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beloved child you see I know your

struggles and your Sorrows I know the

burdens that weigh heavily upon your

shoulders and the silent tears that fall

in the Solitude of the night I know for

I have felt them in the very fabric of

my being in your pain I am there

offering solace in your joy I am there

celebrating with you and in every moment

between I am the constant the Eternal

the way that leads you through the

winding Paths of Life think upon the

lies of the field how they grow they

toil not neither do they spin yet even

Solomon in all his glory was not AR raid

like one of these if I so clothe the

grass which today is and tomorrow is

cast into the oven shall I not much more

clothe you oh you of little faith

therefore take no thought saying what

shall we eat or what shall we drink or

wherewith All Shall we be clothed for

your heavenly father knows that you need

all these things but seek first the

kingdom of God and his righteousness and

all these things shall be added unto you

as I taught my disciples I am the truth

that pierces the darkness of Deceit and

the life that invigorates the weary soul

in me you find a Wellspring of joy that

never runs dry for I am the treasure

that encompasses all Treasures the pearl

of great price for which one sells all

they have to possess it this truth can

indeed simplify your life life if you

let it take root in your heart when the

complexities of life entangle you

remember that I am the answer to every

question the peace in every storm my

child in your Pursuit of Happiness and

satisfaction look no further than the

one who formed you knows you and loves

you unconditionally come to me dear one

just as you are with your fears your

flaws your dreams and your hopes share

your life with me your everyday moments

and Monument mental Milestones let me be

your strength and Solace the steadfast

companion on this journey called life

there is no need for pretense or

perfection in my presence for I have

Loved You at Your Darkest and rejoice

over you with singing as you continue to

walk with me Let My Words dwell in you

richly guiding and shaping your path

remember remember that I am the way the

only path to the Father the only truth

that sets you free the only life worth

living and when the Shadows lengthen and

the Twilight of your days on Earth

approaches fear not for I am the

resurrection who will raise you up on

the last day to dwell in my house

forever as you go forth this day carry

this assurance in your heart that

nothing in all creation can separate you

from my love no height nor depth nor

anything else in all creation will be

able to separate you from the love of

God that is in Christ Jesus our our Lord

Rejoice for I Am With You Always even to

the End of the Age rest in my love for

you are precious in my sight and honored

and I love you therefore do not let your

heart be troubled neither Let It Be

Afraid abide in my love as I have

overcome the world in this world you

will have tribulation but be of good

cheer I have overcome the world so take

heart my child for I have called You by

name you are mine rejoice as you Journey

with me the way who guides you always

and the resurrection who gives you

eternal life in your moments of Doubt

when you find yourself questioning your

worth or your ability to face the

challenges ahead remember that you are

not alone I am with you not as a distant

Observer but as an active presence in

your life there is no corner of your

mind where my love cannot reach no

shadow of your heart that my light

cannot illuminate when you look at

yourself and see only

imperfections I see a reflection of my

own image the image I lovingly crafted

with my own hands do you see how the

birds of the air neither sow nor reap

yet they are provided for they do not

fret about tomorrow for they trust in my

care how much more will I care for you

oh you of little faith you who are made

in my image you who I I have redeemed

and called by name you are precious in

my sight when the worries of this life

weigh you down and you find your own

resources lacking look to me it is in

your weakness that my strength is made

perfect a whisper a breath a heartbeat

turned towards me is enough to draw upon

my Infinite Strength do not be like

those who stockpile their faith

rationing it out in measured portions

fearful it will run out my abundance is

a neverend ending Wellspring you cannot

overdraw from the bank of my

faithfulness open your heart wider and

see if I will not pour out so much

blessing that there will not be room

enough to store it we will journey

toward the Horizon of Eternity and with

each Sunrise we will draw closer to the

Glorious Day when you will step into the

fullness of my presence where Joy is

endless and life is

complete so my precious one step forward

into this day into this life with the

knowledge that you are never alone and

that The Best Is Yet To Come for in me

you are new you are loved and you are

forever held within the bounds of my

eternal Grace in your moments of

Stillness and the hustle of your daily

Endeavors whisper to me your desire for

a heart more reflective of gratitude

when the sun kisses The Horizon at dawn

or sets in a blaze of glory glory at

dusk Let each be a reminder to you to

offer thanks brighten your day

illuminate your spirit by beckoning me

to amplify your thankfulness for it is

