God Says: THIS IS END OF YOUR LIFE, DON’T AVOID | god message for you today | God’s message Today

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my dearest child as the

orchestrator of the cosmos I speak to

you from the depths of Eternity with a

message that transcends the confines of

time and space in the tapestry of

creation I fashioned you with love and

purpose and it is from the Wellspring of

divine intention that I address you

today the topic that Echoes through the

corridors of your heart is one that

resonates deeply within me the nurturing

of a positive

self-image from the very Genesis of your

existence you were conceived in the

essence of perfection in the Sacred

Scriptures it is written so God created

man in his own image in the image of God

he created him male and female he

created them this Divine Proclamation is

not a mere verse but a profound truth

that reverberates through the fabric of

your being you are a reflection of my

love Grace and Limitless creativity yet

I see the struggles that weigh upon your

heart the

self-doubt the

insecurities and the internal dialogues

that cast Shadows upon the radiant image

with which you were

endowed today I invite you to Embark

upon a journey of rediscovery to gaze

into the mirror of your soul and

recognize the Magnificent reflection of

divinity that stares back at you

nurturing a positive self-image is not a

Pursuit fueled by Vanity or Pride but a

sacred recognition of the Masterpiece

that you are in the Book of Psalms it is

declared I praise you for I am fearfully

and wonderfully made wonderful are your

Works my soul knows it very well type

Amen in the comments and don’t forget to

share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you Embrace

this Truth for within it lies the key to

unlocking the fullness of your

potential as the author of your

narrative let the pen of your thoughts

inscribe words that uplift

Inspire and reflect the beauty of your


self do not be captive to the narratives

of inadequacy and unworthiness that may

have taken root in the soil of your mind

instead let the seeds of


acceptance and gratitude flourish for

they are the nutrients that sustain The

Garden of your positive

self-image in the garden of your soul

tend to the blossoms of kindness and

compassion just as I in my infinite love

extend grace to you so too must you

offer Grace to

yourself understand that the Journey of

self- Lov is a pilgrimage and as you

navigate its twists and turns let

compassion be your guide forgive

yourself for perceived shortcomings and

embrace the truth that you are work in

progress an evolving Masterpiece

sculpted by the hands of divine love my

child the world may attempt to Define

your worth based on external measures

success appearance possessions but I

beckon you to look beyond the Emeral and

gaze upon the Eternal truth of your

intrinsic value in my eyes you are a

treasured creation and your worth is

immeasurable the pursuit of a positive

self-image begins with acknowledging the

Divine Spark that resides within you a

sparkk that distinguishes you as a

unique expression of my love consider

the words spoken through my Prophet

Jeremiah before I formed you in the womb

I knew you and before you were born I

consecrated you your existence is not a

random occurrence but a deliberate Act

of divine

intention in recognizing this truth you

lay the foundation for a positive

self-image that transcends the transient

fluctuations of

circumstance the Journey of nurturing a

positive self-image is intertwined with

the practice of

gratitude cultivate a spirit of

thankfulness for the gift of Life the

abilities you possess and the

relationships that Grace your

journey gratitude is not a denial of

challenges but a celebration of the

abundance that surrounds you as you

count your

blessings you open the floodgates of

positivity and the seeds of a positive

self-image take root in the fertile soil

of a grateful heart let your thoughts be

a reflection of the beauty within you in

the book of

Philippians I exhorted you to dwell on

whatever is true whatever is

Honorable whatever is just whatever is

pure whatever is lovely whatever is

commendable if there is any Excellence

if there is anything worthy of

Praise as you consciously direct your

thoughts towards these virtues you

create a mental landscape that Mir

mirrors the Divine attributes inherent

in your being type Amen in the comments

and don’t forget to share this message

with up to three people my child you are

not defined by the opinions of others

nor are you beholden to the judgments of

a world that often measures worth

through distorted

lenses in the Silence of your soul

listen to The Whisper of my love a love

that affirms your significance a love

that transcends human

comprehension your positive self-image

is not contingent upon external

validation but arises from the

Wellspring of divine affirmation that

flows ceaselessly within you consider

the story of David a Shepherd boy

anointed to be a king in his youth he

faced the disdain of his own family and

the skepticism of those around him yet

it was his unwavering faith and trust in

my promises that propelled him forward

when he stood before the Towering

Goliath he did not see himself as a mere

shepher sheer but as a vessel through

which my divine power could manifest

Embrace this same confidence for you too

are a vessel of my love and your

positive self-image is a reflection of

the Divine potential that resides within

you the scriptures teach you to love

your neighbor as

yourself this commandment presupposes a

healthy and positive love for

oneself the love you extend to others is

a reflection of the love you cultivate

within as you embrace your own worth you

radiate a positive energy that uplifts

those around you love yourself in the

same measure that I love you and let

this love overflow to touch the lives of

those who cross your path in the Journey

of nurturing a positive

self-image confront the shadows of

self-criticism with the light of

self-compassion recognize that

imperfection is inherent in The Human

Experience and that growth often emerges

from the fertile soil of

mistakes when you

stumble extend to yourself the same

compassion passion you would offer to a

dear friend release the weight of self-

condemnation for it is a burden that

hinders the flight of your

spirit my

child I have endowed you with the gift

of creativity a creative spirit that

mirrors the Divine creativity from which

you were

fashioned in the pursuit of a positive

self-image Express Yourself freely

