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you my beloved are different you have

changed your way of thinking but you are

still human and weariness may visit you

at times I understand this well which is

why I am here to rekindle your faith I

know that you feel my words deep in your

heart and you will believe them you will

heed my call and Stand Tall don’t give

up right now Victory is almost here you

will always be satisfied because I am

the only one who has the bread of life I

am where the Living Water that quenches

your thirst comes from no one else in

the universe can help you relax and take

your stress away many people pray for

you and I hear their prayers but I am

the one who gives you this spiritual

gift that has been planned for you since

the beginning of time you are the only

one who can bless you so don’t depend on

your own strength alone to get material

things do not give up when your finances

get tight and do not put all your faith

in temporary jobs or things that will go

bad in your heart know that I am and

always will be your Shepherd and

provider please do this for me listen to

my message every morning and then close

your eyes with Thanksgiving in your

heart for your life your family the

present and the future be thankful

because just as I overcame you can also

get through the bad things in this world

I give you beautiful gifts from my heart

my love my understanding my friendship

my happiness

my Holy Spirit my knowledge and my

safety so get up early and let your

praise flow freely motivated by your

loyalty I will always be there for you

and never want you to leave my side put

all of your trust in me I’m always ready

to hold you in my arms I pay close

attention to your prayers and cries

spread the hope you feel today and the

good things that are coming your way to

people who need them keep these gifts

close to your heart and stay away from

bad people they plan evil and set traps

for innocent people stealing from the

poor and making fun of the humble do not

get caught in the traps that the enemy

sets for people who live in the present

do not lose sight of the important

reason you were chosen I have taken away

your sadness and weariness today you

feel a supernatural strength rising up

inside you right now do not give up keep

going you can’t be stopped by anything

or anyone I’m not going to let you down

with each day that goes by I will make

you stronger continue my love because I

love you and will bless you the miracle

you’re hoping for will happen the

problem that’s bothering you will be

fixed your prayers have reached my

throne in heaven and I will soon answer

you but tell me what are you going to do

when it gets there don’t be like people

who get what they want and then forget

about the person who gave it to them my

only request is for your heart not your

things I don’t want gifts unless they

come from a sincere desire to be

thankful this is how your good fortune

will really grow you should be careful

if you get an answer to your prayer but

forget that God saved you and think that

you did everything on your own your

blessings will slowly die away like a

flower that doesn’t get enough water add

praise to your prayers and offer thanks

to my altar also value and be grateful

for everything you receive no matter how

small know this I’ll always give you

something much better than what you ask

for be brave dear one do not let fear

take hold I assure you your prayers are

being heard and the trials that have

burdened you will soon fade away do not

lose faith for you are not abandoned and

my promises will be fulfilled place your

trust in me for I Am by your side in

this battle even when you feel exhausted

and contemplate surrender remember that

it is precisely in these moments that

you must stand strong the obstacles in

your path will crumble soon but only if

you remain steadfast do not yield to

failure for the blessings that await you

are hidden behind every setback fight on

have faith persevere and keep moving

forward without

hesitation I speak these words to you

out of love for I want you to grasp the

beautiful future that awaits marvelous

things and new blessings are on the

horizon and you will rise to a holy and

Supernatural spiritual level setting an

example for your family let go of your

sadness and don’t let worry or thoughts

that will steal your peace take over

your mind or Soul protect your mind from

Bad Things by putting on the helmet of

Faith put on the breastplate of

righteousness to protect your heart and

pick up the sword of my holy word to

fight the battles that are coming get

ready for Spiritual battles

knowing that you will always win and

never lose know that I will pick you

back up even if you trip and fall take

on this Challenge and don’t let Stress

Control your future get the tools you

need to fight discouragement and fear

with all your heart say out loud that

you believe in me and are ready to

succeed today you and I are going to

talk I want to free you from all stress

and ease the burdens that you carry

around with you every day your life

needs to change your spirit needs to be

refreshed and happiness needs to become

more than a distant memory when I came

to talk to you it was because I want

your faith to grow please understand

that what you may think is hard or

impossible is completely possible for me

it’s important to accept the past as it

is since you can’t change it right now

is your life and the only time you can

be happy is right now do not give in to

the people who tried to keep you from

knowing me by spreading lies and false

information to stop your success and

make you believe you are not worth

anything allow yourself to let go of

those who have hurt you and forgive them

I promise that I will always be here for

you in your real battle believe what I

say because I always keep my word know

that I am with you every step of the way

even if things get hard there will be

storms but I will lead you to calmer

water believe in yourself and not be

afraid of what you might see I have

already made it possible for you to

succeed know that I have given you

everything you need to overcome problems

and reach your goals so start each day

with hope and courage you are stronger

than you think and my love gives you the

strength to handle any problem with

Grace and strength don’t forget to keep

your eyes on me as you go on your

journey ask me for help with everything

you do and I will show you the way let

go of the past and look for forward to

the future with faith because I have

great plans for you don’t give up when

things go wrong or take longer than

planned these are just chances to learn

and improve trust that I will know the

best time for you you will be rewarded

for your patience and your faith will

grow as you wait for me I’m always

planning things behind the scenes so

that they work out well for you I am

moving mountains for you even when you

can’t see it don’t give up my child keep

going with faith and determination

remember that you are never alone

through good times and bad there is

always someone by your side to cheer you

on and help you feel better if you need

help just lean on me I’ll get you

through it we will be able to get

through any problem and win in the end

hold on to what I’ve promised my sweet

child and know that my love will never

fail you you can handle anything that

comes your way with me by your side

trust yourself Trust trust my power and

trust that the best is yet to come stay

strong in your faith my beloved because

I am leading you to a future full of

Hope and blessings that can’t be

measured let go of the things that are

making your heart heavy and trust that I

will take care of you I am the god of

Plenty and you will never be without let

go of your hands and take what I’ve

prepared for you don’t put limits on

your hopes or doubt my ability to bless

you greatly my love has no limits and I

want to give you everything good in the

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