God Says : You Are Loved, Valued, and Precious | God message jesus |

my dear child today I want to tell you

something important filled with love and

hope since the very beginning I’ve been

with you every step of the way through

all the good times and the tough times

everything you’ve experienced has shaped

who you

are I want you to know this you are

loved valued and really important

to me nothing can take away how special

you are you’re a unique person with a

big role in the

world even when things get hard and

confusing remember that you’re never

alone I’m right here holding your hand

and helping you through it all you’re a

big part of my love story with

Humanity your talent passions and dreams

aren’t accidents they’re gifts from me

and they all have a part to play in your

life’s purpose embrace them they’re what

make you

you in a world where it’s easy too

forget how amazing you are remember this

you’re incredibly precious you don’t

have to be like anyone else because

you’re already perfect just as you

are if you believe in God’s blessings

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