yourself with unfaltering dignity and

trust those who are jealous will never stop letting their poison out of their hearts but you must always be important

in my thoughts in my view you are a remarkable human being with a big heart

during times of physical or verbal abuse this is both normal and genuine listen

to my words reverberate in your thoughts in my Limitless love you may find Solace

I have stood by your side through every trial and seen firsthand every setback

Triumph and difficulty here is your chance to shine and take your life to

the next level forget about old Wars and embrace a new era of Rejuvenation and

satisfaction brought forth by cuttingedge technology focus on the here and now not tomorrow and don’t let

obstacles deter you lift your eyes to me the one who tells the truth and believe

that I am the one who will never leave or abandon you my love you know no

bounds and I eagerly anticipate your success in all areas of your life write

these words on your heart so they always remind you of my unfaltering commitment love and passionate desire to bless you

abundantly I declare your emancipation while I soak up your advantages today

set your life on the rock of Christ and you will be free from Financial worries and declare success in everything that

you do then your worldly dreams will come true in order to test your faith

and resilience you will face difficulties I beseech you now to build your lives upon Christ Jesus the

unmovable foundation stone stay rooted in my teachings and fundamental principles resisting the urge to wander

do not let your heart be hardened by the Allure of materialistic ambitions they deliver failure and humiliation like

shifting sand these International paths are dishonest and misleading sewing seeds of uncertainty and concern always

be ready for whatever comes your way by being alert and well organized keep your ground fortified by your faith and

embraced by the divine power that I am stay focused and don’t let the enemy’s

lies and shadows obscure your vision of your own inner Splendor watch out for

enticing phrases that lead you astray from my perfect plan by intentionally

piling on your benefits put your genuine trust in me and be unmoved by the lies

that may tempt you to stray from the path keep in mind that you are my beloved infant my Gateway and my

crowning achievement I have imbued you with the truth and The Guiding Light of my words believe in my Limitless love

and follow the wise advice I am giving you right now always remember that I

prioritize the good in your life looking out for your welfare and status while I Faithfully guide you and shield you from

the traps that the enemy sets incorporate the Expressions I sharing with you now for I am not a God who only

speaks words of joy and then fumbles with delivery your love for me has no

bounds I am your Eternal Father let your heart open to receive my love and enjoy

the abundance of Grace and desire I pour into your life’s journey there has never

been a better time to believe with all your heart and soul and let go of the hurtful derailment inducing emotions the

external worries that keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest and the inner demons that plague you you may

have sacrificed a lot in the past to satisfy a pain but with me there will be no more suffering I like you yet you

could also be difficult to understand I ask you to get your hands on the best which you take at face value the

difficult circumstan es you’re going through right now may seem unexpected and undesirable but you must remember

that they won’t last forever even if the path ahead is complicated and unclear

you have a future filled with success and happiness what you decide today will shape your future so use this chance to

put your knowledge to good use and proceed in the right way I am fully

committed to helping you and I here to provide you with the assistance you need

please give me a percentage of your beliefs you have been heard and the hard days are behind you may your spirit find

peace and your faith be strengthened now is the time to move swiftly avoiding the mistakes that may

have slowed your progress prior to the instructions being discovered thus inhale deeply and go on with renewed

Vigor I will be here every step of the way as you embark on this new chapter

with the knowledge that the day is Drawing Near here keep these uplifting words close in your heart as you face

the impending hardships you and your loved ones need not fear I have sent my

angels to protect you from danger so that you and your family may persevere through the trials that lie ahead you

may be sure that my grace and protection will be with you always hold on to your

faith as a Guiding Light knowing that everything happens at the right time put

your worries about the future behind you let go of fleeting things that only cause you pain get rid of everything

that is holding you back keep away from those who doubt keep praying and studying my word so that you can guard

against deceit your acceptance is deeply ingrained in me and I will guide you

giving you the fortitude of a buffalo and making sure that nothing or no one stands in your way so my beloved child

stand tall and fulfill the purpose for which you have been ch chosen a purpose of success and abundance regardless of

whether the Shadows can control your destiny or not you need to stop looking back and focusing on your errors in my

hands I have the key to your future I had the brilliant idea before the

industry ever existed and it turned out well do not let anything stand in the

way of your advancement let nothing deter you if you put all your faith in me I will lead you to a new beginning

where your missions are filled with blessings and success keep in mind that my intentions for you are always exact

intriguing and Flawless put your trust in me without reservation I will not

forsake you until I have kept my word to you my little baby with words filled

with love and power I stand before you remember that your future is in my hands

and that nothing good ever comes out of threats your lives are in my hands alone

within you my holy will is being fulfilled I assure you that if you put

your faith in me I will never leave you nor will I ever abandon you may Good

Fortune follow you wherever you go and may success and blessings be yours when you need them most indeed it is not

until you accept and adhere to my Divine commands that the floodgates of heaven will open wide welcoming you into a

world of Limitless benefits and abundance only by steadfastly following

my words can you reach the Heavenly Pinnacle of your lofty objectives dreams and

Ambitions in a really remarkable manner keep in mind that clearing your heart of

any doubts fears or nastiness is an absolute must your faith gives me much

joy my beloved but Shield me from the poison of dissatisfaction should it wither your genuine Insight get rid of

any negativity and Gloom in your mind negativity May flourish and when you

least expect it ruin your faith and hope to avoid associating with people who

perpetuate an atmosphere of mistrust suspicion and grudges remove any mention of Court Matters from your speech do you

need the help of perceptive friends maintain the principles of honesty and integrity and surround yourself with

good people instead of returning evil to evil strive for peace instead be kind to

those who are less fortunate and love your neighbor as yourself please listen to the realities I’ve been

telling you recently keep your focus on my words hold on to them with

unfaltering conviction the rewards I am bestowing upon you right now will manifest as you

choose to focus on Power Within these lines it is time to turn your beliefs

into action and Hospitality I pray that they are like seeds planted in your heart ready to

bear fruit in every area of your lives I pray that they will her a time of Plenty

and blessing not just for you but for your whole family You Can Count On A Joyful Spirit an overflowing heart and

the reunion of broken families you will get a plethora of benefits in due time

so don’t lose heart in doing what’s right do not let the flimsy trends of this world sweep you away if you anchor

yourself to me you will discover a component that exceeds all knowledge keep in mind my child that the devil

will never stop attempting to plant seeds of doubt and Terror in your heart have no fear I have given you a spirit

weapon my words to fight with you can use it to engage in the heroic struggle for Faith and fend off hostile assaults

in order to avoid being sidetracked by the enemy’s diversions it is critical that you keep your heart and mind

focused on my words remain steadfast in my reality and you will get the guidance

and knowledge needed to succeed in anything being part of this Global community does not guarantee that you

will not encounter challenges this implies that no matter how bad things get you can always count on my support

and strength to get you through them so rest easy knowing that I will never

leave you or forsake you when you’re down and out no matter what you can

count on me to be there for you providing the encouragement Direction and strength you need my light will

shine through any shadows and guide you to Triumph no matter how gloomy the path ahead may seem never give up on the

experience keep going at it the right way even when things become bothersome and difficult if you want to accelerate

your personal development hang out with people who can help iron sharpens iron

says the proverb and that is exactly what happens when people study my word my scriptures your time is valuable stop

wasting it on unworthy people the Council of fools can be heard near nearby be patient as you anticipate my

intentions the success of the promises I’ve given to you depends on them and I know it’s not easy rest assured I’m

fully committed to helping you and I’m here to provide you with the assistance you need please tell me your principles

your trials were recognized and three times have gone by allowing your spirit to discover peace and your faith to be

filled with acceptance and serenity now is your chance to act

avoiding the problems that may have slowed you down before the instructions were discovered thus inhale deeply and

go on with refocused energy indulge in this new starting guidance backed by my

steadfast presence remember to hold on to those words of encouragement close to

your heart as you face the challenges ahead knowing that help is on the way

you and your loved ones need not be afraid I have sent my angels to keep you safe from harm so that you are not

beaten down by the difficulties you face whether it’s right now tomorrow or

forever my grace and protection are with you hold on to your faith and let it

guide you I can get behind the idea that everything happens at the perfect time

pull yourself together and release the little things that hurt the most let go of anything that is holding you back

from living the life you want and stay away from doubtful people keep praying and improving your understanding

understanding of my word so that you can protect yourself from deceit even in the darkest hours my darling be true and

agree with me do not let the enemy win accompany me with a modest and committed

Spirit you must not be swayed by the arena currents do what I say and don’t mess with my promises that compliment of

yours might mean the world Grace kindness and compassion will fill your

spirit to overflow and I may increase your benefits abundantly never forget that I’m always on your

side and that a surprising Deluge of Good Fortune is only around the corner

Exquisite opportunities will be welcomed when new doors open so my darling baby

keep moving forward keep going even when things get tough the hardships you endure will eventually pass and you will

be able to use your story as evidence that those who believe with me will get

abundant uncomplicated praise since I am the Supreme Being no one owes me

anything as a result keep putting your unfaltering faith in me and investing

your best effort daily keep in mind that my favor and Grace will always be with

you guiding you to the success and abundance that I have meticulously orchestrated for you you have my undying

and unending affection my little one I am steadfast in my commitment to you

caring for and protecting your spirit you seek me out in prayer and I’m able to fill you completely in most cases I

will be able to fulfill all of your needs fill your life with my Tranquility

joy and unfaltering might in my ideal situation you consider proximity stay

positive and you’ll soon be showered with many blessings you will soon forget about the difficult times feel the

effects chorus from losing your cool or looking for easy ways out all of which

might cause you to go off-road keep yourselves protected from false belief beliefs devote your lives to prayer and

study my teachings thoroughly have no fear about worldly Goods the sectors

offers are transient but the advantages I provide will remain forever be

steadfast in your faith in my promises knowing that word will get out eventually I absolutely do not

procrastinate or ignore no matter what I will always be ready to provide for your every need keep trying I will never

leave your side when you’re frustrated a acknowledge that your motivations are based in the enmity or wickedness of

