God Says: Only Evil People Will Skip This Video | God’s message today | Jesus Affirmations

no fat if you are reading this you are

going to make it God is arranging things

in your favor right now God is never

blind to her tears never dift your

prayers and never silent to your pain

he sees

he hears and he will deliver God is

saying to you today ask for what you


then surrender let go

and allow the universe to do its job

trust that you are covered and your

situation will change the door of your

destiny is about to open

however you might be leading a worldly

life without being aware of it if you

want you can perform miracles on

yourself listen to this message of mine

carefully and have faith in my words

prepared to be amazed by the

abundance that is coming your way you

will experience wealth good health and

prosperity like never before

type to receive

say this to the Lord with me dear Lord

thank you so much today I pray for your

healing touch please cleanse my soul and

renew my body make me whole again in you

you are my healer provider and shelter

you can do anything but not fail me I

trust you always in Jesus name amen very

soon you will realize that you have gone

further than ever your positive

intentions will materialize and you will

see this in your health career love life

and spiritual life this positive shift

will make you feel grateful that you are

alive type yes if you are ready

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