God Says, One Minute Message For You |God message jesus |

God says my child you do not have to

seek approval from the people of this

world for everything this world offers

is temporary and will soon Fade Away

place your trust Faith and Hope in me I

will never betray you there is no room

for betrayal in me for I love you with

an eternal love and have wonderful

blessings for you blessings that no no

one else can provide I want you to know

that wherever you walk I will be there

speaking in your mind reminding you that

even if people ignore you and others do

not pay attention or value you I love

you and I will always be listening I

want you to know that even if the world

rejects you and your friends abandon you

I will always be here waiting for you I

will always love you and stay close to

you just like the air you breathe or the

wind that caresses your face no matter

what people say or think about you

nothing surpasses what my word says

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