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God message for you

today if you have ever been distant from

God but somehow found yourself praying

again praising again thinking about him

again it’s because God was working

behind the scene to bring you back to

him he is not letting you go God says

don’t be scared or a your weaknesses I

created you this way and I love you for

who you are don’t try pretending let’s

talk it out together if

anything is lacking I will provide if

you are hurting I will heal my child I

love you so dearly let me help you God

says the past can be very dating and

scary for many of you you have changed

your lives around and stopped living a

life filled with

sin and when you look back at who you

used to be it troubles you because you

just because you just want to erase that

part of you it’s a hard but remember

that all those things transformed you

all those things are your story I love

you my child God says my daughter and my

son this world needs more leaders to

Spirit love hope and

forgiveness I need you to be the

example I love you my child good says I

don’t care what he or she said about you

because it is not

true they don’t know you like I know you

you are better than what they say about

you stop believing the lies that people

say about you I love you my child God

says it is great to know what I desire

from each person but is necessary to

live the way I desire for each person I

don’t just want you to now that living

away from sin is good and it is what I

desire but I want you to actually live

that way it is easier

said if you commit your life to me every

day it can be done I love you my child I

happy that you are doing better than

before much better days are yet to come

all things work out for the good of

those who love me I love you my child

God says life has meaning it has purpose

and there is purpose in your life you


important live your life holy flee from

sin and help your brothers and sisters I

love you my child God says I know how

hard it was for you to pull yourself out

of your dark situation I now the to that

it took on you

mentally I’m happy for you

because you trusted me and together we

got through it I love you my child God

says I want you to stop being negative

stop bringing yourself down stop

devaluing yourself you are a

champion stop doubting yourself stop

doubting me I will strengthen you I will

protect you my child

my child when you pray to me be genuine

tell me when you are angry at me tell me

when you are confused and scared I want

to listen to how you truly

feel it is okay to feel angry scared and

confused and it is okay to communicate

it to

me God says stay patience my timing is

perfect I have something I have

something bigger planned for you and

trust me you are going to love it God

says I don’t need you to be perfect I

need you to devoid your life to be a

better person every day I need you to

make essential

sacrifices that will get you closer to


I need you to listen to me I love you my

child do not worry I will help you again

I understand that you are human and will

continuously make mistakes I forgive you

I love you my child Hey listen even if

the world is against you I stand with

you even if the world hurts you I will

restore you

my children will never loss I love you

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