God Says, Watch This If You Want To See Me Smile Again! | God message jesus |

as you navigate life’s twist and turns

remember that I am your guide your

strength your wisdom and your peace I am

the friend who will never turn away who

will never grow weary of your company

will never fail you my promises are sure

my presence constant and my love

unchanging lean into this truth this

trust and find rest for your weary Soul

come to me in prayer not out of

obligation but with the eagerness of a

child coming home knowing they are loved

and welcomed just as they are share with

me not only your needs but your jws as

well let our relationship be dynamic

vibrant and lifegiving


remember the call to trust is not a call

to understand all the mysteries of the

universe but to know the one who holds

all things in his hands the one who is

the same yesterday today and

forever take heart in the richness of my

grace poured out for you on the cross

though I was rich I became became poor

so that through my poverty you might

become rich not in worldly wealth but in

the abundance of Life found in my

presence my peace and my

love so my beloved friend cast all your

anxiety upon me for I care for you more

deeply and you can fathom and every

uncertainty and every struggle

in every jaw and in every season trust

in me I am forever

faithful in the quietness of this moment

hear my voice of voice that spoke

creation into

existence yet Whispers intimately to

your heart know that you are not your

own for you were bought with the price

the most precious commodity of Heaven my


life as you awaken to the dawn of each

new day let your first breath be one of

remembrance for In The Garden of

Gethsemane in the agony of the cross it

was your name written upon my heart your

freedom I

proclaimed this gift of Salvation this

outpouring of divine love is not a

reward for the righteous but a treasure

for the repentant a sanctuary for The

Sinner a Beacon of Hope for the lost it

is the hand of the almighty extended to

those who realize their desperate need

for a

savior my invitation Echoes through time

and space across every ocean over every

Mountain come to me

all you who are weary and burdened and I

will give you rest the weight of sin is

a burden were never meant to carry my

sacrifice was the key to your

unshackling the dawn of your

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always guiding you sustaining you and

loving you beyond measure


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