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my beloved child let’s talk in depth

because I’m always here for you and care

about what you’re going through dear one

you often worry when you think about

things when you shouldn’t you have been

given a wonderful skill the ability to

notice your own thoughts you can then

keep an eye on your thoughts and choose

what to do about them while saving your

mental and emotional

energy think about this

timing is very important worries are

easy to form when you think about

certain things at the wrong times like

when you’re lying in bed to fight this I

want you to pay close attention to your

thoughts when you’re really upset don’t

let your anxious thoughts take over

instead stop them and think about

something else train your mind so that

you worry less and worship more this

path leads to freedom but it takes

constant work when worrying thoughts

come into your mind at the wrong time

and there’s nothing you can do about

them act quickly say to yourself not now

and focus on me show your trust and love

for me by coming close to me this is

worship dear one know this my love will

never end and my mercies are endless

starting over every morning I know how

hard it is for you to believe this truth

especially since your pain and problems

don’t seem to go away but I’m here right

now ready to help you get through this

day accepting this truth can mean the

difference between just getting by and

giving up in despair I find it easy to

trust in my unwavering love on days when

things look pretty good but when

problems come up out of the blue

trusting me takes more work during these

times remember that every morning brings

new mercies remember that as you get

ready for the day I have dressed you in

my robe of righteousness to save you now

now you are on the way to Glory this

amazing Act of Mercy saved you from

Despair and put you on the path to

eternal life remember that I watch over

everyone who loves me take comfort in

this promise that I will watch over you

especially when things are hard because

you love me this promise is for you

although loving me doesn’t make you safe

the people who love me are the ones who

belong to me and are in my care they

love me back because I love them even

the bravest adults may cry out for their

parents’ help when they are in great

danger or feel hopeless this is a

natural reaction that comes from

remembering times when you were scared

as a child it’s normal to want to be

protected by someone bigger and stronger

you can be sure that I will always watch

over you like a Shepherd watches over

his sheep trust that I am with you even

though you may feel alone and unsafe at

times feel free to talk to me and pour

out your heart this will let you know

that I am watching over you and loving

you know that I am always there for you

a safe place to go when things go wrong

to feel better when life storms are

happening around you take shelter under

the protection I offer you may feel

exposed and open to Life’s risks

sometimes but that’s only when you leave

my protective arms and try to face the

world on your own you forget the most

important truth which is that I am with

you all the time in those moments the

fear you feel is like an alarm that

reminds you of what has happened the

answer is easy come to me for safety and

because I am your Shepherd it is part of

my Divine duty to keep you safe I am

alert and know exactly what is in store

for you on your path I see dangerous

situations coming and get you ready to

deal with them when there is trouble a

Good Shepherd can often handle it so

well that his sheep don’t even notice so

be smart about who you choose to be your

Shepherd I am the only good shepherd if

you follow me and my ways I will keep

you safe from harm and fear share this

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