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my beloved child you may be disappointed

saddened by past disappointments that

have shaken your confidence and even

left you disheartened but I ask you to

reflect who gave everything for you who

comforts you in difficult times who

fights alongside you it is I your God

the only one who is never ashamed of you

Others May pray for you but only I have

the power to Grant true and Lasting

happiness trust in my Providence my

child for I am the god who makes the

impossible happen The God Who turns

tears into Smiles The God Who guides the

steps of those who place their trust in

me do not seek blessings in the wrong

places nor surrender to empty promises

of Love share your deepest secrets with

me for I bless you not because you are

perfect but because of your profound

love and commitment while you are on

earth call upon me through your prayers

through your moments of Faith moments

when you enter into spiritual connection

with me

I can hear you and will give you all the

answers you have been seeking I want to

bless you deeply for you deserve an

eternal reward you yearn for immediate

answers for quick Solutions but I tell

you trust in me even when the path seems

cloudy for I am in control of everything

and the less you expect the more you

will encounter something Divine

happening in your life for that is my

desire my beloved do not be afraid for I

am here to tell you that you are already

blessed by me the challenges Weighing on

you now will soon be overcome for my

Providence is firm over your life

bringing the assurance that I care for

you with infinite love I invite you to

contemplate the words of Psalm The

Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he

makes me lie down in Green Pastures he

leads me beside Still Waters he restores

my soul he leads me in Paths of

righteousness for his name sake even

though I walk through the valley of the

shadow of death I will fear no evil for

you are with me your rod and your staff

they comfort me you prepare a table

before me in the presence of my enemies

you anoint my head with oil my cup

overflows surely goodness and mercy

shall follow me all the days of my life

and I shall dwell in the house of the


forever in times of distress and

affliction remember that I am the god

who prep prepars a table even before

your enemies who anoints your head with

oil and makes your cup overflow with my

grace just as the psalmist trusted in my

Providence allow me also to take care of

you guiding your steps in the paths of

righteousness and love for in me you

will find refuge and comfort even in the

darkest moments trust in my promises for

they are firm and true let me be your

Shepherd your guide the one who walks

alongside you in all the circumstances

of Life Trust in my love and power which

are greater than any obstacle you may

face I am always with you blessing you

and strengthening your spirit I

acknowledge your struggles but I also

desire for you to overcome them drying

your tears and coming to me with

confidence wherever you may be just

close your eyes call out to me and I

will answer whether in moments of

Despair or in

silence Miracles begin when your faith

is ignited seek in my words the sacred

promise that if you believe in me and

fill your heart with my word you will

see great Miracles through your faith

and prayers making them a reality ask me

and I will give to you plead for the

sick and I will heal them rebuke

financial troubles and storms dispel

disputes and animosities from your home

speak my word with reverence and Faith

for no Miracle is beyond my reach start

the day with a renewed Spirit it is time

for positivity faith above all to let

your thoughts be tranquil to dissipate

negativity and to persistently dedicate

yourself to seeking me regardless of

circumstances there will never be a lack

of Hope for you and your family I will

always be present for whatever you need

move forward despite

setbacks if something goes wrong from

here on out keep your head held high and

your faith strengthened for it is merely

an obstacle to be overcome and I will be

ready to help you find a way always know

that I am your loving father your

companion who walks beside you in every

situation my dear child I will act in my

own time and according to my will many

of the things you urgently pray for will

be granted I assure you this will happen

but you must be patient and wait just

like a seed planted in the ground that

over time

grows and Blossoms into a beautiful

Majestic flower likewise many of the

seeds you have planted will flourish

turning into wonderful Miracles that

will strengthen your faith and leave you

amazed I ask that you have patience wait

and obey me do not be afraid do not be

discouraged stand firm but also Rest in

Me and wait for the miraculous works I

will perform in your life when the time

comes you will see them clearly as the

day approaches you will feel my presence

and notice subtle changes then

unexpectedly when you least expect it

you will be surprised by the joy that

will overflow from your lips by the

laughter that will fill your mouth and

by the supernatural peace and joy that

will flood your being before your eyes

remarkably the miracle you have been

waiting for will come true feed on my

word for therein lies your strength and

hope seek me daily and dedicate moments

alone with me in your room in the

Silence of prayer persistent prayer is a

war a battle a demanding task for those

seeking miracles in their lives and the

lives of those they love keep praying

for I will surround you with my presence

embrace you tenderly and continue to

manifest my love for you wait patiently

for I am here to help you overcome your

problems to conquer discouragement to

focus on the future and to persist

without losing faith so that you may

Triumph and prosper trust in me for I am

your heavenly father feel free to talk

to me and share your needs I love you

deeply and every morning I eagerly await

you to wake up and tell me with your

thoughts that you need me and love me

your words of Love Rise Like The Morning

Sun to my Throne filling your life your

family and your home with my protective

love I know you’re going through through

tough times battling against contrary

winds threatening to steer you off

course but know that in me in my

sovereign Providence you will find the

strength to overcome all adversities

listen closely and make this

life-changing decision choose to seek me

to trust in me and to be strong in your

decisions just as Daniel in the Lion’s

Den just as David facing Goliath just

like so many other Sons and Daughters

who Trust Ed in me and saw the

impossible become possible you too can

place your trust in my unwavering

faithfulness fear not doubt not for I am

the god who makes the mountains tremble

and the stars dance in their orbits I am

the god who turns sadness into Joy pain

into healing hopelessness into renewed

hope so lift your head and fix your eyes

on the light shining beyond the dark

clouds for in my presence there is no

shadow that cannot be dispelled no

problem that cannot be solved no pain

that cannot be comforted trust in me

with every breath with every heartbeat

for I am the god who knows your

innermost thoughts who searches the

depths of your soul with love and

compassion I hope that from now on your

faith will be strengthened renewing your

hope and restoring your confidence in my

unfailing Providence keep moving forward

knowing that I am faithful to fulfill

all my promises in your life my beloved

preparing a future full of Hope and

blessings I am the Lord your God and I

Am with You amen if you believe in these

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blessings for your life thank you

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