God Says: Sorry To All Who Ignore Jesus Today | Jesus Message | Message From Jesus

God is saying to you

today I am your Shield of

protection many times you wonder where I

am in the midst of the battle that rages

around you you feel abandoned on the

battlefield don’t be afraid and don’t


faith I am here and I am always

Victorious I will protect you but you

must trust

me sometimes I will lead you to shelter

for safety and restoration

other times I will ask you to join me on

the front line In the Heat of the

battle the truth is I can kill any giant

that threatens your life but just like

David the shepherd boy it’s up to you to

March forward pick up the stones and

face your

giant I love to prove my strength when

the odds are the greatest and hope is


smallest I am truly your shelter and

your deliverer I will protect you no

matter where you are

there are no words to describe how much

I love you that is why I stretched out

my arms of love and died for

you I know sometimes you don’t feel

lovable but you don’t have to earn my

affection I adore you you are my

creation I never want you to doubt my

commitment to

you I am the lover of your soul so let

me meet your every need I long to set

you free from searching for false love

in the wrong

places let me hold on to your heart and

fill you up with eternal

love then you will feel my holy presence

and fall in love with

me trust in the divine plan everything

is aligning for your highest

expression you will soon come face to

face with the attainment of your

dreams the deeper your heart rests in

gratitude the more alignment you will

attract give thanks for what you have

and celebrate the blessings that are

soon to

arrive you will be surprised by what is


come Focus your energy on the thoughts

words and actions that are in alignment

with your goals and

dreams like if you


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