Those who commit evil do what is right in the eyes of the lord your home may be

the truth and your heart’s desires may come true if you put your trust in the Lord Give the Lord control of your

journey put your trust in him and see his mighty deed he will establish

justice for you and shine a light on your righteousness like the dawn indeed

it is a turning point and as such it will unleash the chains of wroth

Pride concern uncertainty and faltering Faith the time has come to cut

connections with the past because nothing in your records can compare to the immense happiness and benefits I am

about to give you my beloved child in the face of the unfathomable

Delight that awaits you on your future Journey resist the need to dwell on the past and instead move boldly believing

what you cannot see and standing testimony with honesty and integrity are

you sick of people not trusting me in my word the only things you’ll get from this are patience and determination when

the time comes realize that Beyond the shadowy Valley of Shadows is the wide

grass of my guarantees a Haven where hope grows and where you may realize your own dreams with every stride go

ahead and enter a world where everything you’ve ever imagined will come true and

the atmosphere is electric Joy Serenity and an endless stream of blessings await

you and everyone you care about today as you navigate this Hallowed Ground with

an abundance of love and thanks as you go ahead boldly through the challenging

events challenges and tribulations that may attempt to cast Shadows on your

Voyage my beloved newborn Traverse this path with unfaltering courage and spine

keep going because because when this fight is over you will have earned a magnificent tapestry of wonderful gifts

and prizes my child let Faith be your unwavering Shield against uncertainty

dread and despair with perseverance as your unwavering companion being patient

like a grasp key can open doors to achievement and allow you to endure and

persevere through the most difficult challenges while you wait may your faith

give you the fortitude to overcome any obstacle and the courage to keep going everything that happens to you may work

for your good in the end so have faith that I’m by your side faith and

perseverance are your allies my darling and they will lead you to the realization of my promises with them you

will unlock a flood of blessings and opportunities that are in harmony with your life’s Mission listen closely as I

speak these words into your soul my darling they can be worn as a necklace pendant listen to their advice you

should make your path legible you want a bright Beacon you may think of them as a

compass that will lead you to fulfillment and success when you put them into practice you could rest easy

knowing that all of your efforts would succeed let me shape your fate I am

leading you away from the world’s judgments so that you may focus on my teachings and the life-altering

opportunities they provide learn all the ins and outs of your journey with this

comprehensive guide if you follow my lead you will achieve happiness and prosperity as well as discover your

deepest desires walk the religious Road and listen to my speech it will show you

the way to Everlasting joy and plenty the difficulties you’re experiencing right now are really just stepping

stones on the road to your future greatness in the face of adversity you’ll learn invaluable lessons that

will drive you forward towards your destiny of greatness what whatever roadblock you encounter along the way is

really an opportunity to grow and improve shape your own identity to get yourself ready for what’s to come do not

stop Midway through your journey do not allow discouragement to become a powerful force that pulls you backward

believe in the hidden strength I’ve given you and the inner strength that fights against the temptation to limit

yourself because of obstacles you perceive as insurmountable because despite the bumpy

road each step brings you closer to your dreams personal goals and the wonderful

blessings I’ve always planned for you keep going my child keep on my darling

you will find the root to the fullness of peace and wealth that you so desperately want to believe in and it

will come to pass if you are courageous and determined keep the prayers going I

am actively listening to your words Good Will and Limitless blessings are at the

heart of my aspirations for you today my darling I want to reveal the riches I

have kept for you since the day I created you I the Divine protector I’m

standing watch in the Judgment defending the upright from the evil one’s grasp

rest easy knowing that my heavenly protection is a rock solid barrier

continue to be patient and follow my ways and you will also Ascend to inherit

the crown of creation anyone who chooses the path of sin Like A Mir R will

inevitably meet their demise in the twinkling of an eye the seeming might of the Wicked Will dissipate leaving no

Remnant to reflect on the lives of those who maintain honesty and walk the path of righteousness they reach a joyful and

peaceful finish to their Voyage on the other side those who go into the Dark Realm of wickedness often find

themselves bewildered and trapped by their own choices I am the one who brings salvation to the righteous I am

their unwavering stronghold when they face challenges with their blessing I am

prepared to lend a hand and save the day their Reliance on me builds their

strength my beloved child you see my authenticity and discover a safe haven

an object of your desire in me in times of need you may put all your trust in my

strong arms and I will be there to watch over you with Everlasting steadfast

support scar neity will no longer be an issue for you I can see your aspirations

and objectives my heavenly desire is for your family ties and economic spheres to

flourish I can’t leave you in any way there will be no moment when I am not by

your side guiding and blessing your life in every way on this special day

manifest My Serenity and the blessings that come down from up above my beloved

newborn I now anoint you and envelop you in sacred garments spun from virtue

among those seeking light in the shadows I give you authority to destroy evildoing and modestly share my truth my

darling baby I want you to know that I accept you as real believe that I can

guide you with compassion and wisdom making sure that you emerge from this life as a happy prosperous and fortunate

person my love for you has no limits even at its most basic level I can

provide you with the best parenting possible how much do you trust me I will

address your concerns doubts and anxieties please listen to my advice my little one the information I am about to

share with you is crucial to your success in all areas of life so do not ignore it I am your God and Heavenly

Father the one who brought you into being and gave you the gift of life itself I cried out to you from the most

remote corners of the globe insisting that you were my baby it was my my wish

that you would be mine now is not the time to be terrified I will be by your

side you need not feel discouraged because I Am The God Who strengthens you

I will help you whenever you ask and my upright hand will always be there to hold you nowadays we know that if you

want to have a fulfilling happy and Abundant Life you have to figure out how

to listen to what I say and do what I say I know it won’t be easy but that’s

not at all what will help you out in the end because I created you with my own hands I am the only one who really knows

what is best for you my advice and words serve as the foundation for a full happy

life full of joy and practical benefits thus I beg you not to ignore them or

disregard them lightly for this reason I implore you to incorporate my advice

only then will you be able to achieve a life filled with love plenty and Tranquility characterized by remarkable

achievements and substantial advantages therefore know that I am on your side

and that you may trust in me when difficulties arise or difficult circumstances make you feel alone and

abandoned do not be scared to place your trust in me my darling I am your loving father who wants nothing less than the

best for you so rest easy my dear come clean with me and follow my advice in

times of nonsecular Darkness I may be your steadfast companion and guide never abandoning you know that my

presence is ever present and that my grace is ever present with you when you’re struggling I can be a source of

strength and when you’re confused I can be a guide on your spiritual path so put

your faith in me and let me lead you through your life no matter what I will

always cherish you and never allow your past to impact us it makes no difference

how difficult the path you’ve traveled may have been I want you to know that my

love for you will never change and that what really counts is that you are listening to me right now let me be a

light that shines before you and leads you to the contentment pleasure and happiness that your soul craves my

beloved child you have found someone who agrees with you put your trust in the brightness of my love the steadiness of

my unfaltering loyalty and the warmth of my light I promise I will not let you

down in any way I want to shower you with Bountiful advantages therefore bear

in mind that my favor and Grace will be showered upon you no matter how dark the

path may seem my love for you has no limits and my fidelity is

unwavering my gentle touch will always brighten your path therefore I implore

you to Press On Believing the truth of my message and continuing to pray your

dedication will enable you to compreh apprehend how my knowledge integrates into your lives and enriches your

journey therefore I will say it to you my beloved child again climb up raise

your spirits and capture my expression declare your freedom and the certainty

that no curse shackle or chain can bind you for I am your guide illuminating

your path protecting you from harm and showering you with love so that you

would no longer have to worry about pain I brought you into this world for for a special and holy reason my beloved baby

take my hand and hang on to it tightly with all your might with unwavering conviction I March certain that I can

never let go every step of the way I will be here to serve as your constant

guide and steadfast cheerleader I can guide you to your heart’s contentment

and reveal all your hidden aspirations my hand will forever be by your side I can make all your problems

un certainties and anxieties go away if you only put them in my hands therefore

you should think about and remember that I am your God strong and Vigilant

protecting my children and fulfilling their desires thus I will ease your

burdens and put your concerns to rest so my little one I beg you with all my

heart to stay away from dangerous roads maintain your unwavering trust join me

as I stand on the rock this this is Christ there is no pressure whatsoever not even from the wicked one who Roars

like a lion looking for someone to eat might derail your plans as a result my

baby will keep trying disregard my statement at this time keep believing it my intentions for you are

immense despite the fact that the road ahead may also seem unclear I can tell you with absolute certainty where it

will take you just make it clear where we agree let my wisdom and the BR ions

of my words illuminate the way their Pages contain the key to success joy and

plenty they show the way to Peaceful Meadows where you might find contentment and fulfillment your care for me is

