God says – You should give 2 minutes to your creator |

my beloved child in the vast expanse of

this universe Where Stars Are Born and

galaxies spin in Majestic silence I

stand as your unyielding light and

salvation I am your lord your God the

shepherd who guides you the Healer who

mends your wounds in the face of the

unknown Whom Shall you fear behold I Am

The Fortress of your existence the Bull

workk against the Tremors of life

neither the stern decrees of Earthly

judges nor the grave pronouncements of

Physicians eclipse the wisdom and

Revelation I bestow upon you I am the

Eternal Arbiter the supreme authority it

is my voice that commands the tide of

Fate as the architect of Heaven and

Earth I have the power to lift you from

the shadows of Despair enveloping you in

an Embrace of love that fortifies your

heart do not be swayed by the scoffers

those who mock the faith and devotion

you hold in me they dwell in a realm of

misunderstanding unaware of the Miracles

that I in my boundless love bestow upon

you embrace your relationship with me

for it is I who love you unconditionally

provide for your needs forgive your

missteps and uphold your spirit

empowering you to rise above challenges

and stride forward with renewed purpose

let not doubt Cloud your mind when faced

with trials these are not your undoing

but rather conduits for my glory to

shine through in your life for you to

emerge stronger and more Resolute fear

not the Spectre of Calamity for it shall

not touch you I will shower you with

blessings envelop you in my light and

reveal to you the wondrous Miracles that

will touch your family and home my Mercy

will be your comfort and in your Abode

my peace will reign supreme if if you

heed my call and open your heart to me I

will surround you with my presence

endowing your life with profound wisdom

the riches I offer are not fleeting they

are the ultimate gifts Eternal blessings

Harmony in your home and robust Health

that defies all adversity those who

place their trust in me will find no

reason for shame you as one of my chosen

are destined for greatness a future

filled with with hope and

prosperity even when the world Quakes

and its foundations tremble your faith

in me will keep you

unshakable you are held dear in my heart

no harm will befall you nor will any

plague come near your dwelling angels

will be dispatched to your side guarding

you like a Divine Shield remember I am a

god of both Justice and mercy extending

my forgiveness without reservation no

matter the distance you have wandered or

the depth of your

transgressions my arms are always open

for your return ready to embrace you

with love and pardon from the break of

day to its close all creation sings of

my glory and Splendor I call upon you to

walk in my ways to seek Justice to act

kindly and to approach others with a

heart full of love and respect each day

I Am with You guiding and protecting you

through life’s journey Journey no matter

the challenges you face in my presence

you will find peace wisdom and the joy

and strength needed to overcome any

obstacle no dream is too Grand no

aspiration too distant the road to your

Triumph may be steep but trust in my

divine plan which will rekindle your

passions and equip you with the

fortitude and bravery to persist until

the moment of Glorious reward for your

faithfulness and devotion you are

cherished deeply by me my love for you

is boundless and I will never forsake

you I obliterate every malevolent Force

enchantment illness pain and every chain

of poverty and scarcity with my

omnipotent power I am here to assist you

in all your needs


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