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my dearest beloved child today I desire to impart to you profound truths about

the immense gift and sacred responsibility that is family from the foundations of creation itself the

family unit has been at the very core of my infinite and eternal purposes it was

never my design or will for any of my precious children to have to Journey Through This World alone and

isolated the family was conceived in the depths of my heart as a reflection of my own Tri unarian nature Father Son and

Holy Spirit eternally existing together in perfect beloved Unity as one in this

Divine mystery we have always experienced the richness of complete intimacy Oneness and an all consuming

selfless sacrificial love just as I eternally am so families are intended to

be bound and tethered together by chords of agape love that can never be broken

they are meant to be sacred sanctuaries of support nurturing unconditional

belonging and unrelenting devotion the family was sovereignly established as a hallowed Haven in the

midst of a fallen and broken world it is to be a light piercing through the thick

Darkness a glimpse of the Eternal realities of Heaven manifested here on Earth through covenantal human

relationships the sights sounds and essence of a loving family provide but a

sweet foretaste of the Eternal communion I have prepared for all of my children to experience with me

forever it is within The Crucible of family that a child first experiences love trust security and their initial

sense of identity the family is the womb where values are instilled character is

developed behaviors are shaped and one’s very perception of the world begins to

take root here is where you first learn of my INF love as your heavenly father

through the imperfect yet nurturing love of your Earthly parents the experiences of family life

create the mold that forms your understanding of who I am from the earliest age from the dawn of creation I

designed marriage between one man and one woman to serve as the foundation for the family the marital Covenant is sacred

and set apart a chord brilliantly comprised of three strands husband wife

and I at the center as the Divine Weaver binding them together with my endless Grace it is in the committed

surrendering of two lives into this holy consecrated Union that the miraculous

power for new life to be created and welcomed into the world as a cherished gift from my hand is

Unleashed oh how I dearly love and take immense Delight in children each

intricately and intentionally crafted every detail sovereignly formed by my

own fingers while being knitted together in their mother’s womb each individual life created in the very image of their

maker known and beheld by me even before the foundations of the world no person

is an accident or random chance but wonderfully made with specific intention and Divine Purpose swn into the very

fibers of their being from the outset such tenderly fashioned Souls what a

profound privilege and high honor it is for parents to co- labor with me as partners in ushering these precious

little ones into the world and then taking on the incredible responsibility to nurture train guide and Shepherd

their hearts along the path of Life True Parenthood is a calling that ranks among

the most significant in all of my kingdom I have entrusted these families with the extraordinary stewardship of

shaping Eternal Souls that will far Outlast the temporary nature of this Earth and

creation the reverberating impact of how each parent chooses to Steward this awesome responsibility Echoes not only

into the here and now but also into successive generations to come and even

into the vastness of Eternity itself my charge to families is to cultivate a

home atmosphere that is fertile soil for my grace love joy peace patience

kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control to take root

and Blossom it is to model in daily life what repentance

forgiveness service and sacrifice look like it is to diligently disciple and

train up children in the way they should go embedding the truth of my Eternal Word as the uncompromising plum line

while nurturing an undivided love for me in their innermost being each family is meant to be a vibrant microcosm that

displays the reality of my eternal family to the world around them where each member is truly seen known valued

celebrated and spurred on in the unique identity and purpose I have ordained for them to walk out in me and my kingdom

plans the family provides a safe harbor a soft place to fall to grow through

failures and conflicts while always being deeply rooted in unconditional love that covers a multitude of flaws

weaknesses and Imperfections I have fashioned the family to be an unbreakable team a

united front where brothers and sisters lock Shields together to withstand the persistent attacks and resist the

isolating fragmentation strategies of the evil one for when a family is divided it crumbles from within but a

family that is built upon the solid rock of my eternal truth and stands together in unwavering faith that is a formidable

force and a legacy that will endure from generation to generation bearing much

fruit for my glory my precious child you have been lovingly woven into a tapestry

