God Says, This Is Your Ultimate Last Day If You Chose To Ignore Me

in the ordinary acts of daily living in

the simple tasks that shape your day I

am there whether you’re typing away at

your keyboard crafting with your hands

or planning for what lies ahead invite

me into your endeavors ask for my wisdom

for my guidance for I am here to lighten

your burdens and illuminate your path

as you face the mountains of tasks and

The Cloud of doubt that troud your path

remember that I am the guide who clears

the fog making your way forward clear

and bright speak to me my beloved for I

am here to make your journey smooth and

your burdens

light super thanks for your commitment

to growth to together we’ll walk this

path with hearts open to the symphony of

creation join our Channel membership to

deepen your connection to the


Divine in the moments of Celebration In

The Valleys of Shadow and uncertainty I

am with you my light shines brightest in

the darkness leading you through

comforting you with my presence Rejoice

for you are never alone never without my

watchful eye and loving

heart know that your journey is not

solitary my beloved I have gifted you

fellow Travelers brothers and sisters to

walk alongside you to share your burdens

and JS in loving one another you

experience the fullness of my love love



you super thanks for your companionship

your presence enriches our shared path

join our Channel membership to deepen

your connections and spread the light of

love as you continue to walk the path

laid before you woke from me talk to me

lean on me I am here always ready always

willing to show you the depth of my love

the power of my might and the tenderness

of my

care super thanks for your commitment to

our journey together we’ll discover new

heights of joy and fulfillment join our

Channel membership to access exclusive

teachings and blessings

my beloved cast all your anxieties on me

for I care for you more deeply than you

can fathom in every uncertainty and

every struggle and every Joy trust in me

for I am forever

faithful in the quietness of this moment

hear my voice intimately whispering to

your heart know that you’re not not your

own for you were bought with the price

the precious commodity of Heaven my very

life super thanks for your presence your

openness to Divine guidance enriches our

collective experience join our Channel

membership to receive personalized

support and


insights as you open your eyes to the

new mercies of the morning remember the

sacrifice made for your Redemption

embrace the dawn of your freedom for it

is a treasure beyond measure a sanctuary

for the soul a Beacon of Hope for the

loss super thanks for embracing Your

Divine inheritance your Awakening

enriches the tapestry of creation join

our Channel membership to explore the

depth of your potential hand purpose

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