God says:- You have No Time Left | God Message Today | Jesus Says |

God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my dear child I speak

to you now with urgency for there is a

great Peril that surrounds you as your

creator I watch over you with love and

concern and it Grieves me deeply to see

the forces of Darkness encroaching upon

your life Satan the adversary seeks to

ensnare you in his web of Deceit and

destruction he prows around like a

roaring lion seeking whom he may devour

and you my beloved are in his sights do

not underestimate the gravity of this

situation the enemy of your soul is

cunning and Relentless and he will stop

at nothing to lead you astray he

whispers lies and to your ears tempting

you with empty promises of pleasure and

power he seeks to Blind you to the truth

of my love and to lead you down a path

of Despair and destruction but fear not

for I am with you always ready to extend

my hand of protection and deliverance I

long to gather you under my wings like a

mother hen gathers her chicks shielding

you from harm and guiding you safely

home home yet I cannot force you to come

to me the choice is yours alone to make

my child I implore you to heed my

warning and to turn to me with all your

heart do not allow the cares and

distractions of this world to keep you

from seeking my presence draw near to me

in prayer and meditation for in my

presence there is fullness of joy and

peace that surpasses all standing open

your heart to receive my truth and allow

my word to be a lamp unto your feet and

a light unto your path know that you are

not alone in this spiritual battle I

have given you the armor of

righteousness and the sword of the

spirit to stand firm against the schemes

of the evil one call upon my name and I

will give you strength to resist

temptation and to overcome every

obstacle Le that stands in your way do

not delay my child for the time is short

and the days are evil choose this day

whom you will serve and let your life be

a beacon of light in a world shrouded in

darkness remember that I have overcome

the world and in me you have Victory I

love you more than you can ever imagine

and I long to Lavish my grace and mercy

upon you come to me my child and find

Refuge In My Embrace for in me alone

will you find true peace purpose and

everlasting life amen

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