God Says, One Minute Message For You | Please Don’t Skip | God message jesus |

God says you should come to me every

morning feed your soul with my words and

light a fire of Faith inside you do not

let your fears stop you from moving

forward let that flame burn them away if

you are still afraid of Lies told by

Satan you will not be able to get to

your Promised Land you won’t be able to

enjoy victory until you’re brave enough

to put all of your skills struggles and

failures in my hands do not waste any

time doubting the good things I am about

to do for you at this point in your life

allow me to guide you along a path of

blessing and wisdom and I will shower

you with love and peace so that your

soul and mind are at ease I promise to

lift you back up even when you feel weak

remember that I died on the cross to pay

for all of your sins and beat your

enemies you have paid off your debt and

no longer have any sins to confess in

the Supernatural realm please like And

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