in this practice that your heart unfurls

and finds its way to mine look around

you beloved in the mundane and the

Magnificent seek my countenance in the

laughter of a child or the comfort of a

friend recognize my touch in the

steadfastness of the mountains and the

gentle caress of the breeze sense my

steadfast presence your gratitude once

awakened becomes the lens through which

you can discern my hand at work painting

your life with Strokes of my divine

grace acknowledge me your God in the

fine tapestry of your existence the

subtle Hues and bold colors all woven

together by my hand take the time to

behold the array of blessings I have

scattered on your path from the tiniest

de drop to the vastness of the ocean and

let your hearts swell with thanks for

each one this rhythm of recognition and

gratitude will serenade your soul with

joy and tune your spirit to the

frequency of my goodness and in the

moments when the path you tread seems

fraught with uncertainty when the stones

Beneath Your Feet shift and threaten to

trip you up reach for my hand with trust

to develop this trust engage in the

discipline of declaring your faith in me

amidst The Tempest your your confidence

in my unfailing love is not just a

shield but a forward March that propels

you through the thickest mirrors of life

when doubt seeks to darken your door let

your Proclamation be Lord I trust in

your unfailing love it is a potent

invocation a beacon of truth that

dispels the shadows and anchors you in

my eternal care each utterance is a step

closer to me each declaration A Stitch

in the fabric of our relationship woven

tightly with threads of trust rejoice in

me your God for I am ever present a

constant in the variable equation of

life I am the rock on which you can

build your life unshakable and immovable

your gratitude and Trust are offerings

that please me sweet fragrances that

rise from a life lived in harmony with

my will remember dear one that your

journey through this world is not a

solitary Trek but a shared Voyage with

me your awareness of my presence is like

a vessel that captures the rain it

gathers the Waters of my love and

quenches The Thirst of your soul let

thankfulness and Trust be the twin stars

that guide you through the night leading

you to the dawn of my eternal

day so take heart and lift your eyes to

the heavens from where your help comes

rejoice in the beauty of creation the

wonders of life and the the blessings

that shower upon you and in this space

of gratitude let trust flourish creating

a sanctuary within you where my spirit

can dwell well and where you can truly

know the depth of my love that spans

from here to Eternity for you are my

beloved the one for whom I gave it all

and in your praise your thanks and your

steadfast trust you honor me so walk

boldly live joyfully and love profoundly

knowing that in every breath and every

step I am with you now and forever more

as you dwell upon these words and let

them gently caress the depths of your

soul remember that I the Lord your God

am intimately acquainted with every

facet of your existence I am the

resurrection and the life a declaration

of profound hope that transcends the

boundaries of Earthly understanding

don’t be like those who speak of my love

but don’t truly believe it they are too

preoccupied with the judgments of others

and submit to the punishments and Scorn

imposed upon them many want to impose

their selfish thinking upon you they

claim to love you but seek to take from

you they follow impossible rules that

they themselves don’t follow they wear

Robes of righteousness and false

Holiness considering themselves Superior

to you no matter what you do in their

eyes you always end up as the one at

fault the guilty one I call you to total

freedom tonight you will sleep in peace

and and my holy spirit will speak to you

I will heal your soul and mind Breaking

All the chains that have bound you and

when you awaken in the morning you will

be free forever your happiness will no

longer depend on people’s opinions at

last you will be who you truly are a

wise intelligent child of mine with a

gentle perseverant and courageous Spirit

you will be filled with vibrant powerful

and unwavering Faith lean on me in your

darkest moments when people offend you

and hurt your feelings when everything

around you seems to darken and you feel

like there’s no reason to go on you are

mine and I want you to Aspire to greater

things don’t settle for living in a

corner crying beneath that roof where

you only endure contempt but I love you

I will help you forgive you and restore

you I can offer you a better future with

powerful gifts and talents peace joy and

health take your rightful place Stand

Tall with dignity you are a protected

Prince or princess eternally guarded by

your Mighty Heavenly Father speak it

from your heart my child tell me I

Believe In You beloved father I hold a

miracle with your name in my hands a

matter that you and I both know will be

resolved even your own family will be

astonished those who secretly look down

upon you and openly criticized you will

kneel before you seeking forgiveness for

the pain they caused you they did not

respect you they missed the opportunity

they were seeking when they rejected you

I will lead you to a better environment

I will Elevate you spiritually to a

place where there is no Strife or Envy

where true love still exists there they

will appreciate the gifts and talents I

