God Says : YOU HAVE DONE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE ⚠️‼️ DON’T IGNORE | God Message Today | God Message

Welcome to The Miraculous

Journey this is a special message just

for you pay attention for the next

minutes and don’t stop listening your

life is about to take a big leap after

hearing this message from God make sure

you watch the entire video because every

word Spoken Here is like a path to your

bright future if you’re ready type

God is saying to you come my

beloved child and rest with me for a

while there are important things we need

to talk about regarding the path you’ve

been on you’ve been wandering in circles

trapped in cycles that I didn’t plan for

you I see the tiredness in your eyes and

the fading hope in your soul but don’t

lose heart your days of wandering are

coming to an end right now you stand at

a Crossroads a crucial point in your

story if you’re a child of God the time

has come for you to decide will you

continue on the tresome trail you’ve

always known or will you take the hand

and God is extending to guide you onto a

promising Road think about the path

behind you scattered with unfulfilled

dreams and hearts left wanting how long

have you walked on tracks not planned

for you following paths laid out by

others it’s time to choose a new

Direction say I’m abundant to welcome

abundance into your life the enemy might

tempt you with shortcuts that seem right

but lead to ruin those are just mirages

false hopes that leave you thirsty you

may have found your yourself at dead

ends lost and bewildered but don’t sink

into despair freedom is close at hand

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