God Says : Spreading Love to All | God message jesus |

God has a special message for you

today my dear child I want to talk about

two amazing gifts that make your Journey

full of care and

understanding these gifts come straight

from my heart and show how much I love

each of my

children empathy is like a light inside

you that turns on when you see someone

on you care about it helps you feel what

they feel like sharing their happiness


sadness it’s like a bridge that connects

people’s hearts making you as feel

connected to each other even if we’re

different compassion is what makes you

want to help when you feel empathy it’s

not just feeling sorry for someone but

really wanting to make things better for

them when you have faith you can show it

by reaching out to others and being kind

when you have empathy and compassion you

become like a Guiding Light for those


you being compassionate isn’t just about

helping people who are sad it’s also

about sharing in their Joys and

celebrating their successes

compassion is for everyone no matter

where they’re from or what they believe

when you truly care about others they

become like family to

you your mission on Earth is to spread

love to everyone no matter who they

are come at amen if you believe in God

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