God Says, One Minute Message For You | Don’t Skip Please | God’s Message For You | Lord Tells You

God says my beloved child know this you

are not a weak unimportant person who is

doomed to fail and whose emotions will

keep them from succeeding I’m talking

about real and attainable Victory

freedom from debts financial recovery

forgiveness peace in your home spiritual

wisdom discernment and an unnatural

sense of calmness in your mind you can

win and victory is waiting for you you

will have wisdom happiness and peace

every morning I’m waiting here to

whisper loving words into your ear which

will give you endless strength and joy

within your home I bless your life what

do you think have you received it have

you decided to love me more every day my

child today is a new day and you will be

blessed in a big way don’t always look

for approval from other people just keep

going on your path these negative people

want your potential and are trying to

steal what I want to give you do not let

their opinions control you have complete

faith in me trust my words and stay away

from people who want to hurt you type I

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