God Says, Please Skip Me If You Love The Devil | God message jesus |

Rejoice for I have made this day for you

a vessel of potential a Channel of

blessings waiting to be discovered and

joy and poured out into the lives of

others let us walk this day together

with hearts attune to the symphony of

creation eyes open to the beauty I have

laid before you and Spirits willing to

be moved by the Grandeur of my love

as you navigate life remember I am your

guide your strength your wisdom and your

peace I am the friend who will never

turn away who will never grow weary of

your company will never fail you my

promises are sure my presence constant

and my love

unchanging lean into this truth into

this trust and find rest for your weary

Soul come to me in prayer not as a

ritual steep

informality but as a child coming home

eager to share every aspect of their day

knowing they are loved and welcomed just

as they are share with me not only in

times of deed but in times of gladness

as well let our relationship be dynamic

vibrant and

lifegiving remember the call to trust is

not a call to understand all the

mysteries of the universe or to have

foresight into all that will come to

pass it is a call to know me to one who

understands all things who holds time in

his hands who is the same yesterday

today and forever

take heart in the truth of daily

manifestation for you which tells of the

grace of your lord who though Rich

became poor so that you through his

poverty might become rich this richness

is not of the world it is the richness

of an Abundant Life filled with my

presence my peace and my

love cast all your anxiety on me

for I care for you more deeply than you

can fathom and every uncertainty and

every struggle in every Joel and in

every season trust in me I am forever

faithful in the quietness of this moment

hear my voice a voice that spoke

creation into existence yet Whispers

intimately to your heart the truth I

impart to you is not a mere

philosophical concept but a reality as

close as your very

breath you are not your own for you were

bought with a price or the depth of this

mystery the price paid was not in the

cacy of your world but was indeed the

most precious commodity of Heaven my


Life In The Garden of Gethsemane as

sweat like Drop drops of blood fell from

my brow it was for you I prayed on the

road to Calvary with each step we down

by the cross it was your name written

upon my heart and in the cry from the

cross it is finished it was your freedom


Proclaim this gift of Salvation this

outpouring of divine love is not a

reward for the righteous it is a

treasure for the repentant a sanctuary

for The Sinner a Beacon of Hope for the

lost it is the hand of the almighty

extended to those who realize their

desperate need for a

savior my invitation Echoes through time

and space across every ocean over every

Mountain come to me all you who are

weary and burdened and I will give you

rest the weight of sin is indeed a

terrible Affliction an unbearable burden

that you were never meant to carry

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