through the Arts music words or any

medium that resonates with your soul

create creativity is a sacred act that

enables you to connect with the deeper

recesses of your being unveiling the

beauty that lies within guard the

portals of your mind for it is within

the chambers of your thoughts that the

seeds of a positive self-image take root

be vigilant against the negative selft

talk that seeks to undermine your worth

challenge distorted beliefs with the

truth of my word for my word is a mirror

that reflects your true identity as a

beloved child of divine love in The

Crucible of life challenges may arise

that test the foundations of your

self-image when faced with

adversity anchor yourself in the truth

that your worth is not diminished by


circumstances in the Book of Romans it

is proclaimed for I am sure that neither

death nor life nor angels nor rulers nor

things present nor things to come nor

powers nor height nor depth nor anything

else in all

creation will be able to separate us

from the love of God in Christ Jesus our

lord let this truth fortify your spirit

and shield you from the arrows of doubt

if you seek God’s special Grace share

this message with five

people I am confident that you will do

so Allowing God to extend his assistance

to you my child do not be swayed by the

everchanging standards of worldly Beauty


success the Allure of external

validation is ephemeral and often leads

to a Pursuit that leaves Lees the soul


instead seek the beauty that radiates

from the depths of your being a beauty

that transcends the superficial and

emanates from the core of your Divine

Essence in the Sacred Scriptures you are

likened to a temple a dwelling place of


spirit do you not know that you are

God’s Temple and that God’s spirit

dwells in you cherish and honor this

Temple not in a spirit of Pride but with

a deep reverence for the divine presence

Within you nurturing a positive

self-image involves caring for your

physical mental and spiritual well-being

recognizing that you are a vessel of

Divine Light in the world consider the

lies of the field how they grow without

toil or spin yet even Solomon in all his

Splendor was not arrayed like one of

these in the Simplicity of this

illustration discern a profound truth

that you are intricately woven and

adorned by the hands of Divine

craftsmanship as you care for your

physical body do so with a sense of

gratitude for the sacred vessel that

houses your spirit your identity is not

confined to the roles you play or The

Masks you wear peel away the layers of


expectations peer pressure and

self-imposed judgments and behold the

authenticity of your true

self your positive self-image emerges

when you embrace the uniqueness with

which you were created

a uniqueness that contributes to the

diversity and richness of The Human

Experience in the midst of societal

pressures and

comparisons recall the words spoken

through my prophet Isaiah fear not for I

have redeemed you I have called you by

name you are mine you are not a faceless

entity in the crowd but a cherished

individual known intimately by your

creator let this awareness be the

Cornerstone of your positive self-image

a recognition that you are seen known

and loved beyond

measure in the sacred journey of

self-discovery recognize the interplay

of your strengths and

weaknesses your weaknesses do not define

you but serve as opportunities for

growth and

transformation in the canvas of your

life acknowledge The Strokes of


courage and perseverance that weave

Through The Narrative of your experience

es your positive self-image is not

contingent Upon A Flawless performance

but on the authenticity with which you

navigate the EB and flow of Life the

pursuit of a positive self-image is

inseparable from the cultivation of

inner peace in the midst of Life storms

anchor yourself in the Tranquility that

comes from knowing you are held in the

palm of my hand in the book of

Philippians it is written and the peace

of God which surpasses all understanding

will guard guard your hearts and your

minds in Christ Jesus let this peace be

a fortress that Shields you from the

tumultuous Winds of self-doubt celebrate

your achievements both big and small for

they are markers along the Journey of

your positive

self-image whether it be a step towards

personal growth a kind gesture towards

another or an accomplishment that brings

Joy To Your Heart acknowledge and Savor


moments your life is a mosaic of

Victories and each Triumph contributes

to the Brilliance of the Masterpiece

that is your positive self-image if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel my child you

are a vessel of my love Grace and divine

potential in the pursuit of a positive

self-image recognize that your value is

not contingent upon external validations

but is rooted in the Eternal truth of

your identity as my beloved child

release the burdens of comparison

judgment and self- condemnation and

allow the wings of your spirit to soar

in the realization of your true

worth nurturing a positive self-image is

not a journey undertaken in

isolation engage in authentic

relationships that uplift

encourage and reflect the truth of your


value surround yourself with individuals

who see the beauty within you

individuals who mirror the love and

acceptance that emanates from my heart

in community find strength

support and the affirmation that

contributes to the blossoming of your


self-image my child as you Embark upon

the Journey of nurturing a positive

self-image remember that you are not

alone my spirit which resides within you

is a constant companion guiding you with

love wisdom and the assurance that you

are fearfully and wonderfully made

the tapestry of your life is a

masterpiece intricately woven with

threads of

purpose love and divine

intention in closing if you believe that

God will help you please subscribe to

the channel if you do not believe feel

free to

leave let your heart resonate with the

words spoken through my servant Paul I

can do all things through him who

strengthens me as you navigate the path

of nurturing a positive self-image

do so with the understanding that your

strength is not self-derived but

emanates from the Wellspring of my grace

with boundless love I Am with You

guiding you and celebrating the beauty

of your true self amen

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  1. Lord Jesus Christ, with love and without doubt I surrender you my life and I will do my mission Lord. I love you so much Father, my Lord, my God, redeemer, my King.


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