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my dearest child I come to you not with

thunderous Roars or flashes of lightning

but with the gentle Whisper of a loving

parent I am the creator of all that

exists the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end I have watched

over you since the moment you took your

first breath and I have rejoiced in

every step you’ve taken on your journey

through life I see the struggles that

weigh heavy on your heart and I

understand the questions that dance in

the depths of your soul today I want to

share with you a truth that has been

present since the dawn of creation a

truth that holds the power to illuminate

the darkest corners of your doubts and

fears in the midst of your doubts I want

you to know that Jesus my beloved Son

walks beside the creation that is you

his love for you is boundless

and his presence is a constant source of

comfort and guidance allow me to paint a

picture for you a picture of a reality

that transcends the boundaries of time

and space imagine if you will a Serene

Garden bathed in the soft glow of

eternal light in this Garden I shaped

the very essence of humanity breathing

life into the dust of the earth as I

stood stood back to admire the beauty of

my creation I knew that a journey

awaited each soul I had formed in the

fullness of time Jesus my son stepped

into this Earthly realm clothed in

humility and Grace his purpose was clear

to bridge the gap between the Divine and

the human to offer a pathway back to the

love and fellowship that was lost

through the choices of those who came

for you Jesus walked among the broken

the weary and the lost speaking words of

truth and extending a hand of compassion

to all who would receive it he healed

the sick comforted The Afflicted and in

his eyes there was a love that knew no

bounds his teachings were not merely

words but a Living testament to the

transformative Power of Love forgiveness

and Redemption

my child as you navigate the

complexities of your existence know that

Jesus is not a distant figure in a faded

story he is a living presence beside you

his love surrounds you like a gentle

Embrace and his guidance Whispers

through the Winds of Change in moments

of Despair his light shines as a Beacon

of Hope Illuminating the path that leads

back to the source of all life life you

may wonder why me why does Jesus walk

beside my creation it is because you are

deeply cherished intricately woven into

the tapestry of my divine plan your

journey with all its twists and turns is

a sacred pilgrimage towards a reunion

with the love that birthed the universe

Jesus is not a judge waiting to condemn

he is a compassionate friend who

understands the weight of your burdens

in your moments of Triumph he rejoices

with you and in your moments of Sorrow

he weeps with you his love is

unconditional a love that transcends the

boundaries of human comprehension my

child let go of the shackles of guilt

and shame embrace the truth that Jesus

is beside your creation not to condemn

but to redeem not to judge but to love

his sacrifice on the cross was the

ultimate expression of that love a

sacrifice that bore the weight of

Humanity’s imperfections and paved the

way for a Reconciliation between Creator

and Creation in The Quiet Moments of

reflection open your heart to The

Whispers of the Divine feel the gentle

nudges that guide you towards love

compassion and forgiveness Trust that

the presence of Jesus is not a distant

reality but a Living Truth an

everpresent companion on the Journey of

your soul my child as you continue to

walk this path called life know that you

are never alone Jesus walks beside your

creation offering a love that surpasses

understanding and a Grace that knows no

limits Embrace this truth and let the

warmth of divine love illuminate the

depths of your being type am in for

blessings from


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