have bestowed upon you enabling you to

grow and prosper do not fear Prosperity

I speak of provision peace happiness

health and family Harmony without debts


Sorrows from where I am I see your

miracle and it is so magnificent and

beautiful that when you witness it you

will recognize that it was worth it all

the suffering you endured your family

will understand that you were not wrong

when you told them to trust in the God

who loves them so deeply they will

repent with tears for having sinned

against me when you prayed for wisdom

wisom and strength and they scoffed at

you thinking you were mistaken but when

they witness my powerful response to

your prayers they will ask you for

forgiveness I have chosen you for

something special to be a true blessing

to your family and your nation not to

seek riches and popularity like those

who waste their time seeking the

approval of others and are willing to do

anything for Applause and praise you are

on a different path do not stoop to eat

the crumbs they offer you look up to my

Throne that is where you belong with

your perseverance and Faith you will

reach it and you will witness all the

promises I have made to you coming true

I will work miracles through you but do

not expect people to change if they

offer you money and Applause be content

with my love which is always by your

side and the peace I provide your

Miracle is held within my hands so my

child tell me do you want it yes or no

you have been tested and now it is time

for you to be blessed you have suffered

enough and have learned valuable lessons

from all you have experienced you were

Brave you faced unexpected hardships it

was not due to your mistakes but rather

the enemy’s attempt to shake you like

the wind shakes the wheat I am

accelerating the timing for you to

receive your blessings and the answers

you have been seeking the changes

occurring around you are for your

ultimate good prepare your heart and

mind mind open the doors of your home

and let my presence take its rightful

place as you hear me now know that your

life is about to change I understand

your needs even before you express them

but I desire your thoughts and desires

to be clear be certain of what you ask

of me know your wants and your

destination if you seek Victory it comes

at a price true Faith fervent prayer

hard work and personal SA sacrifice I

will grant you success that becomes an

eternal blessing for your family and for

you I will not give you anything that

brings sadness or separates you from me

I do not want your family to suffer due

to your absence I desire your success in

the world and your Shining Light in the

streets but when you return home

Darkness should not follow you forget

not those you love do not burden your

life with strife and do not sacrifice

your health I always always seek what is

best for you true peace unwavering Faith

a life of tranquility and freedom from

worldly concerns Earthly possessions are

fleeting you brought nothing into this

world and you will take nothing with you

but the love and affection you sow in

those who love you the faith you share

the help you extend to those in need

your unshakable faith and loyalty these

are the treasures that will bring you a

true spiritual reward

I will personally tell you come beloved

daughter beloved Son you were faithful

in the Small Things a great blessing I

have prepared for you and one day I will

place a crown upon your head with my own

hands I have the power to change times

and Seasons to transform hearts and to

set everything in its place so that you

may enjoy my blessings and leave your

Sorrows behind I’m at your doorstep

calling out to you open up I wish to

dwell in your home and I desire your

entire family to be filled with my

wondrous peace everything unjustly taken

from you will be returned multiplied

stand firm and do not accept defeat life

may have struck you people may have

betrayed you and they may wish to see

you fall but I your almighty God am with

you and I will not forsake you by my

grace my love and the strength I have

placed within your heart you will rise

you will stand tall like a courageous

Warrior those who seek to trouble you to

humiliate you and to defeat you will be

astounded when they witness all that I

will accomplish through you with their

eyes wide open they will see as I lead

you out of the desert into fertile land

where Miracles flourish you have faced

countless trials but the day of your

Prosperity has arrived I will heal your

ailments deliver you from captivity and

Grant you glorious Freedom hold on to

hope as if it were a precious treasure

remain rooted in my word for it is the

most valuable possession do not be

swayed by the empty murmurs of those who

Envy you when they see how I surround

you with blessings I will provide you

with honorable work food on your table

Abundant Health protection from Evil

faithful friendships and Harmony within

your family you will have marvelous

dreams and profound desires to live

persevere and Triumph always remember

this your age is of no consequence never

underestimate yourself do not use the

number of your years as an excuse I will

work great wonders in you because I love

you and nothing can thwart my plans you

have my unwavering support my love and

my faithfulness I desire your heart and

your loyalty prepare for a new

Supernatural life I love you for all

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