this is what Jesus is speaking in your

heart right now


my dear child

you mean the world to me

and I want you to feel my love in every

moment of your life

I understand that

at times

the triples of this world can make you

feel hopeless and discouraged


you might even think that things will

never get better

or that you have to rely solely on your

own friend and resources to overcome

your challenges



I have a different plan for you

a plan filled with hope and joy

I will open doors of opportunity that

will connect you with people who can

help you achieve financial success


I provide you with wisdom to manage your

finances wisely and make sound



all I ask for you to trust enemy and I

will guide you towards the path of

financial abundance


I want you to trust me with all your

heart and not depend solely on your own


I’m the source of Auto

and I have already secured your Victory

to My Sacrifice and Resurrection

no matter what challenges you are facing

right now

whether it’s a physical ailment

financial hardship or a poisonous sugar

I have the power and wisdom to turn

things around for yogurt I will

strengthen your body Mind and Spirit


I will inspire you to make healthy

lifestyle choices

and guide you to the right resources and


I will provide healing and restoration

where needed

whether through the medical intervention

are miraculous intervention

just trust in me and I will be your

ultimate source of health and well-being

I will guide you towards meaningful

connections and Empower you with the

wisdom to cultivate healthy


I will provide opportunities for growth

understanding and forgiveness

I will heal wounds and Men broken hearts

trust in me

and I will bring love and harmony into

your relationships


release your fears and doubts

and embrace my hope with confidence


the more you place your hope in many

the more you will witness my goodness

and faithfulness in your life



I’m always by your side

and I’m the very essence of Hope

now let us pull our heads and lift our

hearts in prayer

foreign father

we thank you for your presence in our


and the blessings you bestow upon us

may we use these blessings of wealth

health and relationships to bring glory

to your name and Advance your kingdom

in your name we pray


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