God Says, Stop! Stop! Stop! Otherwise This Will Happen Today! | God message jesus |

in the Stillness of your heart my

cherished child find Solace amidst the

clamor of the world resist the urge to

drown out the Silence with the noise of

distractions instead let us commune

together in the Serene Tranquility where

my whisper gentle and tender guides you

through life’s intricate

maze super thanks for taking the time to

reflect on these words and consider

joining our community as a channel

member in the hustle and bustle of your

daily tasks whether you’re typing away

at your keyboard creating with your

hands or planning for the future invite

me to walk alongside you seek my wisdom

in the ordinary moments for it is there

that you will experience the

extraordinary presence of my

spirit super thanks for being here and

exploring these truths with me if you

haven’t already consider joining our

Channel membership for exclusive content

and Community benefits I understand the

weight of

responsibilities that sometimes presses

upon your shoulders but remember I am

the one who lifted the burdens of sin

and death trust that I can carry the

weight of your worries and cares cast

them on to me for I am infinitely strong

and infinitely

tender super thanks for entrusting your

burdens to me your faith and trust mean

everything if you’re finding solace in

these words consider joining our Channel

membership for even more support and

encouragement when you’re faced with a

mountain of tasks and the path seems

obscured by clouds of Doubt speak to me

say be with me daily

manifestation and I will make your path

straight I will clear the fog so you can

see the way forward with

Clarity super thanks for leaning on me

in moment

of uncertainty your trust in my guidance

is truly inspiring if you’re seeking

Clarity and Direction consider joining

our Channel membership for personalized

support and guidance even as you read

these words know that I am with you my

presence and velops you like a warm

comforting blanket you are never alone

you are never with without my watchful

eye and loving

heart super thanks for embracing my

presence in your life your openness to

my love and guidance is a blessing if

you’re seeking a deeper connection

consider joining our Channel membership

for ongoing support and

encouragement take this not know into

the quiet corners of your life whether

you’re washing dishes walking the dog or

sipping your coffee these moments are

ripe for our communion whisper to me and

I will transform the mundane into

moments of divine

connection super thanks for inviting me

into the everyday moments of your life

your willingness to seek me in the

ordinary is truly beautiful if you’re

finding joy in our connection consider

joining our Channel membership for even

more opportunities to grow and deepen


faith when the evening comes and the sky

is Ablaze with the Setting Sun let your

heart be at peace reflect on the day

with a spirit of Grace not self-critical

criticism or regret where you stumbled I

was there to catch you where you

succeeded it was by my hand

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