God Says: Only A Sinner Will Skip This Video | God’s Urgent message today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved Child come and find Rest in

Me Alone your Hope Springs from my very

being a Divine combination awaiting you

in my presence some seek peace in

material Comforts finding solace in

temporary remedies but only I can grant

you the true rest you crave when you

rest securely In My Embrace I will not

only rejuvenate your weary soul but also

fill you with boundless hope hope is a

Lifeline the anchor that keeps you

steady amidst life storms those who lose

hope find themselves adrift in a sea of

Despair but those who hold on to hope to

fight the odds surviving even the most

trying circumstances cherish and nourish

the precious gift of hope within you and

place it firmly in me for I am the

unchanging source of love and life in

the hustle and bustle of Life pause and

find refreshment in my presence rest is

not a weakness it is an act of trust in

me lean on me for I am your strength and

refuge do not let weariness drive you

away from me for I long to be your

Solace not just in duty but also in

moments of respite as the prophet Isaiah

proclaimed returning to me and finding

Rest in Me brings salvation strength and

peace now let us talk about the effects

of sleep deprivation on your well-being

you like rest it can weaken your resolve

Cloud your perspective and even hinder

your connection with me but do not fear

for there are remedies to care for

yourself examine the reasons behind your

weariness are you neglecting your need

for rest are you tending to your

physical well-being with proper care

remember that even my son in his Earthly

life sought moments of rest and


if you are weary because you carry

burdens alone understand that I design

community and support for you reach out

to others and let them lend you a

helping hand

you need not face lights trials solo

trying to control everything will

exhaust you learn to trust that some

matters are beyond your control seek

guidance from why Souls as they can

offer you valuable support and counsel

waiting can be taxing but remember I

have a plan for you while setting goals

is commendable do not be disheartened if

things unfold differently trust in my

Divine timing and wisdom and find

comfort in knowing that I am with you

every step of the way above all know

that I love you dearly I desire for you

to lead fulfilling and joyous lives take

care of yourselves rest when needed seek

help when necessary and always remember

that I am here guiding and supporting

you with unending love and compassion

amen now it is your moment to respond

share with me in the comments section

the knowledge you have gleaned from this

Divine communication today Ammon

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