God Says: Sorry To All, Who Skip This | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

all times is the key to making your life

stable if you keep your attention on me

you can walk through life with ease a

lot of things will try to get your

attention but I am the one who shows you

the way please keep your eyes on me and

you will see that I am calling you

forward one step at a time all the way

to the end of time please love me pay

attention to what I say and hold on to

me I am your life and the way to wisdom

I’m teaching you to stay close to me as

you go through dangerous areas listening

and loving are very important in any

close relationship and they go hand in

hand listen as I shout my happiness over

you and comfort you with my love you can

ask the Holy Spirit to help you receive

all of my glorious love this will make

your love for me much stronger there are

are many dangerous things in the world

so please hold on tight to my hand I

will lead you through hard times through

my spirit and my word know that I am

your safe place and pour out your heart

to me as long as you keep talking to me

I will help you get through whatever

comes next hold on to me dear one

because I am your life learn to live

your life from a place of Peace when I’m

around as the Prince of Peace I am with

you and inside you you can choose to

live your life from this peaceful place

of Union with me by focusing on me it

gives you the strength to stay calm in


situations we can solve your problems

together even though you don’t need to

worry the harder things get the more

tempting it is to speed up and forget

about my calm presence when you realize

you’ve left your peaceful place come

back to me right away call on my name

because it brings you back to me and

makes you feel safe don’t let the fact

fact that you drift away from me get you

down you are trying to make a new habit

which takes time and consistent work the

rewards on the other hand are well worth

the work your life will be more peaceful

and happy if you come back to me to

where we rest I will make you well again

and heal your wounds I work in your life

all the time I am with you inside you

and all around you even when you aren’t

aware of me my presence is still very

strong on you this light has a huge

ability to heal don’t be afraid to ask

me for big things but remember who I am

beyond and beyond anything you could ask

or think I can do it think about how I

can help you in any way it will make

your faith stronger and give you the

courage to pray with confidence amazing

things can happen when you pray in my

name over and over again take a lesson

from the story of the Widow who wouldn’t

give up the judge she kept taking her

case to didn’t fear God or care about


she finally got his attention and he

gave in to her request when my kids

scream for help all the time how much

longer will I listen don’t give up even

if you have to wait a while people who

ask and keep asking get what they want

someone who keeps looking for things

finds them you can hide with me when you

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