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my dearest one I come to you today with gifts of Peace strength and insight your

heartfelt prayers have touched my heart deeply revealing the purity of your intentions you seek guidance and in

turning to me you have made a wise choice above all know that you are treasured just as you are I see your

imperfections yet I also recognize the sincerity in your heart your efforts to

grow to change your ways and to treat others with kindness do not go unn

noticed I have destined you for a life overflowing with blessings though

challenges may come they will not overwhelm you as you move forward before we progress on this

Divine path let’s cultivate a garden of positivity hit the like button to plant

seeds of inspiration and type Amen to witness the blossoming of collective Faith your engagement is the water that

nourishes our journey my spirit and teachings bestow upon you extraordinary wisdom

you are learning to make wise choices Discerning those who bring true peace from those who

deceive as you Journey forward you will stand firm in the face of adversity

empowered by my presence within you I am ready to pour out abundant blessings upon you rise and embrace your path for

I will surround you with those who will nurture your soul and Foster Harmony within your home yet be wary of those

who seek to seow doubt and Division among you and your loved ones while your faith is strong some in your family may

still Harbor skepticism through you I will demonstrate my love and extend hope

to them I grant you the strength and courage to care for your family with Grace and compassion always remember

your dependence on me seek me diligently and immerse yourself in my word and spirit in the depths of Despair always

remember there’s hope for you and your loved ones I promise to protect love guide and shower you with Abundant

Blessings your home will be wrapped in care and my affection now are you ready to embrace

my marvelous blessings with joy and unwavering Faith your endearing nature

captivates me especially in the way you connect with me closing your eyes in prayer I treasure those moments when

your heart fills with Divine happiness and joy which I lovingly impart to you

easing any pain or worry after our time together I want you to feel profoundly

loved you don’t have to carry sorrow or dwell on troubles my love for you is

immense and today you’ll feel its profoundness I’ll demonstrate it to you

declaring it with my mighty words if anyone tries to trouble you you’ll be filled instantly with my Divine love if

sadness touches you know that my comforting Embrace surrounds you wiping away your pain and filling your heart

with joy your loved ones will notice your happiness and Marvel at its source

while those who oppose you will step back recognizing their inability to shake you a Divine Shield of protection

encompasses you with Legions of angels guarding your home ensuring your family

safety always have complete trust in my love for you it’s genuine not just a

fleeting thought it’s as real as the air you breathe more potent and miraculous

than than anything you could imagine my beloved it is the depth of my love that sustains you offering life in its truest

form a gift beyond measure your daily expressions of gratitude Awakening each

morning to offer thanks and entrusting your life into my care beautifully reflect the profound Faith within you

even in the face of Doubt or mockery from others you remain steadfast holding

fast to belief in an omnipotent God unseen yet everpresent embodying unwavering devotion you are

keenly aware of my presence knowing that I watch over you attentively mindful of your every

need with the faith that resides within you you shall rise fully embracing the

truth of being a cherished child of the cosmic Creator walking each step with

unwavering confidence and a countenance radiant with joy my dear one your steadfast gratitude

deeply moves my heart tomorrow as the dawn breaks I eagerly await to unfold

you once more In My Embrace overflowing with love I understand the depth of your

love for your children they hold a precious place in my heart as well every aspect of them their names faces Hearts

thoughts desires mistakes struggles and dreams is inscribed in the book of my

understanding I share in your love for them never overlooking their significance to you I desire for you to

find peace and release the burden of worry regarding their choices if their paths cause you concern fret not over

matters beyond your control entrust your worries to me and focus on your own

Journey excessive worry drains your spirit and steals your peace preserve

your strength and Faith for I yearn for your prayers on their behalf the time has come to release what must be let go

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