God Says, One Minute Message For You | Don’t Skip Please | God’s Message Today | Lord Tells You

God says heed my word and seek wisdom so

that all may go well with you I know

that at times you feel lost and confused

and in your eagerness to achieve your

goals and fulfill your dreams you have

been swayed by haste and pride setting

aside my word and the counsel within it

but today I tell you that true sucess

success and genuine happiness are not

found in this way it is imperative that

you cast aside arrogance seek wisdom so

that everything you do May Prosper my

child cherish my love receive it in your

heart and Let My Words bring peace to

your soul treasure them so that my

promises May heal strengthen and

transform your life please never forget

that no matter where you go my love will

be the strength that lifts you and

sustains you throughout the day my love

will fill your heart with joy and

illuminate your path at night like a

brilliant daytime light please like And

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