my child stay resilient and full of

faith for the Heavenly Lord is in

control take a moment to watch this

video till the end it holds a purpose

for you in the midst of hardship God

sees your struggles your suffering and

knows your heart yet often we forget

that there is a watchful God overseeing

our journey if you shift your focus from

trials to God you’ll hear his voice

affirming that you are a precious child

valuable and crafted In His Image

despite Our self-doubts God isn’t

fixated on our faults he perceives your

sincerity your heart your faith and your

courage remember God possesses the power

to alter anything to move

mountains when obstacles seem

insurmountable maintain your faith don’t

lose hope hope and anticipate that each

day brings you closer to your

dreams rather than passively waiting for

change confront your challenges the

nightmares discouragement and the

opinions that attempt to divert you from

God’s path let God’s wisdom emerge from

within you a voice uplifting and

reassuring affirming that everything in

your life is for the best walking in

faith not by S

is God’s command your life has a purpose

and you are

invaluable disregard the notion that

your life is a waste or that you are

unworthy you are not a mistake but a

masterpiece created by God our primary

responsibility as stated in John

is to love Embrace this responsibility

not just within your family but towards

everyone love is the core of God’s

Commandments and by loving even your

enemies you reflect the Divine love that

has touched your life showcasing make it

your passion to love God sincerely in

good times and

bad leave a life that prioritizes God

following his Commandments growing

spiritually and seeking his kingdom in

every phase of Life be a beacon of Love

gratitude and obedience you continue to

shine with the love of Christ embracing

the responsibility to share that love

with others in doing so you fulfill

God’s Commandments and witness the

miraculous change that love can bring

God bless you


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