never ending so please don’t stop things may not work out the way you anticipate

but that shouldn’t discourage you stop letting your emotions get in the way of your solution now is not the time to

waver or give up rather it is the moment to seize my promises and give life to my

words so get up and try again keep in mind that I have placed a great purpose

in you and that I have blessed you with wonderful attributes resources and abilities so that you may do everything

that you set your mind to you are outstanding and unmatched I chose you

before the laws of this world even existed and I have already planned for you to accomplish great things through

faith so do not give up instead fight bravely and determinedly and give it

your all then I will open doors for you leading to blessings and opportunities

for a new beginning never forget that I am the god who will never leave your

side or forsake you no matter what you do in all areas of your life I have

ordered you to have advantages and succeed I fulfill all of your requirements no matter how much money I

have my goals for you have always been to do you no harm therefore resist

giving in to the difficulties you’re facing and don’t let the task at hand discourage you get up and let your heart

sing get rid of your worries and fears stand firm in Jesus’s call and reject

any evil influence make note of the benefits I’ve outlined for you and speak

my word keep the enemy from piling on the resistance you’ve worked so hard to build and he’ll go away never forget

that he is completely powerless and weak Christ had already defeated himself on the cross of Calvary he is just a con

artist trying to throw you off your game you may go on with the certainty that your father will lead you down a path of

wealth launching you into a future filled with love success and joy find

Solus you will succeed by following my example so there’s no need to rush or give up now you’re not only a Victor my

dear keep in mind that you can’t always choose the kind of difficult situations you’ll confront in this world you may

May in fact face tragic circumstances on the path to testing your faith and

examining your individuality I assure you that we will handle each of these instances with the

utmost care even if they attempt to unsettle you I’ve conquered the world

and you’re more than just a conqueror in me furthermore you must know that life here isn’t always idyllic in the middle

of a storm you may find yourself burdened with concerns remember that you may always depend on me as a safe haven

in times of need my kind arms are here to lend a hand and provide Solace the

enemy will lead you down a dangerous and misleading Road he wants to entice you

with the world’s transient wealth power and worldly pleasures so don’t underestimate him Christ Jesus is the

solid rock around which you should build your life’s inspiration if you have faith in him and

stand firm you will be able to overcome any difficulties regardless of the weather you may be

cozy and confident keep in mind that the industry may also seem lovely yet its

Allure is transient and the pleasure it claims to provide is misleading my love

and my promise will provide you with an everlasting sanctuary and an endless Wellspring of joy and contentment so my

darling stay the course and don’t allow life’s challenges to pull you down from

Reaching Your Dreams never lose sight of the fact fact that the Light Of Hope May shine through the darkest of times no

one ever reached the promised land without first enduring a Barren landscape full of hardship and test but

have courage because you are not alone in this desert in the middle of the night’s anguish I am here to stand as

your steadfast guide and provide a protective cloud from the intense heat of the day I will become your rock

providing you with safety comfort and of course course a beloved baby please do

not misunderstand me anymore if you put your whole faith in me you will find

many blessings that go beyond your current circumstances I agree again and I will

stand firm against the devil’s traps which want to perplex You by suggesting that your existence is meaningless and

that your concerns and anxieties Eclipse your faith keep firm to my promise and

stand by my side you may ask for everything you will want if you stay with me and I will give it to you think

about it when life becomes tough the best thing I can do is pray and meditate

on my phrase so that my kid can feel my hand extended As I push through the

difficulties Beyond Your Wildest Dreams you will overcome all worries and hardships and your Triumph will become

an actual thing dear God my beloved Son and Daughter are always seeking me in

prayer talking to me me first thing in the morning and last thing at night seeking me at every turn and holding my

word dear to your hearts if you return to me I will shower you with endless

bounties that transcend your present situation continue your journey for the

tears you sow will ultimately yield Joy therefore my darling do not hesitate any

longer keep up the courage of a brave fighter someone whose faith is both unabashed and an example to others keep

your head down and your message of Truth stocked those who are searching for a glimmer of hope among the Shadows should

have faith in me my little one is confident that I will guide them with care and attention as they grow I will

stop at nothing to see that you are a happy prosperous and fortunate person

never forget that I can always be here for you not only in times of Victory but

also in times of difficulty you have the potential to develop and become stronger

with every challenge you encounter on your path there is a gateway for fresh experiences and insights behind every

challenge even in the depths of Despair my light will shine on you and my plans

for your life will always surpass All Odds transforming seemingly insurmountable obstacles into

extraordinary opportunities remember that I am your strength and salvation and that every

religious step builds faith and courage that are necessary to achieve your objectives so don’t ever give up I will

always be here for you your caring father ready to lend you a hand protect you from harm and meet all of your needs

let me lead you to the grass of my promise where you can gather everything you want to remember and spill your guts

to me I chose you from the depths of the earth intending you to be a source of

Merit joy and ecstasy follow my guidance and you will experience its fulfillment

I promise that my promises will not impose any limits on your lives instead

they will be filled with benefits and Delight you are about to see the promises I’ve given you come to fruition

in a very real way feelings of exhaustion and uncertainty about your own abilities plague you never let the

words of others affect your beliefs you are not defined by your failures or losses ignore the pitiful groaning of

those who refuse to see the wisdom in my teachings they will nevertheless envy your kindness no matter what others

think my love for you will never waver and my benefits will always be self assured instead of letting your heart

feel fearful find stability in your unfaltering confidence in this unchanging religion learn now to face

any Challenge headon and come out on top I have come to restore your trust and

calm your troubled Spirit think about my ability to lead you whether it means we’re parting ways or I’m letting you

walk on the unpredictable Waters put your faith in the miraculous power I give you the ability to carry you

through deserts and storms as I guide you into a future adorned with elegance and great benefits feel my love and

strength envelop you do not be afraid of failing I am here to support you mend

your broken heart reassure you and guide you towards becoming an expert with many strengths have unfaltering trust in me

as you continue on your journey the plans I’ve crafted for you are magnificent and wonderful keep your

spirits up no matter how tough things get I beg you do not worry about the

Hereafter or Linger on it join me in celebrating the joy and power of my love for the people I care about in any

situation there is an opportunity for a fresh beginning a chance to start

again the story of your life in the Stillness of night I respond to your cry

and in the break of day I answer your call all I am as real as the sun rising over the horizon and as vital as the

oxygen you breathe despite being invisible my presence is ever presentent

I am here to guide you Faithfully through the vast tapestry of life making sure you never lose your way at any

point you find yourself in the middle of the world’s constant nagging which attempts to tell you false things and

make you believe you’re not good enough such despair will test your resilience

your steadfast trust is proof of your resilience in the midst of Trials you

remain steadfast in prayer and take solace in the knowledge that I will never fail you each word in the Holy

books of my scriptures written in your spirit Echoes with the profundity of heavenly love you should also be aware

that tumultuous storms with their icy winds making it seem like we’re far apart are really the schemes of the

wicked one who wants to distract you from my Divine will and his promises I

wish you the glitter of wealth and luxury as well but be careful because his ways lead to ruin in the end no

longer will you believe the Liar’s persuasive lies possessing wisdom the righteous choose their path with caution

my word is more important than any worldly Duty no matter how fleeting your material wants may come and go but my

love for you will continue forever follow the path I’ve carefully marked out for you at a high speed keep your

resolve unwavering the connection we share remains intact come here now I say get close to

me block out the noise in your head and ignore all other concerns I have

something to say to you so listen closely you have faith in my impeccable timing which will soon bring you a

plethora of benefits and put an end to your sadness difficult circumstances will

quickly become a part of the afterlife just be calm and don’t lose your cool or

look for shortcuts that might Lead You Wrong continue to devote yourself to prayer study my teachings thoroughly and

avoid false beliefs the world’s material goods are temporary but the benefits I

can provide you with will remain forever so there’s no need to stress about them anymore hold fast to your faith in my

assurances for The Right Time Will Reveal everything never once do I put off or ignore the fact that I am always

prepared to meet all of your needs I am persistently using your part when I am impatient so do not lose hope refrain

from letting the evil intentions or animosity of those involved in wrongdoing drive you have faith in the

