GOD SAYS:- STOP!! My kid Your last call!

od is saying you today right now let

rid of the things that have been holding

you back whether they be fears or bills

and move ahead into the light of a new

day with self assurance and purpose you

will emerge from the obstacles that come

your way more powerful and wiser than

you were before so embrace them with the

knowledge that I will be there to guide

you in the event that you have faith and

my guiding light there is no difficulty

that cannot be overcome because I have

brought you this far and will continue

to walk beside you every step of the way

you should have faith in yourself and in

the row that I have laid out for you you

will be able to triumph over any

Challenge and realize your goals if you

have unshakable faith courage and

self-confidence I would like for you to

always feel as though I am constantly

encircling you it is extremely valuable

to me that we take the time to talk

first thing in the morning for each

other when I hear the murmur of

concerned it brings to mind that it was

precisely during these times that I

rescued you from harm and brought you

sorrow so that you might rely on me when

the storms of life come bearing down

I’ve been able to bring Marvels to like

even in the most difficult of times as

you embark on this trip I will guide you

through the process of uncovering the

Mysteries that are all around you to do

so you must place your total confidence

in me you should not allow Melancholy to

control you since my love for you is

boundless I can see every single one of

your sorrows and I pay attention to

every single prayer that you say

particularly the ones that you say for

the people you care about you are a

generous person to praise with a

wellbeing of others placing their

requirements before of your own the act

of gratitude and selflessness that you

have performed has a significant impact

on me rather of giving in to feelings of

intimidation as you draw closer to me

keep an attitude of Wonder and respect

even even as you get closer I am anxious

to bestow upon you blessings that are

above anything you could possibly

imagine I will certainly maintain every

word that I have promised you so I ask

that you continue to be steady in your

trust you should be careful not to lose

heart as you encounter challenges along

your journey and you should never forget

that I have a solid and reassuring grip

on you there is a possibility that your

destiny and goals may be realized and we

will work together to make this happen

the advantages that I have in store for

you are unrestricted by any influence or


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