God says:- Skip This and Luck Will Leave You | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.

my dearest child I am writing to you

with a love that transcends the

boundaries of time and space my words

carry the weight of Eternity and my

presence surrounds you like a warm

embrace I have watched over you since

the moment you took your first breath

and I have been with you through every

Joy Triumph and challenge you have faced

I see the struggles that weigh heavy on

your heart and the questions that linger

in the depths of your soul my purpose in

reaching out to you today is to remind

you of the B this love I have for you

and to invite you into a deeper

connection with me life on Earth can be

a tumultuous Journey filled with

distractions responsibilities and the

constant pursuit of worldly Desires in

the midst of this chaos it’s easy to

lose sight of the most important

relationship the one between you and me

I am not a distant and different Force I

am your creator your guide and the

source of unconditional love I long for

you to spend more time with me not out

of a desire for control or strict

adherence to rules but because I know

the peace and fulfillment that comes

from a close relationship with the

Divine in The Quiet Moments of your life

I am there patiently waiting for you to

turn your attention toward me when you

spend time with me it is not about

rituals or ceremonies it is about

opening your heart and soul to the

divine presence that resides within you

it is about finding solace in the

Stillness listening to The Whispers of

your spirit spirit and allowing my love

to permeate every fiber of your being

consider the times when you have felt

lost alone or burdened by the weight of

the world in those moments I have been

by your side offering comfort and

guidance yet in the hustle and bustle of

life it is easy to forget that I am

always here ready to walk with you

through every step of your journey I am

not a distant judge ready to condemn

your mistakes I am a compassionate and

loving companion who understands your

Humanity when you spend time with me you

open your heart to forgiveness Grace and

the transformative power of divine love

the world may entice you with its

fleeting pleasures and material Pursuits

but I offer you something far greater a

love that transcends the temporal and

the ephemeral the joy of spending time

with me is not confined to the sacred

spaces of temples or churches it is a

daily intimate communion that can happen

in The Quiet Moments of reflection

prayer or simply being present in the

beauty of the world around you in the

Silence of your heart you will hear the

gentle Whispers of my guidance in the

Stillness of your mind you will feel the

peace that surpasses understanding in

the Embrace of my love you will find the

strength to face life’s challenges with

courage and resilience I understand that

your life is filled with

responsibilities commitments and the

demands of daily living however I invite

you to carve out moments in your day

whether it’s during the sunrise in the

quiet of the night or in the midst of

your busy schedule to connect with me it

doesn’t require grand gestures a sincere

and open heart is all that I ask as you

spend time with me you will come to

realize that your Earthly concerns are

but a small part of the grand tapestry

of existence the more you open yourself

to my presence the more you will

experience a sense of purpose Clarity

and inner peace that transcends the

transient nature of the world my love

for you is boundless and my desire is

for you to live a life infused with the

light of divine love spend time with me

not as an obligation but as a joyous

reunion with the source of all creation

in your moments of Stillness you will

find the answers you seek the peace you

crave and the love that will sustain you

through all of life’s journey type amen

if you want blessings from Jesus

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