Lord and resolve to do what is right your home will be real and all your

hearts wishes may come true if you put your trust in the Lord if you have faith in him and are a witness to his bold

action he will establish justice for you and shine a light on your righteousness

like the Noonday Sun keep still and wait patiently for the Lord to intervene put

an end to letting your mind become bogged down by concerns about individuals who seem to flourish in

their own ways or who plot harmful plans give in Anger put anger aside and resist

the desire to be troubled since anguish only leads to sin you may be sure that

those who commit evil will suffer the consequences while those who wait patiently for the Lord’s guidance will

alter ultimately get the promised land there isn’t any more confusion sadness

or bewilderment you have severed the ties that were limiting your progress at this very moment I have now broken the

shackles of poverty and curses that have haunted your lives for so long because I

am here life and existence themselves are abundantly Available to You permit

me to envelop you in my wisdom and Tranquility imbue you with my eternal

love and bestow blessings upon every aspect of your existence I understand

that the journey you’ve taken hasn’t been a picnic the difficulties you encounter on a daily basis are nothing

new to me I figured out how the enemy’s schemes and shadows have affected your religious Journey bringing troubles and

threats to your faith in the present day I’m delivering this message to you out

of the abundance of love I have for you the darkness that has followed you for so long is Is Lifting and you will see

the blessings and possibilities I have prepared for you at this very moment I

am severing all ties to your being mending all connections to uncertainty and Dread and freeing you from the

negative influences that have Disturbed Your Serenity it is my life that you

must give me it is my pleasure to announce that my heavenly light is now shining on you guiding you towards

safety and joy I hereby declare that I have broken Every curse that has placed

obstacles in your way if you were ever confused about your potential confidence

and reality will flourish in times of discouragement while Clarity and competence will now flourish in places

of uncertainty to revive your soul I welcome desire and

regeneration my love will bestow upon you a great sense of fullness calm and power pouring forth into every part of

your being allow the troubles that trials may bring to break your heart instead let impatience leave your spirit

especially when you are in the thick of things just so you know you’re not alone on this Odyssey I’m here to be your

constant companion and watchful protector from the evildoers who would do you harm rather than dwelling on the

loss of material Goods or wallowing in self-pity turn your focus to the fact

that I am your God and the source of all good things my unending love for you and your

earnest desire to be in my divine presence I can still shower you with

advantages and I have a plethora of wonderful days ahead of you you have faith in me if I can enhance your lives

with tangible benefits and unlock opportunities you’ve never imagined imagine a Bountiful Harvest

because I have the power to turn any bad condition into a vehicle for your remaining good thus give up wanting

under every Challenge and obstacle is a wealth of opportunities and success that

I have painstakingly planned for you gather yourself to accept and cherish such things while you are in my divine

presence the joy you find in me will outweigh your current circumstances your complete connection to me suggests a

constant Abundance of Joy surrounding you you are really seeking me out while you go about your everyday experience it

is with great pleasure that I introduce myself to you via various mediums sometimes the words I choose to

use come out in great and obvious ways like wonderful coincidences that leave a

visible imprint of my heavenly hand in other endeavors techniques that are specific to you and may be undetectable

to others make my presence known in a subtle way you are the recipient of these gentle signals which are gifts

meant to bring you deep personal Delight stay completely committed to believing in me there will be an abundance of

serenity blessings and success in your life because I will always do what you want me to stand firm in your faith with

all your heart all your might and all your thoughts Grace favor and prosperity

will be yours as well as the lives of those you care about my love for you my darling is infinite and unending I will

shower you with blessings until the end of time and I guarantee it you must maintain your upward Pace my beloved if

you keep going you will soon be able to take possession of the benefits that are legitimately yours do not waver from the

path I have laid out for you otherwise you may jeopardize the blessings I have promised you if you stray from the

region where I have carefully placed obstacles ahead of you just keep in mind

that your present situation is no longer determining your fate rather it is a

sign that something really remarkable is about to enter your life in spite of the

difficulties you may face keep going because I am sending you a powerful force that will lead you to a future

full of blessings and prosperity never give up and never let the limitations

you see in the world or the criticisms of others stop you from reaching your full

potential by putting your trust in me completely you will see my great favor and rewards manifest in your life and

the lives of others you protect the Assurance of the great results that may still occur is in maintaining

unfaltering trust to the very end my love and grace have created you and now

is the moment for you to must all your strength and continue on your journey unwaveringly I tailor everything I

create to meet your needs and desires ensuring that I will fulfill all your wildest dreams and most Ardent requests

everything I do serves a purpose so getting ready for what’s to come isn’t always a fluke but rather a reflection

of my Del deliberate and exact will for your life from this point on nothing can stop the fragrance of my

blessings from wafting into your life your grief will go away and pain will

not persist anywhere in your life on this joyous occasion I vow to keep every word I have ever said to you everything

you’ve ever wanted I will give you and I will put you in a position of power and Glory none of this is taking a chance on

the contrary it is the reward for your hard work work and compliance with my word you will rise above the Shadows of

the past your benefits will multiply your acts of kindness and assistance to

the poor the sick and the needy will not go unnoticed nothing you did will be in

vain and I know that being steadfast is not always easy there have been times

when you have strayed from my guidance and felt lost I am Reviving your spirit

and giving you a new zest for Life the enemy and the sector tried to take what

you had but I am restoring it inside you you have religious gifts and advantages

therefore rise with each New Dawn putting me first in your endeavors and devote the first moments of your day to

me I give you these things as a sign of how much I love you and how much you’ve

dedicated yourself to me so work for your goals every day with confidence and

eagerness and don’t let them slip away thus you will experience the greatest

success and share in the wonderful gifts that I have reserved for you no power or

being can stand in my presence while I Stand By Your Side remember always my

beloved that I am the Everlasting Foundation the unbreakable Rock upon

which you may build your life and that I am always ready to shower you with blessings and prosperity if you remain

steadfast in me and allow my words to permeate your being I will fulfill all your requests I highly value those who

respect me and shower blessings upon those who place their trust in me permit my words to be an indelible mark on your

soul and may your daily lives be firmly grounded in the teachings of my word we

must uphold Justice exercise compassion speak the truth and constantly bring

good news to the poor raise the downtrodden heal the wounded put the

blind in the light and set the imprisoned free please know that you can always count on

my unwavering support as I want to make you happy being with you is like being

with a little child you are my creation no matter what I will never leave you be

mindful that I am inside you and that I have given you a Rock Solid Faith to keep you from slipping or falling into

the M given that Christ has firmly established your life you should rise

and walk with confidence confidently asserting all of my my assurances if you

put your faith in me my words my little one and the call of Jesus I will grant

your every desire right now I have broken your bonds welcome to Good

Fortune I bless you and set you free today is a day full of Desire so believe

it I want you to know how much I adore you my darling You are not alone my

heavenly kindness and Grace surround you I am your father and God and I will be

your light while you travel this road I have come to alleviate every evil that has befallen you and to cast out the

darkness that has engulfed your soul heart and intellect the uncertainties

and concerns that have gripped your heart today will fade quickly my darling so be very careful the evil will be

forgotten and their existence will be obliterated from the places you once saw them but the mild mannered and modest

will rule the country enjoying plenty of Peace despite the wicked plotting

against the righteous and even nashing their teeth in embarrassment since the day of their

judgment is quickly approaching the Lord finds it humorous when they discover their attempts their vile goal was to

hunt down and kill good people when they were down on their luck so they drew swords and lowered bows they have no

idea that their own weapons will turn against them that swords will Pierce their hearts and that Bose will be

unable to withstand the weight of their wickedness doing good deeds while owning little is much more important than

becoming sinfully wealthy the wicked will have their arms broken because the

Lord who is all knowing will support the righteous the Lord counts every moment

and his glorious kingdom is there inheritance that will endure forever even in the darkest of times

they will discover joy and they will no longer be ashamed to face hardship the scripture predicts the

death of the wicked in comparison to the transient Splendor of Meadows that Fades

away like smoke into Oblivion the adversaries of the Lord are like that the wicked are just as capable of taking

loans and never paying them back while the good demonstrate mercy and

compassion those who are fortunate enough to receive the Lord’s favor will inherit the land but those who suffer

his curse will face the consequences the Lord firmly installs someone’s stairs

once they Pride themselves in his manner hold on tight my darling for I am speaking to you from a place of deep

love and wisdom as you go through life I am always here ready to help you get

back up when you fall walking in righteousness I have seen the fabric of many lives from youth

to old age and I can tell you with certainty that one is never abandoned

I will be your loyal companion and the place where you may always find my unfaltering acceptance maybe you’ll find

out the truth and what life is all about my Limitless kindness and benefits will

pour down on you through me beyond that boundary you will find an abundance of joy that will fulfill all your heart’s

desires despite all that has happened to you in the past today brings a chance for a new beginning a life filled with

purpose and meaning an opportunity that nothing on this Earth or in your miseries could ever provide allow my

Limitless compassion and forgiveness to flow through you as you release the chains of previous rebellions and

resentments mourning the errors of yester year have we exhausted our capacity to help you we should let go of

what we can’t change let yourself be receptive to the season of change and rebirth grant me the honor of boosting

Your vitality and relieving the stresses that bind you the thing I really want is

for us to be able to walk hand in hand burden-free into a fresh Dawn that is

full of accomplishments and triumphs as you draw strength from my infinite love Reservoir stand firm in the face of

others judgments get a handle on the complex art of forgiving those who have wronged you so you may offer them a

second chance at Redemption and growth with compassion and kindness you will become more powerful and astonishing so

keep them in mind at all times times so show Mercy to those who have wronged you

exude compassion and do the same for those who may have rejected you in the past you reside within me just as much

as I do inside you my dear little one just so we are clear you are not walking

this road my solemn promise is to help you reach the peak of the Majestic Mountain that stands before you where

adventurous Victory is waiting I am here by your side obtain everything that you

want in this life by drawing on the strength and stamina that I am about to bestow on you planting a seed of

unfaltering faith will yield a bounty once you get near I will give you the

wisdom to manage the wealth I give you so there is no Financial commitment beyond that look out for opportunities

that are brimming with Benefits a life filled with monetary emotional and

spiritual Prosperity will be yours and the lives of others around you will be better because of it but know this my

darling success is more than just material riches it’s a state of wholeness in every facet of your

personality as you grow continue to be faithful to the little things and I will

give you bigger responsibilities always keep in mind that taking responsibility for your

actions and obeying my commands are prerequisites for receiving my benefits

carry a spirit of humility and charity inside you always ready to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate

than yourself my darling let your heart be ready to receive blessings from many

never fear I will be by your side strengthening and directing you even when you face obstacles and restrictions

in your faith challenges shape your character and confirm your confidence in me therefore do not let them discourage

you the temptation to listen to those evil Whispers is real curse those who

are poisoning your heart with falsehoods and uncertainty scold them and break

them apart they have taken refuge in me through prayer and my word a secure and

Powerful Spirit may be yours if you hold on to it rest assured you will always

find Serenity and happiness in my presence my beloved child I urge you to

build your life on a solid foundation even in the face of adversity you will remain steadfast you will not

succumb to even the strongest winds or waves when you base your life on the resilience and strength that Christ

