God Says, One Minute Message For You | Don’t Skip Please | God’s Message Today | Lord Tells You

God says I will give you a reason to

celebrate your situation has been

overwhelming but don’t lose hope keep

going you are being attacked because

this is your breakthrough season God is

fighting for you you have the victory

allow the positive energy to flow in

your life when you allow the situation

that you are struggling with to unfold

naturally you create room for movement

and healing God is saying to you today

today is your day for a miracle you will

keep looking up and forward you are

blessed and highly favored by a great

God you will not let negative thoughts

occupy your life you are secure and full

of joy you are moving forward this day

will be a day of awesome opportunities

that will outweigh any and every obst

stacle that may try to hinder your

purpose get ready the best is yet to

come before this month is over type

Jesus Is My Lord if you agree please

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