God Says, Will You Make The Devil Super Happy By Ignoring Me? | God message jesus |

reflect my child on the greater things

that require your attention do not frat

over scenarios that may never come to

pass for I am watching over you have

faith and uplift your spirits kneel or

simply stay where you are close your

eyes and Express gratitude for your

family work and health sometimes you

need not even ask but I Delight in your

requests I encourage you to ask with

unwavering confidence without doubt my

ear is attentive and my angels stand

ready to serve you you are my cherished

child and I am the one who Graces your

life with Mercy do not hesitate to ask

of me I eagerly await your petitions I

will provide you with the finest

blessings overflowing and holy in my


timing I am acutely aware of your

struggles worries and emotions I closely

monitor your needs desires and Sorrows I

am present when you shed tears

experience discouragement or feel the

pangs of loneliness rest assured I shall

never release your hand I know you need

me once more

today not long long ago you cried out my

God where are you today I offer you a

sign to reassure you of my athetic

presence as you prepare for what lies

ahead persist in your daily prayers

sense my proximity beside you and learn

to know me intimately I am your loving

father and my love is perfect when I

declare my love for you believe it for I

speak the

truth I love you deeply and I desire

your well-being your strength and your

enjoyment of each day of life that I

have granted you dedicate time to me

every day and also give your family

quality time and attention greet them

every morning with a smile and do not go

to bed angry with anyone

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