Alone can provide as long as you firmly plant your life in Christ who is the source of redemption and the doorway to

eternal life trials and afflictions will pass I love you darling and I beg you

not to budge from your belief in my words just trust me and put your hopes

fears and aspirations in my capable hands it’s my job to guide you and give

give you the strength you need to face the challenges that life throws at you hold on if you ever feel yourself losing

your footing or becoming discouraged these words lay forth Christ the Rock

upon which your life rests doing so will put you in the best position to execute

Every Good Deed protect you from the devil’s schemes and equip you to fight the good fight with the sword of faith

my word my precious child I have bestowed a blessing upon you and am extending my life loving hand toward you

today beginning with the windows of Heaven you will be approached by opportunities you have never imagined

before as the doors to plenty open wide following the paths of your faith can

strengthen it enabling you to grow tall and strong bearing fruit like a sunset

planting tree a withered Leaf will not Wither in my hands anymore feel free to

find Serenity seeking the solutions to your most profound Mysteries you will

Endeavor to uncover the remaining pieces believe in my words and put your trust

in my promises because I am your beloved child a deep and fulfilling life is waiting for you I promise with me by

your side you can overcome any obstacle and Achieve any goal you set for yourself the darkness that previously

engulfed your faith and the effects that once shattered your inner calm will never again find a welcoming home within

you being by your side is possible my love because because you are a Guiding Light and a Wellspring of boundless

Divine advantages do not let your Relentless efforts overshadow prayer or

push my phrase to the sidelines I know you are deeply involved in pursuing your goals and tasks and I applaud your

unwavering determination in all your endeavors some people are so set in

their ways that they refuse to consider the ideas and information included in my words even if they are completely

correct such beings not only deviate from my Divine intent but also

prioritize worldly interests exerting significant effort to fulfill their desires without reaping tangible

rewards they become entangled in a web of self-satisfaction and conceit with

arrogance serving as their partner demeaning both the common people and those who rever my words their arrogance

conceals their genuine goals on a frequent basis like a Black Veil despite

their Relentless Pursuit Of Fame and power they fail to recognize that genuine greatness is based on humility

and simplicity my words and the Deep ideas they contain go unnoticed by them

restrained by their egos and living in ignorance and selfishness they sow divisions and Foster conflicts my

beloved child I implore you not to disregard these words for anything in the world instead do do not let your

heart be troubled and do not let worry grip you as you confront the unknown my

fortunes will increase in proportion to the number of Endeavors you undertake

keep going even when things get tough and stop being so down on yourself when

you don’t see results right away in the vast sweep of your adventure the passing

of time is irrelevant your unfaltering determination is of the utmost

significance for each stride you make is a step closer to the Fulfillment of the

hopes and goals I have given you continue forward stay steadfast my

beloved on the road to success and wealth take each step with seriousness

just know that I’m right here holding you close and embracing You In My Embrace stay strong forging on with

Resolute determination Embrace a Fearless mindset because no one will be able to bring

disgrace upon you I can remove obstacles from your way those who look on with

jealousy as I shower you with wealth and success weaving falsehoods without remorse I will destroy those who have

come to you in Rebellion against the blood that sought their Redemption thus my beloved child put space between

yourself and these Wicked individuals people who plot lies against their own family members using their

words as weapons to insult and degrade destroy innocent homes trample Le chosen

wheat while encouraging weed growth disguise their wickedness as good doctrines like wolves in sheep’s

clothing and avoid their influence like the plague because their punishment is simple their own damnation stay the

course of religion focus on my term pay attention to my voice and in contrast

continue in your adventure if you long to hear my voice from the depths of your being I promise that if you listen to my

advice everyone will be lovely find it in my written word read it cover to

cover etch it into your longing heart think about it passionately and follow

its instructions there are many advantages as well as the prospect of Eternal lives in those pages my beloved

child so your soul will have a good time make sure you include and hold on to

this sentence if you have any wishes or desires that you’ve set before me I’ll grant them all my love for you has no

bounds and my desire is always to bless and prosper you in all areas so nothing

can stop the flow of my advantages into your life your predicted strategy will be realized this is in harmony with my

will from above and I bless it I gave you skills and abilities so that they

might blossom into magnificent and First Rate experiences in your lives so always

keep in mind that you are capable of great things trust in me my beloved

child I will be there to guide and and encourage you through every step of your

journey stay strong in your faith and never let go of the reality that you

will achieve all of your goals As Long As I Am by your side I have the power to

turn each obstacle you face into an opportunity for personal development and

success therefore my beloved child progressing with unfaltering trust

bravery and Assurance in your fulfillment is an inevitable outcome you must must not let anything or anybody

discourage you and you must not let Melancholy take hold due to the murmur of those who would speak ill of you

there will always be those who driven by jealousy and envy want to obstruct your path to success so you shouldn’t let

yourself be discouraged by the many comments you may get along the way behold this extraordinary promise has

been fulfilled the things that God has planned for his beloved people are things I have not seen heard or seen

today I bless you with benefits and declare your freedom from bonds Restoration in your financial matters

and success in all your endeavors my beloved child I address you on this Holy

Communion with words that are full of assurance and Effectiveness I want to write them in your heart so listen

carefully I am the omnipotent God who watches over you constantly you may call

me your father in Heaven I am speaking to you and revealing the reason reason that I have decreed for your creation

because my love for you has no bounds I know I can read your mind before you say a word so I’m here today to promise to

fulfill all your wishes make your heart’s desires come true and fix your financial

situation therefore my precious child do not be afraid or Amazed by The Miracles

I will do for your lives I will heal your body your spirit and the Tranquility you had lost I will relieve

you of your heavy Financial burden with my strength and encouragement at your side you can overcome any obstacle that

stands in your way all your hard work perseverance and persistence will not go

unrewarded in fact they will Blossom my little one you are loved my daughter you

have my deepest affection these days I talk to you so that my words may ring true in your soul always hammering home

the significance of following my command and loving your neighbor as yourself

raise your hands in prayer today my beloved child and let my light shine through you my Voice’s lilting Melody

may ease your worries Whispering words of strength and encouragement to you guiding you to Serenity even as you

weather the storms of life never forget that this letter is more than just a

reflection of my love for you it is a living manifestation of my desire to see you thrive my darling tie the words

around your neck and hold them close to your heart let every word soothe your soul and

every piece of advice and light shine a light on your way believe what I say I

will take your worries and stresses and put them to rest bring all your issues to me even the ones you think are

impossible and I will solve them just place them at my feet when you put your

faith in me a sea change for the better will be possible in your life listen not

to your detractors who cry out that you can’t won’t or will never succeed and

who try to put enormous obstacles in your way I tell you now that you are not

on this journey alone I agree with you you originally wanted a strong huge

making it easier for you to succeed in the event that your adversaries attempt to make you question yourself and worry

too much having said that I want you to know that not a single one of them has

what it takes to control your destiny I hold you safe ly in my wonderful hands

not helpless against your enemies in your darkest hours I will be a beacon of light that guides you to the shores of

Serenity and wealth and I will be your unfaltering compass my extended hands

are ready to pull you up out of the pit you’re in where you’re now carrying your worries you are not going through this

difficult process alone my beloved child every step of the way I will be a rock

supporting and shielding you while I repair your budget and reduce your debt my strategy for you goes

beyond the domain of fabrics your deepening of faith is my first choice

with each Victory and loss may your faith and references to me grow you may trust my word since I am devoted to

seeing that my love and tremendous energy know no limits and are always true I promise you miraculous blessings

that cling tenaciously to my love and grace if you stay close to me and put your confidence in me I will also

guarantee the resolution of your financial issues a weight had been lifted off your shoulders and your bills

had been paid in full scarcity will no longer be a problem for your family or future Generations I will shower you

with abundance in all areas of your life relax because my grace is more than

enough and my Everlasting Mercy walks in faith and obedience certain that I will

never leave you your very being will will be a testimony to my miraculous provision and others will see the

obvious reality of my promises to you as you go as a result take this message to

heart and celebrate your Financial Freedom the settlement of any outstanding debts and the successful

completion of all your projects after all you are my beloved child I beg you

to listen closely to my voice as I lead you in every step seek my knowledge and

Trust in my perfect plan give in to your dismay at the difficulties for what they are chances to become stronger and more

resilient you will reap great benefits from your steadfast trust in me my

darling please understand that I am not pleading with you to leave the arena but rather to distance yourself from Al and

all of its harmful beliefs and practices instead make an effort to have a

positive impact on the world around you show the people around you my love and the truth in a world where so much

