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my beloved child the words flowing from

your heart through your prayers know

that my presence here and now in your

life are not by chance it’s a Divine

will that has come to meet your deepest

needs in this exact moment today I come

to you with the sincerity only a father

can offer what I have to say is of

extreme importance for your journey in

this life do not underestimate the

impact of your words your willingness to

seek Divine help your gestures your

choices for even the smallest act of

kindness can ignite a light in the

darkness and change the course of your

story perceive my presence my desire to

speak to your heart I your God have

prepared you in countless ways today you

are opening your heart to me reigniting

the faith you have in me and this is

commendable do not fail to listen to

this message until the end you will

enter into a Divine connection with me

and your life will change from now on

your spirituality will be renewed and

you will feel something profound

happening surrender yourself body and

soul from now on have you ever wondered

about the purpose of your life about why

you face so many battles and challenges

allow me to reveal to you the secret

many tirelessly seek you are in this

world for something Grand you were

created in my image and likeness with

unlimited potential to love create

transform and bring light to the the

world you have the power to make a

difference to leave a lasting Legacy to

touch lives and transform Hearts all

your experiences whether good or bad

have shaped you for this greater purpose

every pain you’ve faced every obstacle

you’ve overcome every smile you’ve

shared it all has a very deep meaning

offer me your faith trusting in the

fullness of your hope trust that I hear

your please and set aside the burden of

anxiety that may make you think you’re

words don’t reach the heavens I ask you

to be vigilant and wise cautious with

your words sharing your most intimate

thoughts carefully for the enemy seeks

to take advantage to exploit your

vulnerabilities and to break your faith

with lies and deceit my beloved you are

endowed with a unique and extraordinary

power the power of choice in every

moment and every situation you have the

power to choose how to respond how to

act how to live

often it’s easy to get Swept Away by the

tumultuous currents of Life by the

pressure of others by the expectations

of the world around you but always

remember you are the captain of your own

soul the master of your own destiny do

not be discouraged by temporary

circumstances or seemingly

insurmountable challenges remember that

what you see now is only a small part of

a much larger picture a masterpiece that

is being carefully woven with each

moment you you may be feeling lost

confused even disheartened but know that

I have never abandoned you and never

will you are precious to me more

precious than any Treasure of this world

I ask you now are you willing to trust

in me are you willing to UST your fears

your doubts your worries into my hands I

am here ready to guide you strengthen

you Empower you to reach everything I

have planned for you when you need

guidance seek my wisdom in silence in

communion with me I will show you the

right path to follow even when

everything seems dark trust in me and I

will make your path straight the

challenges you face Are Not Mere

coincidences they serve a purpose your

future will be one of Wonders and

miracles though you may face trials for

a Time know that your troubles are not

Eternal the burdens weighing you down

will be lifted and those who have hurt

you may seek forgiveness be aware that

your faith and TR trust should remain

exclusively in me know that only I

possess the power to bless and protect

you from all evil even when others

promise the world do not listen to them

I want you to commit to meeting me every

morning listening and immersing yourself

in the word that has illuminated your

path and given you purpose do not fear

coming before me for I long to hear your

voice regardless of your state or

emotion my doors are open and my ears

are attentive come before the sun rises

in the first moment of your day it is

the perfect time to bring me your

desires and feel my loving Embrace speak

to me openly for your words Echo your

thoughts make room for me in your heart

and share your dreams needs frustrations

and doubts with me for I truly

understand and comprehend you this is

your moment to Anchor your faith in my

powerful and eternal word constant in

all times when it comes time to make any

decision think of me I will help you

choose the best path I send you my word

I will fill your heart with strength in

the midst of Trials you will find

Tranquility when you are weak you will

find your strength in me and fear will

not consume you when you kneel in prayer

offer gratitude for the blessings that

are to come even if some have not yet

manifested thank me now with joy and

Faith your prayers are powerful the

words that flow from your lips dispel

discouragement doubt sadness and despair

overcoming every negative thought close

your eyes for a moment and imagine

yourself in a conversation with me right

now feel the peace that surrounds this

moment the sensation of being completely

secure in my presence what would you say

if you were face Toof face with me at

this moment what questions would you ask

what desires would you express allow

yourself to open your heart and share

your deepest longings your greatest

concerns your noblest dreams perhaps you

want to know why certain things happen

in your life why you face certain

challenges why you experience certain

pains or maybe you just want to Express

gratitude for all the blessings you’ve

received for all the joys you’ve lived

for all the beauty you’ve found in the

world around you I imagine that in our

conversation you would feel a deep sense

of peace and understanding you would

feel understood on a deeper level than

you’ve ever experienced before for I

know every thought every feeling every

desire that resides in your heart would

you like this conversation to be

frequent if so imagine how wonderful it

would be to have direct access to me

whenever you needed whenever you wanted

to share your Joys your Sorrows your

doubts your hopes imagine how

transformative it would be to feel my

presence in every moment of your life

guiding you strengthening you loving you

let me reveal a secret to you my child I

am here for you always in every moment

in every place you don’t need a

face-to-face conversation to connect

with me for I am always present in your

heart in your soul in your deepest being

all you need to do is surrender yourself

completely to me open your heart and

allow my love to flow freely into your

life when you genuinely connect with me

when you trust me with all your heart

you will feel the strength of my love

permeating every aspect of your

existence know that I am here for a

conversation whenever you you need it I

am here to listen to your concerns to

wipe away your tears to celebrate your

Joys I am here to guide you to protect

you to love you beyond measure there is

nothing in this world that can separate

you from my love for it is eternal


unconditional so open your heart to me

allow me to enter your life and

transform it with my Divine love your

trust in this powerful word doesn’t dep

depend on humans for motivation and

happiness your help and strength emanate

from the almighty not from those who are

fallible and May Fail you today is a

unique day a day when you will forever

be close to my heart listen closely for

I am speaking directly to you seeking to

create an intimate connection that fills

your soul with warmth and understanding

as you embark on this journey toward

your dreams know that you walk in a

realm beyond the ordinary believe with

unwavering faith for the time has come

and this day is yours to declare victory

over any situation you may be facing at

this very moment I want you to feel an

overwhelming emotion that fills your

heart with joy dispelling the shadows of

sadness feel the weight being lifted off

your shoulders replaced by a new

strength and lightness that Empower you

to rise giving up is not an option for

you I declare that your life will be

transformed from today onwards with my

divinity my Holiness that has come to

illuminate your path with the power of

the holy spirit amen if you believe in

these words and accept the divine power

to change your life leave your Amen in

the comments


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  1. I love you Jesus. You are the love of my life that I have been waiting for.
    I trust you with my life.
    I do need some help with my Faith.
    I promise to work hard for you. I love to win!


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