God Says, “Skip Me & I Will Never Call You Back👆God’s Message Today

do you always answer whenever God calls

you are you always seeking to hear from

him through his words signs and many

other ways of


today God has led you to this message

because he was calling you and you were


answering this message is a call from

the almighty himself urging you to pay


attention to his calls and messages in


forms know that dear child of God God

communicates with us in multif visited

ways through his written word the Bible

through the signs we encounter through

the wisdom of others and through that

still Small Voice Within her

HS sometimes his messages are

straightforward while at other times

they come as subtle Whispers that

require a Discerning spirit to

crasp life can be noisy and demanding

filled with the hustle and bustle of


challenges it’s easy to become

preoccupied allowing the kapon of life

to drown out the gentle call of the

Divine in those moments God Waits

patiently Desiring your attention and a

moment of

connection imagine God as a loving

parent calling out to a beloved

child his calls are not man to

burden or accuse but to guide comfort


nurture he knows the unique Journey you

are on and the challenges you

face his calls are an invitation to a


relationship an opportunity to share

your Joys sorrows and everything in

between with the one who knows you

intimately moreover God may use

challenges and difficulties to get your

attention these moments of trial can be

opportunities for spiritual growth and

deeper connection with the


Divine when phased with

adversity consider it an invitation to

turn to God seek his guidance and listen

for his comforting


voice so in the midst of Life cmer pause

to answer God’s

call seek his

guidance listen for his Whispers and let

the divine presence illuminate your

PA today let your response be here I Am

Lord type I am listening to respond to

your calling from God may God bless you

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