Darkness surrounds you shine brightly a transnational Community Longing For Love Finds solace in this you may find true

prosperity in living in connection and harmony with me and you can find inner peace in following my rules and

principles I will be right there with you every step of the way so there’s no need to fear the difficult challenges

that may arise on your path challenges as formidable as mountains shouldn’t deter you since they

conceal opportunities for development and reinforcement you may be surprised to

learn that your hardships are really Stepping Stones on the road to success so my beloved newborn I beg you to have

unfaltering faith to surrender your life to me and to do what I say then I will

show you how to proceed with every decision you make do your best to follow my message and live by its principles

rather than conforming to the world as it is now everything will work out for the best if

you refuse to give in to The Temptations and deceit that are all around you and

instead seek wisdom and direction from my word assuming you commit to doing

what I say you will be able to live a life of true and abundant success I am

more than happy to shower you with numerous blessings if you choose to advance in every facet of your life and

experience the genuine serenity pleasure and plenty most likely derived from me

stay close to me and don’t let anything pull you away from my affection most of the time I adopt my stance and follow my

instructions good things will constantly come to you from me don’t let the challenging situations you face in the

present discourage you I have faith that my grace will protect you my ability to

be by your side attentive to your prayers and acting in line with my best intentions is really high you can trust

that my commitment to helping you is genuine and I am always there to lend a helping hand may your ideas be in

harmony with mine bringing peace to your spirit and strengthening your faith with acceptance truth and serenity we have

acknowledged your hardships and put those difficult moments behind you now is the time to act avoiding the problems

that may have slowed you down before the training was found thus inhale deeply

and go on with renewed Vigor feel my constant support as you embody this

dazzling beginning keep those words of encouragement close to your heart because you know that the day of your

tribulations is coming have no fear I have sent my angels to protect you and

your loved ones from harm so that the hardships you are experiencing do not bring you to your knees release whatever

is holding you back from living the life you want cut ties with those who cast out on your abilities and take control

of your future keep praying and expanding your understanding of my language so that you can stand firm

against deceit I’m currently rewriting your life story starting a new chapter for you

allow me to guide you towards a clear path filled with benefits and information to comfort your spirit I

give you my love and serenity as you take them I may let blessings rain down

from up high your feet will be unwavering because I will come my words

into your coronary heart stay rooted in this all-encompassing love give yourself

permission to forget your mistakes your human Frailty makes you the most useful

person alive my divine nature is Mercy I greatly appreciate your Contrition and

stand ready to rescue you my blessings even from the private Abyss are more

valuable than any amount of money could buy once I fulfill my promise to open the sky

the sector’s richest resources will pale in comparison to what I have in store for you I have complete confidence in

you to fulfill my promise with steadfast faith and an appropriate response this

is no light wager so treat my words with the seriousness they Merit you cannot

hide the fact that I adore you no longer is my love for you concealed it is plain

to see get out into nature take a deep breath of the fresh air and bask in the

sun’s warmth you can always count on me and these gifts are my way of showing you how much I care I have shielded you

numerous times saving you from the edge of death and releasing you from the grip of evil and deceit as you embarked on

your journey in spite of difficult circumstances and tests be steadfast this year in your passion and lofty

goals do not give up eventually all of your hard work will pay off you have

potential and I want to show you how much I love you and how electrifying I am through you I Infuse you with my holy

spirit daily enhancing your nonsecular attentiveness you will soon learn to see

beyond people’s superficial intentions and gain a deep understanding of the world around you your destiny is to

positively impact numerous lives serve as a source of support and experience a

surge of Supernatural energies that invigorate your mind prove to others the

life-changing power of living in constant awareness of my energy through your Deeds open your arms to receive the

many benefits that await you and welcome them with fervor and Faith the stars are

aligning in your favor right now but I beg you to stay close to my side at all

times with all your heart declare your love and confidence in me and swear to

be unwavering let out all of your worries until you reach the end with my help you

may overcome your worries and anxieties I may wrap you in my love and reveal to

you what I am capable of doing with my power for your life right now maybe this

will be a great day there will be a lot of shifts in your life your family and

how they see you as well as a noticeable change in your surroundings as my

effective presence inside you touches others you will watch their faces light up with smiles they could feel my

presence and you might see their shock as you welcome them with pleasure and friendliness bestowing upon you a wealth

of knowledge and an unwavering will to fulfill your deepest yearnings I’m

trying to persuade you to agree with me because I know how much you want to be happy your emotions as well as every

moment of your life are my top priorities if I can protect you from harm strengthen your character and give

you the courage to push yourself to new heights then no one will be able to bring you down change your perspective

put a smile on your face and be open to Hope every day knowing that I will be there for you no matter what in return

for your adoration and admiration I am showering you with love enjoy it my

presence is all around you and my soul has destroyed all of your problems even when things are tough find reasons to

celebrate be happy and sing a tune raise your hands in a joyful display of

thankfulness Proclaim that God is with you when others ask you why you’re having fun others may not notice but

that shouldn’t bother you when you raise your arms in surrender genuflect and

decide to let go of all that is holding you back my great forces will Aid you in the battle you want to change yet you

hold to our agreement and I’ll give you a fresh heart and hope as you hope to

change soon you could feel my love in embracing you my beloved child I look

into your soul revealing the dark recesses where you think your secrets lurk however keep in mind that I do the

same and if you feel that this message is reaching you I will not conceal my eyes from you spread the word without

hesitation so that it may help more people than just you your sharing could

potentially save one person’s life I shower my blessings on those who fearlessly share these remarks join me

in a deep discussion when you wake up every morning instead of letting your thoughts spiral into confusion and

stress start with thankfulness express your gratitude for your family for the

life you have for the time that is still passing and for your spirit’s desire to make things right many years of kindness

have unfolded and my love for you has no bounds no matter how many times you have disobeyed my commands I have never

abandoned you or punished you for your transgressions two of The Ten Commandments are murder

and false testimony you must not deceive smear or degrade others you must also

not be constantly betraying others no wrongdoing is more serious than any of

the many other things we may be involved in has serious repercussions infidelity

whether physical or mental may cause serious harm defamation arrogance and

Prejudice may also cause serious harm these may also cause chaos

suffering and the separation of families if my words have touched your heart and

you feel my Holy Spirit guiding you today then make it a point to seek me out every day so you may hear my message

and Obey it get moving right now because I am constantly waiting for you come to

me with confidence knowing that I will respond and wait patiently for the benefits that I will provide at the time

that is right for me let someone you trust know know what you’re going through today and come into my presence

share your emotions I will remove the weight of your shame and pain from you

from now on nothing can stop the future of blessings and serenity that I have carefully planned for you someone else

in your life longs to hear these words and you’ve experienced the comfort of my love send them to me with all of your

heart’s honesty you have my undying affection salutations and I appreciate

you taking the time to listen to my remarks this morning they present you with a peaceful gift if you listen to

them again word by word you will feel my hand on your shoulder stroking your

spirit and easing your pain if you stay with me my darling you will not be alone

nothing bad will happen to you do not move instead shut your eyes and stop

crying you express your desires through tears which carry a message in their own

right however my voice has a calming effect on you easing your worries your

tears are dried and you are unfolded in Tranquility by My Embrace do not rush

out just yet stay a little longer in the end I want you to leave this world with

a spirit that is brave enough to face the world and confident enough to go through the darkest valleys and deserts

safe in the knowledge that my love for you will never end feel it accept it and

have faith in it encircled with with love my Holy Spirit protects you from harm in this life declare loudly my

heavenly father is with me no adversary can harm me be careful what you say

never slander someone never speak ill of someone you work for and never lie to your boss or other

employers if you have sinned cleanse your heart and soul and seek my face in

prayer first thing in the morning I will release your spirit from the weight of guilt and shame because I died on the

cross and rose again to save you from the emotional and spiritual anguish that

this world can bring despite exhaustion and sin even my faithful slaves who

lived pure lives returned to this altar of forgiveness humbly acknowledging their transgressions and rejoicing in

God’s mercy they were unflinching in their rise to combat and subsequent

success if you are tired feel like you failed have spoken carelessly have hurt

a loved one without considering the consequences or find yourself trapped in a destructive habit whether physical or

mental reach out to me immediately if you love me and believe I can help you I

will touch your lips cleanse your heart forgive you and inspire you to never return to those sins you will conquer

your low points and emerge Victorious just like previously when you

want to remember anything think about the happy occasions and the times you won you will once again Triumph by

embracing this loving hug with unfaltering trust stand firm in your faith and resolve I am giving you this

order we are one my pride is in you my Victor be patient no matter what happens

in your life find peace in the midst of the Tempest your faith is respected by

me even if you can’t make sense of what’s occurring right now know that everything is happening for a reason you

will understand when it ends and you get the gifts I’ve planned for you believe in what I’m saying trust me and be

patient thanks to your determination you have already reaped numerous rewards and

there will be many more in the future no matter how discouraged you feel you must

press on in the face of adversity remain steadfast instead in the near future I

will confirm once again the way you should go to receive my blessings there will be moments when you feel like

everything is taking forever and I understand that there may seem to be an

overwhelming number of reasons to quit but I beg you to hold on to the belief

that the test you are facing right now is really strengthening you the good things I have in store for you including

the gifts I’ll give you are Priceless my darling you must persevere I am your God

so have faith and wait patiently I am setting you up for a future full of blessings and joy I will rescue you you

from all your troubles and deposit you in a Haven of safety joy and honor why

don’t you hold off for a while longer confess to me that you will Adore Me I can relate to how you’re feeling no