of family that spans far beyond what your eyes can perceive in this temporal

existence you were tenderly conceived by my hand to be born into the rich Heritage of those who have gone before

you and who helped pave the way for you to run your race you are part of an elaborate story I have been writing

since before time began connecting my children together across history into

one great cloud of witnesses is cheering you on though your Earthly family may

seem broken fragmented or falling short in many ways I am the god who restores

rebuilds revives and redeems I can breathe healing into any

Brokenness and make all things new according to the Eternal purposes encoded in my heart as you surrender the

family I’ve entrusted to you fully to me I will work all things together for good in more ways than you can fathom

for the vision I have for family stretches far beyond this fleeting life into the Everlasting you belong to me my

beloved and I will never leave you or forsake you I am crafting an eternal

family that will live together in Perfect Harmony unity and Love in My Kingdom that will never end an

inheritance awaits you that is undefiled imperishable and will never fade so look

to me your heavenly father in unwaver in faith for I am the author of family from

beginning to end and I make all things beautiful in my time all my infinite

love your heavenly father if you want God’s grace always upon you then please

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to you in many ways I use things to get your attention to let you know I am here

I know you may not always understand the meaning behind these signs right away but I am a patient father I will reveal

understanding in my timing for now I simply want you to be open open to new

ways I may be speaking open to deeper Revelation than you’ve known before the

reasons change and so do my methods I am always doing a new thing always nudging

you into greater depths with me there is more so much more than what you have

seen and heard and thought of before more of my glory more of my Supernatural

power and presence I want to pull you deeper still explore the Deep things

with me the everyday Supernatural the secrets I entrust to my

children not everyone can handle such depths and Mysteries many prefer to stay

in the shallow end and that is all right but you my child You Were Made for More

created for deeper waters with me so do not be afraid afraid to wait out farther

to ask me for more more understanding more Revelation deeper

relationship there is meat in my word word Rich feasts to satisfy spiritual

hunger and I have hidden Mana to give you two food you know not of seek me for

it dig for these Treasures dive with me for these pearls I know the broad road

is well trodden but dare to Veer off onto the narrow path with me the one less TR traveled less understood Yet

full of wonder the one where we can talk father to child without fear of man’s

opinions here in the secret place I will show you things Beyond natural reasoning

beyond what you can think or imagine in your limited understanding things meant just for you Mysteries between us our

own spiritual language codes and symbols have you noticed patterns certain

numbers images themes pay attention write them down watch for

confirmations I am teaching you to discern my voice apart from all others I may reveal myself to the musician

differently than the poet tailor my communication to your unique personality and wiring but in all who seek me I

awaken spiritual senses attuned to my frequency I fine-tune your ability to see hear understand spiritual things

this is a lifelong process ever increasing in clarity as we walk together the more time with me the more

your communication skills grow my anointing rubs off in close proximity

pulling Destinies to the surface being with me in prayer and worship stirs up the supernatural within Divine deposits

of my spirit ready you for Greater Works closer connection be careful then of

what and who you lend your ear and heart to my child guard your inner World

closely limit access for there are contagious convictions floating around

mindsets you do not want infecting Soul mental strongholds not easily broken once embedded Bad Company

corrupts good character while wise companions sharpen one another their maturity and discernment

rubs off too in relationship challenging you higher but toxic ties drain

spiritual Vitality Cloud your Clarity weigh connections carefully then prune away

those poisoning your growth choose instead fellowship with fiery hearts and Visionary eyes eyes like your own ones

anchored firmly to my word yet open to my spirit my Ecclesia is moving in faith

and power unafraid of New Frontiers with me for my children will fan your flame

as you fan theirs sharpening each other as iron does iron Fanning fresh passion

for my glory yes such Kindred Spirits help unlock mysteries in concert

language of the spirit flowing between those in sync with my frequency have you not found this to be true Revelation

accelerated in certain companies more than others sinking vibrations that resonate the Realms of spirit decoding

