God Says, “THE SATAN IS AFTER YOU, PLEASE HEAR ME OUT” πŸ‘† God’s Message Today

nighttime is like the past it’s fading

away but guess what a new day is about

to hit us bringing in a fresh dark and

all the good stuff God has in

store welcome back to Lord heals we’re

here to chat about something crucial for

your connection with God

the Satan is after you he’s after me and

probably each and every single person

who belongs to

God and one of the major weapon of the

Saturn is to keep you busy in the past

things so that you may miss out the


blessings as folks who follow Christ we

are told to ditch anything shed where in

the past those things that don’t jive

with the goodness of

Jesus when Jesus sacrificed himself on

the cross it was like a ticket out of


darkness it opened our eyes to the fact

that as Believers we are now part of the

good side the bright side God’s

side the switch in perspective means we

have got to think about how we are

living in this

world Jesus coming back is a big deal

and it’s a reminder to check ourselves

and not keep doing things that belong to

the dark

side here’s the thing salvation is a

gift God hands out to everyone who

believes no strings


but there is also a bonus for those who

stick with the faith and a bit of bummer

for those who

don’t God being fear and all looks at

what we are up to whether it’s good

stuff or not so good stuff and gives us

what we

deserve in Matthew – says

if you treat a good person well you get

a reward

too and even the tiniest act of kindness

doesn’t go unnoticed by

God at the big judgment party Jesus

throws it’s the folks who stuck with the

dark Deeds that might face some

consequences so dear friend of God it’s

time to let go of of any sketchy stuff

like parting to Heart doing wrong things

or feeling

jealous let’s live as people who do good

things who live for

Jesus may God keep blessing you


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  1. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and nobody else God is my savior and nobody else God is my father and nobody else God is my love and nobody else and for the highest and greatest good father God is there for me God is My Savior God is my father God is my love God is my world God is my life God is my universe God bless amen okay


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