God Says: You Have My Goodness And Mercy | God’s Message Now | God Daily Message

in the Bible David was known as a man

after God’s Own Heart what kind of

attitude did he have here in Psalm he

says goodness and mercy are following me

David lived with an attitude of

expectancy one translation says God’s

kindness chases me everywhere that I go

David’s attitude was something good is

going to happen to me everywhere I go I

know God’s blessings are chasing me

favor is following me around no wonder

he saw God’s goodness no wonder he

overcame his obstacles and accomplished

great dreams he knew good things were

chasing after him do you know what’s

chasing you right now not debt not

failure not mediocrity not defeat not

lack not at all you are a child of the

most high God you have been crowned with

favor you have been redeemed from Every

curse God has set you apart as his own

special treasure when you look back in

your your rearview mirror you’d better

get ready because you have a tailgator

there’s something coming toward you at a

high rate of speed you know what it is

blessings favor Supernatural

opportunities restoration Divine

connections God’s goodness and mercy

following you all the days of your life

a prayer for today father thank you for

your abundant grace and mercy today I

look for your goodness I look for your

favor and blessings I set my heart on

you show me your love in a new way today

in jesus’ name amen like if you believe



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