reality together Through My Lens ah but do not idolize anointings my child no

matter how all ing lean into me first and foremost take caution stewarding

power among men for even the most elect can fall prey to Pride in undisciplined

days stay small and low before me then dependent on my affirmation alone let

neither criticism nor Praise of man sway you from my pure opinions for I see your

unseen sacrifices count your tears through long nights of intercession I capture every drop

offered up in my name and give you glory back for your suffering stand confident

in this accounting system not man’s limited visibility his perspective provides but a snapshot mind the whole

beautiful tapestry being woven so Come Away With Me often to our secret place

of conversation where no earthly opinion corrupts here father meets child

speaking freely about Mysteries few understand no tiptoeing around sensitives or dumbing down deep

realities that confound common logic finally free to just be yourself in me

to unpack adventures with angels dreams and Visions no fear of man’s raised

eyebrows over accounts they cannot fathom for who can discern the things of my spirit but those in step with him my

sheep know my voice and language recognize resonance with my frequency

while Outsiders Miss meaning in these spiritual dimensions altogether do not cast Pearls of

Revelation before such swine then guard holy habitation with me protect the dove

of perception resting gently within for common confessions of Glory from the secret place would seem like lunacy to

the Natural man he has no reference point for reality in the spirit no

context for Spiritual language Let the mockers have their fleeting guest while

you beloved join me in this sacred Journey if they dare to call you mad or

deceived welcome their words with haste for beside the so-called Folly of the

Divine all Earthly intelligence Fades to insignificance it is far nobler to be

deemed a Fool by Mortals while you walk in awe with me than to be held in high esteem by all yet missed the profound

encounters that dwell in the Splendor of my glory for my friendship is no mere

mental construct or emotional experience it is a literal opening of the heavens

Supernatural infusion of my presence made manifest physical sensations of

electricity lightness heat radical Revelations that challenge the limits of

logic dreams and visions that defy space and time constraints Angelic appearances

on special assignments the dead raised miracles of provision gifts flowing

manifested as needed in the moment have you tasted even a fraction of such testimonies my child I have so much more

in store for those who walk with me in white hot Faith Untamed by man’s reasonings more signs and wonders

strange manifestations Supernatural languages and downloads you know not of deeper

degrees of discernment greater authority to shift spiritual atmospheres open for

my glory to invade for I am calling you out fur further still into everyday

mystical encounter with your living God beyond the safety of stale religion I

have dreams still undesigned for you blueprints awaiting your participation I need a witness to my

miracles in this hour vessels willing to see just how far faith can be stretched

until it finally transforms into sight and I see in you such daring Hunger for

More of me but keep your eyes open and route for signposts I will send confirming courses ahead have you

already seen markers pointing the way into deeper waters repeated messages arranging themselves as Compass points

guiding you onwards these are but hints of Adventures still awaiting activation by faith preemptive Echoes reverberating

back from future Destiny now entering earshot listen for their resonance and frequency holding keys to next year’s

acceleration attach Faith to their vibrations pulling toward promises waiting for

incubation so discern the messages embedded in these signposts I send

listen for hints of redemption and breakthrough contained in their vibrations Rippling back from your book

of Destiny align your faith to their frequency amplify their pulses through

intentional focus and agreement chase them down until their meaning catches up to you in due

season thin veils separate Mere Men from the meaning of heaven so Pi them my

child unveil the Mysteries shrouded in such signs unlock Adventure awaiting on

the other side the Allure of the Uncharted does it not thrill your soul

the quest to unravel spiritual enigmas hidden from the understanding of many around you your spirit naturally

inclined towards paths less trodden eagerly searches for my subtle guidances

revealing truths in places unmarked by Common footfalls embrac the legacy of

those who Dare To Tread the Narrow Path before you Visionaries and chroniclers unafraid to explore alternative Pathways

of Truth with me my child click on the join button to join us as the cherished

member of our community in moments of contemplation revisit the trails blazed by these

