God Says, One Minute Message For You | God message jesus |

God says Victory is on the horizon

there’s no telling what wonders God has

in store for those who love him no one

saw heard and felt it but our minds can

only imagine the amazing things that

await us everything you need to manifest

your goals is on the way every Challenge

and every opportunity entering your life

is specifically designed to help you

become a better version of yourself you

are stepping into your higher power and

the universe is rewarding you for these

efforts God will cause things to work in

your favor he will open new doors for

you you’ve been patient you have fought

the good fight you try every day now

it’s your turn to start receiving get

ready for a sudden breakthrough type God

is with with me God is saying to you

today I am going to open doors for you

that have been locked for a long time

suddenly Miracles will happen in your

life healing and restoration are being

released your greatest days of

productivity and prosperity are on the

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