God Says : YOU ARE BLESSED MY CHILD | God message jesus | jesus love |

my beloved child the devil is attempting

to Lad you away from this video but if

you stay connected to me I will remove

all the difficulties from your life this

will truly happen amidst swirling

uncertainties and challenges I bring you

a comforting reminder you are under my

loving gaze held within my face

understand I am not aloof or unfeeling

but a dedicated Guardian who holds you

dear my favor upon you stems not from

your achievements but from my boundless

love your worth lies not in worldly

accolades but in your inherent identity

as my creation my cherished one you

stand out Irreplaceable and beloved even

when adversity looms my desire acts as a

shield encircling you ensuring you are

never isolated in your trials it

signifies my commitment to steer you

through difficulties and to optimize

everything for your benefit even when

the path seems obscured embrace the

Tranquility that comes from knowing my

desire let your anxieties and fears

dissipate you need and te earn my

affection it is already yours have faith

in this Truth for serenity and Assurance

type on and if you believe in Lord Lord


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