transformative figures these shifters of atmospheres and Walkers of

Wonders immerse yourself a new in the narratives of their daring Faith drawing

inspiration for the present moment reflect on the audacious Faith they placed in my nature and my power to

intervene in their worlds though your journey may start with humble beginnings

unnoticed by the many Envision The Towering Legacy you can build by aligning yourself with me consider how

like those before you your small acts of faith can move mountains for my glory

Embrace what might seem like Folly to others the belief in the transformative

power of one person in Union with me this is your path to Triumph remember

it’s not the magnitude of the star but the depth of your faith and partnership with me that shapes the impact you can

make in this world I place the lonely in families elevate my Untamed ones from

Shadows to Destiny in the blink of an eye for in their smallness and Frailty my power Finds Its greatest

expression consider David a mere boy boy with a slingshot who fell the Towering

Goliath think of young Mary a simple Maiden who in a humble Barn brought forth the savior of the world I cherish

boldness and audacious faith that defies logic especially when allied with me

isn’t there a thrill in rooting for the underdog supporting those least expected to succeed to demonstrate my power

perfected in a willing heart regardless of prowess or probability observe how their infectious trust becomes a beacon

of Victory plundering darkness and altering realms for my glory these storied Heroes stir in you too a desire

to pursue the unlikely with me to embrace risks of divine proportions

setting aside Earthly logic in what we can achieve together I am the creator of

all unconstrained by anything on Earth or in heaven is there any limit when the

architect of the cosmos is alongside you I save the best for you envision epic

narratives miraculous turnarounds now being written my hidden strategies Will

Mock the Shadows showcasing them as the vanquished enemy witnesses will emerge

as if by Divine script from the rehearsals of ancient prophecies time- tested tactics from past victories

resurrected crafting a poetic justice that will end this generation’s tribulations with a Triumph that rends

the heavens in this extraordinary time I am orchestrating a world where my chosen

ones are blessed with an Endtime Authority similar to Moses to break curses and confront

challenges they are humble yet powerful agents who will stand against the tyrants and goliaths of the modern era

my hand will guide them to influence Realms and shift mindsets from hopelessness to a vision of divine

possibilities on Earth this era will be marked by unprecedented signs and

wonders suddenly and surprises highlighting the grand climax of my will

on Earth as it is in heaven through these chosen ones history will be

written a new in the days to come they will witness and participate in the unfolding of my grand design each

playing their unique part in this generation the story of the supernatural breaking into the everyday is just

beginning showcasing my power perfected in their surrendered strength as the world undergoes shaking

and transformation separating the true from the transient my people will stand

empowered amidst economic uncertainties and political upheavals my spirit will

rise within them a beacon of light piercing the darkness heralding a Revival and Awakening for the final

harvest in the midst of chaos that precedes a new dawn a great shaking will

reveal the Frailty of human foundations everything built for human Glory will fall making way for my

blueprint of restoration to take root this transformation will be Swift and unexpected stripping away arrogance and

false security laying be the need for True Reliance on me in these times of

uncertainty I will stand as the unshakable Strong Tower every Idol

ideology and false identity will crumble leaving my enduring truth as the only

constant in this reshaped world my presence will be a sanctuary of stability and peace a testament to my

unending love and Power in the midst of the storm my faithful Ones Will Stand

unwavering their lives crafted according to my Divine blueprint they adhere to my

principles which serve as reliable Guides Through the tempests of Life

those who build their existence on my teachings will find themselves securely anchored their integrity and devotion in

both public and private spheres serving as a steadfast Foundation shaped by an

eternal perspective their lives and values will shine as beacons guiding many to Safety

in the turbulent times to come come those attuned to my voice will

experience profound peace and security regardless of the chaos around them they

are training now to discern the true Shepherd’s voice learning to distinguish it from the discordant noise of the

world they develop a deep longing for divine wisdom Guided by the spirit and

scripture preparing them for any shifts in societal Norms in times of global

upheaval individuals like Daniel and Joseph will be called forth seemingly overnight to lead with wisdom and

