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my beloved child there’s a light shining

for you right now it ain’t just any

light not one that flickers with the

wind or the darkness of night it’s a

light that comes from my being a light

that’s Eternal unquenchable and

unwavering since the moment you came

into this world I’ve been watching every

step you take every tear shed every

smile beaming I know your deepest fears

your darkest doubts and your purest

hopes and it’s with all my love and

compassion that I come to you now to

offer this light this light is the power

of my presence in your life it’s the

certainty that you’re never alone even

in the darkest

moments it’s the promise that even when

all seems lost I’m there holding your

hand and guiding your steps this light

is also the promise of my provision no

matter what challenges you face no

matter how rough the road ahead I’m

always ready to offer my help there’s no

burden to too heavy for you to carry for

I’m by your side strengthening you with

my grace but this light goes beyond the

present it casts its glow on the future

Illuminating the path you’re meant to

follow fear not the unknown for I’m

Already There preparing the way for you

trust in me and you’ll find peace even

in the fiercest storms I know it can be

hard to believe all this sometimes the

world around us is full of doubts and

uncertainties and it’s easy to get lost

in the darkness but I urge you to look

within yourself to the place where my

light shines

brightest there you’ll find the truth

there you’ll find hope there you’ll find

the faith that moves

mountains accept this light I offer you

let it guide your steps illuminate your

mind and warm your heart for with it

comes the power of transformation the

promise of redemption and the assurance

that no matter what happens you’re

always safe in my loving arms my beloved

to find the Divine Light I offer you

must Open the Eyes of your heart and

soul you must be willing to see beyond

appearances beyond the illusions of this

passing world you must seek me with

sincerity with humility and with a faith

that transcends doubts and

questioning I send constant signals to

show where my bright light shines these

signals can come in many forms they can

be found in the beuty of nature in the

kindness of a stranger in the wisdom of

a friend or even in the challenges and

difficulties you face every event in

life carries a message an invitation to

connect more deeply with me and with my

Divine Light I offer my light also

through my word contained in the Sacred

Scriptures in them you will find

guidance Solace and wisdom to guide your

steps on the path of light do not

underestimate the power of prayer and


for it is through them that you can

connect directly with me and receive my

Divine guidance however for me to act

fully in your life it is necessary for

you to open your heart and mind to me

set aside pride and arrogance and allow

my light to penetrate every dark corner

of your soul trust me completely knowing

that my plan for you is always for your

greater good it is important that you

live according to my teachings and

principles the practice of kindness

compassion forgiveness and love for

others is fundamental to allow my light

to shine fully in your life be a Channel

of my light in the world sharing it with

those around you and being a reflection

of my Divine love finally never forget

that my light is always available to you

no matter how distant you may seem there

is no sin too great no mistake too grave

that can separate you from my love and

mercy just turn to me with all your

heart and I will be there

ready to envelop you in my eternal light

and love my child I’ve seen every one of

your prayers every one of your pleas and

they’ve deeply touched my heart I’ve

heard every word you’ve directed to me

every sigh of Hope every Cry of Anguish

and know that I’m here by your side

ready to fulfill the desires of your

heart every request you make is engraved

in my mind and in my heart and I promise

you that everything will come to

fruition in due time I know it may seem

like the answers to your prayers are

slow to come but rest assured that I’m

working behind the scenes setting the

stage for my plans to unfold in the most

perfect way possible don’t be

discouraged for the time you spend in

prayer is not in vain every moment of

communion with me strengthens your faith

purifies your heart and paves the way

for the blessings that are to come trust

in me and you will be rewarded beyond


imagination always remember that my

plans are greater than your plans and my

thoughts are higher than your thoughts

what I have prepared for you is

something that surpasses any expectation

something that will fill your heart with

joy and gratitude and when you least

expect it when you’re about to give up

you will be amazed by the wonders of my

love keep trusting in me keep seeking me

with all your heart and I promise you

that I will never leave you forsaken for

you are my precious creation my

masterpiece and I long to pour out all

my goodness and mercy upon you you will

see the Fulfillment of all your prayers

for that is my desire my beloved I ask

you in this moment to Remember Me Not

only when you’re facing difficulties but

also in moments of joy and gratitude I

want you to seek me not only in your

doubts but also in your triumphs and

achievements for True connection with me

goes beyond material needs or life’s

uncertainties it resides in the constant

awareness of my presence in all aspects

of your journey gratitude is a precious

virtue that I wish for you you to

cultivate in your heart give thanks not

only for the obvious blessings you

receive but also for the challenges that

strengthen you for the obstacles that

make you grow and for the lessons that

make you wiser for even in the toughest

moments there’s always something to be

grateful for and when you practice

gratitude you open the doors to receive

even more of my blessings in your life

remember also that I’m always by your

side in both good times and bad

No Matter How Deep The Darkness you face

I’m there holding your hand and guiding

your steps there’s no challenge too

great for you to face for I am beside

you strengthening you with my love and

grace don’t forget to seek me in every

moment of your life for it’s only when

you’re truly connected with me that you

find the peace that surpasses all

understanding the joy that transcends

circumstances and the love that never

fails trust in me seek me with all your

heart and I will always be here ready to

envelop you in my loving arms and guide

your steps on the path of light my

beloved child there’s a Bible passage

that I dedicate to you from the depths

of my heart trust in the Lord with all

your heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways submit to

him and he will make your path straight


these wise words hold an eternal

truth that resonates in every aspect of

your journey trust in me with all your

heart without reservation ations or

hesitations for when you trust in me you

allow my Divine Light to guide each of

your steps Illuminating the path ahead

even in times of difficulty don’t rely

solely on your limited understanding for

my thoughts are higher than your

thoughts and my ways are higher than

your ways instead acknowledge me in all

your ways in every aspect of your life

invite me to be present in every

decision in every challenge in every joy

and above of all always remember my

unconditional love for you a love that

transcends all barriers all failures all

distances stand firm in your faith even

when the storms of life threaten to

knock you down for it is in the storm

that you discover your true strength it

is in adversity that you find your true

courage and know that I am by your side

every step of the way holding your hand

and strengthening your heart look to the

future with hope and confidence knowing

that I am with you every step of the

journey for the plans I have for you are

plans of Hope and a bright future trust

in me believe in me and move forward

with faith for The Best Is Yet To Come a

future full of fulfilled promises amen

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