matter how much you want to keep it disguised I know your heart on a personal level give yourself up to trust

and let the comfort of my presence envelop you watch as everything happens at its own pace I will fill your life

with peace and calm and I will reward you abundantly because you have trusted me without question never forget that I

am a powerful deity capable of doing incredible things as long as you have faith in my perfect timing are patient

protect your sanity and refuse to be tempted by shortcuts that might injure you and your loved ones my kindness will

flow down to you and your family don’t give up praying study my teachings carefully and do not be rash in your

desire for worldly Goods in contrast to this world’s fleeting gifts the

Everlasting and abundant rewards I bestow upon your life are immeasurable have faith in my promises they will all

come true in time please do not give up hope I will attend to your needs without

fail never letting them slide or forgetting about them their growth is fleeting like grass and fragile plants

and they will soon wither away thus you should not be envious of their ways or react negatively to their wickedness

give yourself over to me and let Justice direct your steps indulge in the deep

bond we have and I will send your heart’s deepest wishes put your trust in me stay loyal and see your dreams come

true their journey is about to take a Heavenly turn their boughs will break into irreparable pieces and their

weapons will return to their original form crushing against their own Hearts embrace the Timeless reality an evil

person’s enormous Fortune pales in comparison to the few Holdings of the good I will Embrace The Virtuous and

sustain them without wavering while the wicked have their arms shattered I am well acquainted with the days of the

righteous and their inheritance is a blessing that will remain forever even

in the midst of a food crisis people will find joy in their hearts the wicked

will meet their end and the Lord’s foes will fade into Oblivion like the transient beauty of Meadows Blown Away

by the breeze those who are good in heart are generous and merciful whereas

the wicked can only borrow money and fail to return it I will bless those who

inherit the world and my Divine decree will toss the cursed away the virt steps

bring joy to every aspect of their Journey they will not be completely crushed even if they fall for I the Lord

have held them in my palm since they were little because I have close ly watched over my children no one has ever

betrayed the righteous or witnessed their descendants beg for food I am kind

and ever merciful to the righteous and I will shower my favors on their descendants if you would repent and

devote yourself fully to doing good I will reward you with an everlasting presence in my holy presence I am the

Lord a fierce advocate for righteousness and a steadfast protector of my faithful

their Shield will endure forever but the line of the wicked will no longer receive my Almighty favor The Virtuous

will not only inherit this holy country but also become spiritually bound to it spending eternity in its Loving Arms the

wise sing a beautiful song and The Virtuous dance with their tongues I The

Creator inscribe my holy rule onto their souls in perfect Accord with the Cadence

of justice so that their every step is interwoven Into The Magnificent fabric

of creation evildoers closely monitor the upright to inflict harm but they

need not fear for I the Lord will not abandon them to Justice’s execution be

patient with me my beloved children follow the path I have laid for you and I will raise you to be the heir of this

sacred country in the days of your king I saw the Wicked at the height of their power spreading out like native trees

but in an in instant they will disappear leaving no trace and you will be witnesses to the unfolding of my Divine

Justice they have vanished Into Thin Air despite my best efforts to summon them

observe the righteous and focus on the upright the colors of Eternal peace Adorn their fate but the Sinners will be

entangled and the wicked’s future will be severed more than anything else mark

this reality in your hearts my divine nature is the one and only source of Redemption for the faithful when things

are tough they can always rely on me and in moments of peace I am their safe

haven they have put their unwavering faith in me therefore I will rescue them

from the evildoers by offering my helping hand to Aid The Tempest inside

you my darling will soon pass and the dawn of Victory will come to those who continue through the Maze of

difficulties You are not alone in this Tempest I am aware of the difficulties

that are now obscuring your days and filling your heart with anguish and Relentless worry however in the grand

scheme of things I pray that you will comprehend this beloved Spirit encircled

by affection and care I Stand By Your Side a constant friend I can’t help but

notice the heavy and overpowering load you’re carrying in the Stillness of the night your tears testify to the depth of

your suffering these difficulties like fleeting storms will pass my dear Soul so take comfort

in that the ominous clouds will part revealing a fresh day filled with

vibrant colors that have great potential for you despite the ups and downs of

life my vow to you has never wavered and even in the face of death Spectre the

holy promise I’ve weaved into your being stays steadfast and true I am always

with you shining a light and protecting you with a shield of Limitless unconditional love so my beloved you

need not dread the Shadows since my unfaltering dedication Echoes through them trust in me as an unwavering anchor

as I Stand By Your Side a rock in the midst of the tempestuous storms that threaten your soul my commitment to you

has no bounds and neither does the Tempest rather than leaving you I will

remain steadfast by your side walking with you through thick and thin helping you overcome obstacles and comforting

you when you cry out of exhaustion Beware of the approaching darkness my dearly adored Spirit the

anxious parts of me look up at the sky praying for the strength to overcome any

challenge that arises from within my divine nature recognize the intensity of the

fight the exhaustion it causes and the difficult roads you must travel however

remember that I am your rescuer and Lord Lord the steadfast protector of your Priceless Spirit and the loving father

watching over your welfare in the lessons that come from my holy word do

not discount the power of prayer because in its Fellowship you will find the fortitude to resist the attacks of the

enemy keep in mind that the strength to face life’s challenges is inside you a

demonstration of How firm your faith is because you have unwavering faith in me

you will never be afraid of my or your enemy Em’s plans stand firm in your faith and refuse to back down from a

challenge have confidence in me and I will not let you down faith has the ability to change anything even the most

impossible things blessings and wealth will shower upon you dear spirit let go

of any uncertainty in your heart just as the Soft Wind rustles the fields so may

I engulf you in my love and hope if you would just trust me and hold fast to my promises

look into my eyes even in the midst of the darkest night a new day will eventually break so go confidently you

must press on my darling don’t let yourself get discouraged or give in to the difficulties you face because of

these trials feel the inner Fortress that is my heavenly might protecting you

from the enemy’s arrows and the difficulties you face my dear stand firm

against adversity never give up and know that my grace and strength will get you

through the worst of times keep your faith strong and know that I will keep

my word I am your father The Mastermind behind the universe’s design and I

guiding you toward a future filled with happiness my darling I will hoist you up

like an eagle riding the wind of Grace who needs uncertainty you’ve seen my

tremendous strength many times don’t let uncertainty cut off our communication

doing so will cut off the gifts I want to bestow upon you persevere in prayer

steadfast in your Devotion to my ways and do not give in to the seductive Allure of Doubt seductive Whispers my

cherished purpose is to cause you to stumble and see confusion in your heart

so please do not give into these Temptations you will achieve Triumph with this unwavering commitment you will

find comfort in the following verses from Isaiah those who wait on the

Lord will renew their strength Str they will soore on wings like eagles they will run and not be tired they will walk

and not faint I will Infuse you with new life and strength I am your sustenance

and Swift Aid prepared to rescue you from exhaustion and strengthen you in times of defeat if you look for me

you’ll find it if you ask you will get to get the door to open you have to

knock I Stand By Your Side providing stability in an uncertain certain world

when chaos engulfs you put your faith in me do not be afraid I am the rock that

strengthens you with The Virtuous power of my hand I am prepared to help and

defend you you smite uncertainty into my name whenever it tries to torture me dearly beloved do not give up praying to

find me May my message be a continual meditation in your heart trust me when I

tell you the truth my daughter break free from the chains that bind your spirit the hour has arrived I have seen

your power therefore let go of the reasons that hold you back ignoring the opinions of others it is time to go on

they want you to stumble but they don’t understand that I will lift you up in my vast kindness so they try to ens snare

you with evil paths you have my soul at your side and a host of angels is

fighting for you protecting you from harm blessings and Marvels bearing your name Adorn the road I have prepared for

you avoid giving into the temptation of the easy way out and abandoning this sacred path despite the challenges of

the Christian Road you will succeed as time passes those who questioned your

decisions will eventually admit they were wrong when the time is right the manifestation of your Destiny’s gifts

will reveal themselves to you a multitude of blessings will pour down upon you witness the Magnificent

expression of my love in your life with open arms embrace the opportunities I provide to improve your life whether

