God Says: Will You Open The Door For Me | God Message Now | God’s Message Today

my friend are you waiting for God to do

something in your life one thing I’ve

learned is that waiting should not be a

passive thing when we’re waiting the

correct way we’re on the lookout we talk

like what we are believing for is going

to happen we act like it’s going to

happen we’re making preparations it’s

just like When You’re Expecting someone

for dinner you don’t wait until they

show up before you decide to start

cooking most likely you start early in

the day you make sure the house is clean

you go to the grocery store and make

maybe buy some flowers for the table you

make preparations because you’re

expecting someone well that’s the

attitude we need to have while we’re

waiting for God’s promises to come to

pass as you put actions behind your

prayers your faith comes alive and opens

the door for God to move mightily on

your behalf a prayer for today Father I

choose to put actions behind my faith

today I trust that you are at work in my

life I Will Wait the right way with

expect y knowing that you are leading me

into the path you have for me in jesus’


amen like if you believe in


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