God Says: Skip If You Want To Hurt Me | Jesus Affirmations | God’s message today For You | Lord help

my beloved child place your trust in me

and you will find my unwavering love

embracing you some of my beloved have

lost their hope along the way burdened

by disappointments that deter them from

taking risks again

they move forward mechanically without

the spark of hope in their hearts others

seek hope in worldly Solutions like

Medical Treatments the stock market or

even the lottery yet I invite you to

place your hope entirely in me

regardless of the challenges you face in

your life right now remember that your

story has a glorious and joyful ending

though the path ahead may seem dim there

is an eternal light awaiting you at the

end of your Earthly Journey

this light shines through my completed

work on the cross the only hope you

truly need is mine and it is certain

embracing this assurance can fill your

present Journey with exuberant Joy the

more you invest your hope in me the

brighter my love life will shine upon

you illuminating your days I the creator

of the universe and with you and for you

what more could you possibly need

when you sense a void within it’s

because you haven’t connected with me

deeply enough I offer you Abundant Life

all I ask is for you to trust me

completely and banish worries from your

mind it is not the adversities

themselves that cause anxiety but rather

your thoughts about them your mind

becomes entangled in a Relentless

pursuit to control the situation and

shape the desired outcome in doing so

you lose sight of the fact that I am in

charge of your life

the remedy lies in shifting your focus

from the problem to my ever-present

presence release the burden of

controlling every aspect of your life

and surrender it to me as you do you

will witness the Wonders I shall unfold

remember I am always by your side and I

am the very essence of Hope Comet Ammon

if you believe in the transformative

power of Hope in me

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