God Says Skip me if you don’t need me any more

Jesus is saying to you the miracle

you’ve been waiting for is about to

happen watch this video to learn how to

receive God’s blessings in the next

hours my beloved children I have come to

give you life and life in abundance I

have come to show you the Father’s Love

and his will for your lives I have come

to fulfill his promises and to reveal

his glory I have come to bless you and

to make you a blessing you see the

father loves you so much that he gave

his only son that whoever believes in

him should not perish but have eternal

life he loves you so much that he wants

to Lavish his grace and mercy upon you

he loves you so much that he wants to

prosper you in every way so that you can

share his goodness with others he loves

you so so much that he wants to make you

a light in the darkness and a salt in

the Earth but how do you receive the

father’s blessings how do you enter into

his abundance how do you experience his

power the answer is simple by Faith by

believing that I am the way the truth

and the life by trusting that I have

paid the price for your sins and that I

have risen from the dead by expecting

that I will do greater things in your

lives than what I did on Earth that’s

why I want to encourage you today I have

a positive expectation of good things

happening in your lives don’t let the

Troubles of this world trouble your

hearts or Rob you of your peace don’t

let the devil deceive you or accuse you

with his lies don’t let the past Define

you or the future frighten you from

following me instead focus on my word

and my promises speak them over your

lives every day thank me for what I have

done what I am doing and what I am about

to do praise me for my goodness and

faithfulness worship me for my majesty

and Holiness and as you do that watch

what I will do in your lives Watch How I

will open heaven and pour out blessings

that you cannot contain watch I will

make crooked baths straight and rough

places smooth watch I will turn your

mourning into dancing and your sorrow

into Joy during the next hours you

will see signs and wonders that will

confirm my perence and power in your

lives I am working on your behalf and

answering your prayers I want to heal

you and restore you in every area of

your lives so get ready to receive the

father’s blessings get ready to enter

into his abundance get ready to witness

his miracles and breakthroughs get ready

to live the Abundant Life that I came to

give you remember I am on your side I am

for you and not against you I am with

you always even to the end of the age I

am in You by my spirit Spirit who gives

you power love and self-control so don’t

give up on your dreams don’t settle for

less than my best don’t let go of your

faith keep believing keep trusting keep

expecting and keep saying this with me I

am blessed I am favored I am prosperous

I am victorious I am healed I am

restored I am a child of God I am a

winner I am more than a conqueror I am

an overcomer in my name amen

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