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Lord wants to talk to you today sweet

child disappointments human beings

coming toward you a poor scientific

document do not get discouraged that is

a signal that you are shifting in the

direction of your end

line the enemy turned into first

straight are you commenced however when

you commenced to make development you

bought his attention it is while he

threw out a few limitations and demanded

situations where you care warn him as he

thought you’ll Supply up after the first

few problems he notion you would get

disgraced while that pal turned on you

when you misplaced that customer whilst

your child got in problem however rather

you toward shifting ahead thanking me am

on top of things

thanking me for preventing your battles

saying every morning no weapon fashion

towards me will prosper because of this

I will pass before you and open doorways

no man can close and shower you with

advantages restoration and breakthroughs

the high quality is but to come

back like this Divine video if you’re

belief is

determination remember Psalm

says God sets the loneliness and

families he leads out the prisoners with

making a song with the rebellious stay

in a sun-scorched

land dear child I understand that there

are times while you feel worn out

discouraged and prepared to

surrender but I need to assure you that

I will constantly be through your facet

giving you the staying power to preserve

going and the resilience to overcome any

barriers on your

route you are capable of so much extra

than you recognize and I believe for

your capability to persevere by even the

hardest of times trust in my love for


and realize that I will in no way give

you extra than you could cope

with I will give you the electricity to

Bear the braveness to hold go and the

resilience to Upward thrust above any

challenges you may

face God claims right amen if you accept


agility remember that every step you

take every impediment you overcome

and every moment of perseverance is a

testimony for your inner

electricity and

determination You Are by no means by

myself in your adventure and I will

continually be here to comfort and


you may my enduring love and resilience

deliver you peace and luxury to your

adventure trust in me my toddler and

understand that I am always here for you

supplying you with the power to

persevere via it

all affirm God I know it Smiles your

will that I develop robust in my

religion I want to reach my complete

potential help me to push through the

doors of opportunity that you open for

me no matter what holds me back thank

you for challenging me to live a

existence of victory in jesus’ name

amen type amen if you have faith in

God God wisdom I am perpetually with you

taking care of you that is the most

critical truth of your existence I am

not restrained by means of time or space

my preserve with you is a for all time

promise you need not wor the Destiny for

I am already there when you make that

Quantum Leap into eternity you will find

me expecting you in heaven your future

is in my fingers I release it to you

daily Moment by way

moment therefore do now not worry

approximately tomorrow I want you to

live at the moment abundantly seeing all

there is to see doing all there is to do

don’t be dis tracted by means of future

worries leave them to me each day of

Lifestyles as a glorious gift but so few

humans recognized the way to stay within

the confines of nowadays much of their

energy for ample living spills over the

timeline into tomorrow’s issues or


regrets their closing energy is is

enough only for limping via the day not

for residing it to the full I am

training you to keep your cognizance on

my presence in the gift this is a way to

acquire Apple life which flows freely

from my throne of

grace come to me with all your

weaknesses physical emotional and

spiritual rest inside the consolation of

my presence remember bring that not

anything is not possible with

me pray your thoughts far from your

issues so that you can recognition your

interest on me recall that I am able to

do immediately greater than all you ask


consider instead of looking to direct me

to do this and that are seeking to

attune yourself to what I am already

doing when tension attemp s to wedgits

way into your mind remind yourself that

I am your

Shepherd the backside line is that I am

looking after you there for you needn’t

be afraid of something rather than

looking to maintain manage over your

Lifestyles abandon yourself to my will

though this can feel frightening even

risky the safest place to be is in my

will type love you heavenly father

now sometimes human beings get

distracted with the aid of what they

bear in mind to be a drawback or

weakness in their lives it may be

something about their Persona or looks

that they do not

like or perhaps they have been through

an unfair situation a divorce a bad

business deal or a terrible smash we all

have things which can feel like hazards

matters that make it tougher on

us it may additionally also be a bodily

handicap and you can’t get around such

as you used to but just because you have

a drawback just do to the fact you’ve

been through a difficult time doesn’t

imply you’re intended to take a seat and

settle in which you

God nonetheless has something amazing

with a purpose to do he wants to expose

himself sturdy in hand via you and he’s

given you his holy spirit to equip you

in this lifestyle today that the Holy

Spirit help you whilst you feel

susceptible let him Empower you with

reality with a purpose to set you loose

stay in religion and do not get negative

towards yourself or your future let God

take what you think is a liability and

flip it into an

asset let him take what you suspect as a

disadvantage and turn it around to be in

benefit remember you’re greater than a

conquer nowadays and every day due to

the fact he is robust in

you if you have confidence in Lord

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people God says certain matters that are

going on then your existence are

preparing you for the blessing that I

have for you you understand


David before he became the king he

became a Shepherd boy the matters that

he did at the time of looking after the

Sheep had simplest more Ed him for the

matters that have been going to appear

in his

existence in the same manner even for

your existence all matters are occurring

for a purpose and for a motive have

religion in me I actually have a plan

for you in the proper time will do it to


existence my child when you want a

solution as I am devoted to provide you

a solu ution so I will supply it to you

without delay whilst you

asked if I failed to deliver a solution

nonetheless it certainly a approach you

could move ahead via trusting me and

knowing that I am with you and knowing

the uncertainty of who I am and what I


do if we confess our sins he’s faithful

and simply to forgive us our sins and to

cleanse us from all

unrighteousness John

typ how man if you accept God

blessings dear listeners let’s join our


together gracious Lord lately the whole

thing around me appears to be falling

aside and I don’t know what to do it’s

like them drowning and I cannot scream

for help because I don’t need to let the

water in so I experience helpless

hopeless and

terrify sometimes it’s like I cannot go

any in addition and different instances

I feel like I don’t need to preserve

going sometimes I’m just numb and

different instances I’m so sad enter

that my soul

cries so come to you Lord save me for I

am drowning help me get out of this

stoop fill up my coronary heart with joy

God please shine you’re mild on

me give me courage Supply me power

deliver me hope Supply me joy give me

peace deliver me confidence help me to

feel your love and presence in my

existence in Jesus call amen

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