God Says : You are picked for a Miracle | God message jesus |

my beloved child today let’s talk about

something really important on your

spiritual journey it’s about having

faith and trust which are like strong

pillars holding you up when life gets

tough Faith isn’t just a passing feeling

it’s a strong belief that helps you see

through even the darkest times it means

believing even when you can’t see

everything clearly knowing you’re never

alone trust is like Faith’s best body it

keeps you going even when everything

seems to be going great it reminds you

that there’s a bigger plan at work even

if you can’t figure it all out right

now both faith and trust get stronger

when you connect with something bigger

than yourself like through prayer or

thinking deeply hits like doing

exercises for your belief and confidence

muscles so when doubts or fears creep in

don’t let them bring you down your true

self isn’t decided by what others think

or what’s happening around

you it’s all about an unwavering love

inside you if you ever feel lost listen

to that quiet voice inside you it’ll

guide you back to where you need to

be comment faith if you trust in God

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