Good Times Embrace us or bad times confront us your heart will shelter me

you can be sure that I’m right there with you giving you the power you need as you saw like eagles on this deep

journey I am your guide and partner your enemies will not see you collapse you

will climb with unflinching strength toward your goals and desires make our

fellowship a sacred part of your life give me the lowdown on what what you dealt with tell me what you need and

throw your problems at my feet what you’re missing I shall provide amidst adversity I shall calm the tempests

inside I will provide calm and serenity even in the midst of storms stay loyal

to yourself when the Shadows cover your heart there are those who share your hardship I will always be here for you

experience my presence feel your spirit strengthening keep your head held high

and your mindset that that of a triumphant Spirit you were born to succeed and your elevation is like the

strength of an eagle guard your tongue and let no evil Escape share No false

Tales never humiliate those who serve you faithfully and please do not lie to those who imploy you your destiny is one

of Triumph and the sacred passages of my word declare it he if you seek my face

in prayer every morning I will pardon your sins and cleanse your heart I desire to free your spirit from from the

bonds of Shame and regret I died on the cross and rose again so that you would be free from emotional and spiritual

bonds with the devil because you are human fatigue can affect every part of

you no one is immune to weariness or sin however even my holy servants who lived

their lives to the fullest admitted their transgressions and humbly sought forgiveness they were unflinching in

their rise to combat and subsequent success if you are are overwhelmed by fatigue feel like you have failed spoken

carelessly or hurt someone you care about if you are trapped by destructive habits whether they be physical or

mental if you love me and think I want to help you then come to me immediately

when I kiss your lips I wash away your sins and forgive you don’t continue to

commit the same sins forever I invigorate your soul and drive conquer

your grief and Shame by Rising above them like a champion in this warm

embrace recall the days of joy and your previous triumphs and with unfaltering trust Triumph once again stand firm in

your faith and resolve I am giving you this order we are one wo you mean the

world to me be cool and patient when life throws you a curveball never lose sight of your faith even the most

mysterious things have a reason I will reveal the gifts I have prepared as the

storm passes believe in what I’m saying trust me and be patient a great deal of

good has come from your dogged persistence and plenty more is on the way stay firm I will soon validate your

steps on the path to my blessings despite the dismay and hardships that test your faith departure is common no

one can take away the good things that are about to happen to you so hold on to the belief that this test is making you

stronger remain determined I am your God so have faith and wait patiently you

have a bright and fantastic future ahead of you I will rescue you from your troubles and deposit you in a place of

safety joy and Glory why don’t you hold off for a while longer guarantee it to

me woe you mean the world to me I feel exactly the same way you do there is no

secret that I cannot uncover irrespective of the hour my beloved you can consistently place your trust in me

tell me anything on your mind and express your feelings whenever you want I can feel every fiber of your existence

how could you possibly question the importance I place on you I saved you

and gave you a fresh lease on life everything you need to satisfy your need for calm to fill your life with my love

and to let your heart overflow with the profound confidence of being genuinely valued is here with me even while the

world fails to deliver love and understanding despite all that has happened my love for you has not changed

you mean the world to me and my love for you has no bounds cut ties with those

who deceive you and stop showering your attention on those who don’t return the favor give no one more importance than I

do I am the one who deserves first place in your heart here it is please

recognize me give me the respect I deserve grant me the titles of God lord and King no one else can fill my shoes a

mysterious emptiness has been plaguing you recently and you haven’t felt well please know that ignoring my love will

only cause the hole between us to widen bringing you nothing but misery and sleepless nights no one on this planet

can love you more than I do because you’re looking for love in the wrong places find Solace calm and affection

when you seek me out why are you hesitating are you willing to keep sacrificing yourself for those who hurt

you are are you going to hold off on coming to me in tears until you experience another hurt you need not

wait for that pain to arrive before coming close to me my love is greater

than your errors and bad choices and I will still welcome you with open arms if

you would just come to me let me embrace you now today tenderness exemplifies my

boundless love I’m standing by ready to greet you stay strong and not crushed by

despair before you even think about saying anything I am here to help listening is something I’m always

willing to do I want you to know how much I value you and how much I want to help you overcome life’s obstacles you

placed your faith in me to heal your wounds remove the marks of your past and bring back the benefits that were once

yours and you have come to me today to do just that knowing that people love

and admire you for your bravery in the face of challenges fills my heart with

joy I am the true reliable and Powerful God therefore have confidence and trust

in me always be by your side keep your distance from the jesters and joy

Stealers those people aren’t on your side they’re just jealous of your good fortune and have abandoned their

religion spend no time trying to persuade or win their favor I will block

your way to those who would do you harm and let those who love you deeply into your life negativity and despair have no

place in your life you must free yourself from their clutches to protect your intellect put on the shield of

Faith arm yourself with righteousness grasp the sword of my holy word and be

ready to fight the war that is sure to come your way you won’t lose and you

won’t lose again no matter how low you fall I will always be there to help you

back up take this task on refrain from letting fear limit your future in the

face of adversity and Terror be ready to fight with all you have you claim that

you will succeed because you believe in me in addition to improving your family’s financial position I will also

bless your house cure your health and calm your spirit behold my mystical

abilities will materialize right in front of your eyes pay attention to what I’m saying I want you to really and

completely accept my love for you if you visit me first thing in the morning to hear my message and pray I will nourish

your spirit and Kindle your faith set that fire Ablaze and let go of the

anxieties that are holding you back fearing bogus Genies that scare you with

falsehoods would prevent you from entering your promised realm at this moment in your life you must boldly

trust me with all your confidence only then will you be able to enjoy the

rewards of Triumph I’m going to shower you with benefits do not waste time

questioning them in light of your transgressions keep in mind that I Jesus

Christ triumphed over your adversaries on the cross you no longer have any faults to answer for you have fully paid

your debt you sit beside me in the realm of the supernatural beloved with a

Heavenly anointing and a sweetness like honey your emotions do not condemn you to a life of Despair preventing you from

thriving freedom from debt is the real and material victory that I am referring to to get well financially forgive those

who have wronged you live in harmony with your family get spiritual insight and experience inner calm do not stop

following your path because you are seeking affirmation from other people I urge you to ignore the criticisms from

those who are jealous of your abilities and will stop at nothing to take what I want from you stay away from those who

aren’t trustworthy but have faith in me I will keep my word you are on the verge

of success ESS and you will soon achieve it morning after morning you will have

strength pleasure and Tranquility with my soft loving words I

want to fill you with boundless joy and strength as I lean in close to whisper them into your ear we are blessing your

life and home is it likely that you will get it does the day bring you greater

affection for me A New Day Has dawned my darling and you will receive many

benefits keep in mind that I am the a Good Shepherd who will ensure that you never go hungry I will fulfill all of

your needs as your supplier I am here to protect you my love will Encompass you

you are blessed with healing I will watch out for you my Tranquility will protect you what I say is true I will

not change my mind all of my prophecies will come true my name is God and I am

unwavering I will carry out my promises no matter what challenges you face I I

will lead you by your side down the road I’ve prepared for you it is impossible to attain a miracle believe in me

completely tell me what you’re planning every day please put me first in everything that you do there is no time

when I won’t be there to help despite your worst fears that I would reject you because of your transgressions I have

shown you my love I rescued you from the depths of Despair by approaching you

with compassion understanding forgiveness love and tenderness even if others may

have rejected hurt or belittled you say it with your lips you will trust me

don’t think twice or hesitate you will always succeed in whatever you do no matter how difficult the road ahead may

be whoo you mean the world to me just as I didn’t leave you hanging yesterday I

have no plans to do that today either I have never left your side whether in the good times or the bad the happy times or

the sad ones I didn’t turn you down I am well aware of this if you ever feel your faith

slipping just remind yourself of the promises I’ve given you and hold fast

tell people who annoy you about them rely on me and let them know that I am with you always no matter what embrace

the mercy I provide you are deserving of these rewards so don’t doubt yourself if

you trust me this is a blessing for you the moment you hold it it will produce

an abundance of presence you will be able to provide for your loved ones and help others less fortunate than yourself

many blessings including plenty of food good health and Tranquility will come

your way nevertheless in order to obtain these rewards you must come and exercise

your faith hide in the shadows I’m here to address you I will break curses and

heal your family because I am eager to hear your prayers and bring you salvation

if it seems like I’m trying to take something away from you it’s only because I have bigger and better things in store for you you are about to

experience a pivotal moment you have changed so much yesterday was different for you ready you’re here decisions will

be made with your Assurance people who are exclusively negative towards you should not be sought after for approval

if someone does not want you to succeed there is no need to try to make them happy if you tell them you’re intentions

they will attempt to dissuade you and pull you back into defeat and despair but it won’t happen because I am with

you when opportunities arise you will not hesitate to seize them with unwavering determination I will hear you

in all your trials and shower you with wonderful blessings however I will only

shower them upon you after you diligently preserve and wisely employ them so that they may increase and lay

the foundation for even bigger benefits when the time comes comes a better future is within reach as the family

takes great leaps forward back your kids up academically motivate them to strive

for the Stars their intellect and abilities may also benefit me in a variety of ways within your own house

they have the power to change whole countries and families you will receive many as a result of your prayers and you

will be able to put your hands on them will tend to the sick cure their ailments and make them

whole a remarkable Spiritual Awakening is about to begin in your household

countless people are making noise about how these are the final days and trying to figure out when I will return but

deep down they don’t want anything to do with me I will only show my affection to

those who have honest and unwavering faith in me only the bravest of you will take my speech to heart and die for the

sake of spreading it to the people they love this is the potent seed I am sewing in your heart Mark the time and date in

your memory by paying close attention to where you are hearing it extend your arms wide and look as far into the

distance as you can see behold the light of your life will make my glory known to

far away places and peoples however I will reach out to you and my holy spirit

will make himself known through you and your loved ones from the very beginning

of this Voyage a spiritual revolution has started fear not because I have led

you by the hand through the valley of Shadows so that you may face any difficulty with confidence have complete

trust in what I have written because I am going to bless Prosper recognize and

appreciate you this year if you will just take action and remain steadfast in your faith in the one who gave his life

for your Victory hold on to my judgmental ideas even when you feel undeserving or

unworthy please accept my apologies I I have chosen you to bless your family put

your fears of failure to rest I will be your strength in every trial take advantage of this chance to win and

start again put the past in the past and welcome the new season of Triumph and

rebirth at this very moment I shall write a new chapter in your life and change everything I will pour out my

love and peace upon you so that your spirit and mind may be at rest while I lead you down a road of blessing and

knowledge amen

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