God Says: You Are Created To Thrive | God’s Daily Message | Daily Message From God

dear friend so many people today are

living in survival mode they have a

mentality that says if I can just make

it through or if I can just get by of

course there are some Seasons that are

more difficult than others sometimes

it’s challenging to get a vision for the

future but if you are constantly living

with a survival mentality you are

missing out on God’s best scripture

doesn’t say Jesus came so you could

survive no says that he came to give you

a full Abundant Life if you are living

in survival mode right now I believe

that today can be your turning point if

you’ll take a step of faith and begin to

declare my days of survival are over my

days of thriving have begun then I

believe God will meet your faith I

believe he will open an unexpected door

he’ll pour out his favor and blessing on

you he’ll make a way where there seems

to be be no way even if you’re in a

tough time right now remember tough

times don’t last but the word of the

Lord stands forever begin to declare

what God says about your circumstances

because you are created for more than to

just get by you are created to thrive a

prayer for today Father God thank you

for giving me Abundant Life through

Jesus Christ I believe that you have a

good plan for my future I declare that

my days have th driving have begun as I

continue to put my faith and trust in

you alone in jesus’ name amen like if

you believe in



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