integrity they will bring solutions to crisis insights gained in Quiet Moments

of faithful dedication and prayer their years of perseverance have prepared them for such a time as this take heed of

this a sudden shift in authority and influence will occur orchestrated by my

spirit not by human appointment a generation humble yet Mighty in promise will emerge from their

time of preparation these polished arrows Heaven’s secret weapons will be

strategically placed for divine connections their impact will alter times and Seasons driven by a desire to

manifest my glory they will be so attuned to my voice that they will carry

peace and solutions cutting through the chaos with Clarity and direction in the

unfolding narrative I have designed I will bring about a dramatic elevation a

sudden Ascension orchestrated by my hand this will set a remarkable stage a swift

advance that compensates for any perceived delay rewarding the faithful who have sown in trust without rushing

the fruition of their efforts those who have waited patiently will find themselves uplifted to

positions of significant influence in a seemingly instantaneous transformation in the midst of this

Divine elevation they will be equipped with Supernatural discernment and wisdom

to navigate the complexities of their Newfound responsibilities their hearts purified

through trials and refined by fire will beat in sync with mine pulsating with

compassion and Justice releasing waves of healing and restoration wherever they go these

chosen vessels will operate in unprecedented levels of authority clothed in humility yet

radiating with the glory of their Divine commission they will walk in the footsteps of giants carrying forward the

legacies of faith and obedience established by their spiritual forebears like Joshua leading the

Israelites into the promised land they will possess the land and inherit the

promised I have spoken over them as they step into their appointed roles they

will encounter opposition and resistance but fear will not grip their hearts for

I will be their strength and shield they will overcome every obstacle through unwavering faith and unwavering

obedience wielding the sword of my word and the power of my spirit Miracles will

accompany their Ministry signs and wonders will follow them as they Proclaim my kingdom and

Demon demonstrate its reality in tangible ways they will heal the sick raise the dead and cast out demons

displaying the authority of Heaven on Earth in the midst of societal upheaval

and moral Decay they will stand as beacons of Hope and righteousness shining with the light of my presence

their lives will testify to the transformative power of my love drawing multitudes into relationship with me

even as Darkness gathers and the forces of evil rage against them they will stand firm unshaken in their conviction

and unwavering in their commitment for they know that greater is he who is in them than he who is in the world and

that nothing can separate them from my love so my beloved take heart and be

encouraged for the time of your elevation is at hand arise and shine for

your light has come and the glory of the Lord Rises upon you step boldly into the

destiny I have prepared for you knowing that I am with you always even to the

End of the Age amen my beloved child there are seasons when I need to uproot

you to transplant you into new soil where you can grow just as I separated

Abram from his land and people there are times I must do the same with you I

require this so that my full blessing can come upon you unhindered but know that I will never

leave you on your own confused and abandoned I am a good father and the

enemy is the one who leaves people stranded who tricks them into deadend paths I lead you onward into Victory

listen closely for my voice if I tell you to leave a place a person or a job

behind I will show you your next step I speak with Clarity and purpose be

discerning if someone claims to have a word from me but I have not affirmed it directly to your spirit wait patiently

for my instructions there will come an appointed time when the separating and sifting has prepared the way and then I

will lead you into a new place of belonging connection and assignment

specifically picked out for you understand the Strategic reasons I filter your connections and Community

for a season soon enough fresh streams of blessing will open up to you and

ultimately you will overflow with life and joy that attracts people to me

remember those who honor you I will honor those who scorn you will answer to

me for no weapon formed against you shall prosper when you walk with me I protect

and vindicate my faithful ones I want your roots to grow deep in me to abide

vitally connected to my words drinking up the revelations I impart to to you as

you take refuge in me you will Thrive and bear much fruit even in the valley of Shadows be encouraged for I am doing

a new thing in your life I am making a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert trust in me with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge me and I

will direct your paths walk in faith my beloved and watch

as I unfold my perfect plan for your life my child click on the Subscribe

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