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dear friend when we live in peace and

unity it pleases God when we love and

serve others putting their needs above

our own we are honoring him when we

carry each other’s burdens we are

fulfilling the law of Christ which is to

love others what does it mean to carry

each other’s burdens there are many ways

to reach out to people and help shoulder

their load so to speak just by giving an

encouraging word or smile you can help

lighten the load for someone when you

pray and intercede for others in their

day of difficulty you are helping to

carry their burdens maybe there are

other ways to help the people around you

maybe you can pay for someone’s

groceries or give someone cash at the

gas pump anytime you help others and

reach out to those in need Scripture

says you are directly lending a hand to

God himself today look for ways to

lighten the load for the people around

you be a burden lifter remember in God’s

kingdom what you sow you shall reap when

you help others God promises to repent

pay you he’ll pour out his victory and

blessing on you all the days of your

life a prayer for today Father I want to

fulfill your law of Love by serving and

helping others show me how to be a

blessing to the people around me so that

I can help carry their burdens in Jesus

name amen like if you believe in God

2 thoughts on “God Says: This Message Has Been Trying To Reach You | God Urgent Message |”

  1. The real God my Father in heaven my three in one I love you I hope you know that I take care of Diana Baker for me please amen

  2. amen thank you for saving me i am in your debt I love you God so much for everything in my life i know you’re loving and i don’t really deserve it, i’m sorry for saying the wrong things


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