God Says: Only Real Christians Will Watch This Video | God’s message today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I want to remind you of

the deep and unshakable love I hold for

you before the foundation of this world

was laid I had already chosen you from

the very beginning I meticulously

designed a unique and beautiful path for

you to walk alongside me instead of

striving to unravel every intricate

detail on your own I invite you to focus

on staying and step with me

can you trust that I have plans to

prosper you and not to harm you if you

can you will find profound peace and

boundless joy in the present moment

knowing that I am always by your side

keep in your heart the assurance that

your hope and future are rooted in

heaven where Everlasting happiness and

joy away you no earthly circumstance can

diminish the incredible blessings and

abundance I have in store for you at

times I may offer you glimpses of the

Glorious future I have prepared

intending to encourage and inspire you

however the key to unlocking these

Divine blessings is to maintain your

proximity to me I your heavenly father

know precisely what you need and I have

a Divine Purpose for your life know this

truth you belong to me I have personally

Chosen and called you out of darkness

and into my Marvelous Light this truth

is the unshakable foundation upon which

your life rests in a world characterized

by constant change you need not feel

lost or disconnected for you are forever


you are a cherished member of my royal

family and I hold you close to my heart

reflect for a moment on your spiritual


there was a time when you walked in

spiritual Darkness unaware of the

profound love and grace I longed to

bestow upon you however I in my

boundless Love Brought you out of that

darkness and into the Brilliance of my

light now I have entrusted you with a

delightful privilege and a weighty

responsibility to Proclaim my praises

and share the good news of my love and

grace with others to accomplish this

Mission effectively immerse yourself in

my word and find uncontainable joy in my

presence as you Delight in my presence

the radiance of my love will naturally

Shine from your countenance drawing

others closer to me through you take

solace in the knowledge that you are

never alone I am always here guiding you

loving you and holding you every step of

the way

embrace the unique purpose I have

intricately woven into the fabric of

your being and allow your heart to

overflow with hope rest assured that I

hold your future securely in My Loving


place your trust in me and I will lead

you to a life filled with fulfillment

boundless joy and eternal Bliss

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