says my

beloved this is very concerning to know

but I want you to hear me

clearly it is with deep love and

compassion that I address you

today you often walk through life

unaware of the sinful thoughts actions

and attitudes that recite in your

heart these hidden elements though

unnoticed significantly impact your

relationship with me and the Abundant

Life I desire for

you consider the words of Paul my

servant who shared his own struggles


sin he longed to do what was right but

found himself repeatedly

falling into the wrong

actions his inner turmoil and misery

were profound as he realized the depth

of his bondage to

sin despite his Earnest efforts to free

himself Paul understood that true

Liberation could only come to the power

of God accessible Through Me Jesus


my dear

children you too must confirm the

reality of sin within

you it is not enough to merely focus on

your outer life busy with the demands

and the distractions of the world you

must turn inward face these sins head on

and seek the transformative power that

only comes from me

me it is a difficult journey I know but

it is essential for your spiritual

growth and your

well-being in the seasons of testing

that you

encounter recognize that your flesh your

human efforts and your desires will not

bring you the freedom and peace you

seek the flesh is weak and profits are

nothing it is only through the denial of

the Flesh and a complete Reliance on me


lifegiver that you can build the

character that aligns with my

will my

child understand this profound

truth your struggles with sin are not a

sign of failure

but an opportunity for growth and

transformation when you acknowledge your

weaknesses and turn to

me I will Empower you with strength and

Grace I will help you overcome the

sins that entangle you and lead you to a

life of

righteousness and

joy take heart my beloved

for I Am With You Always I see your

struggles your efforts and your desires

to live a holy life do not be

discouraged by the battles you face for

they are the part of the journey towards

a deeper more intimate

relationship with your heavenly

father my

beloveds hear my words

and take them to your


remember I love

you with all my love your Redeemer and

Savior Jesus Christ

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